Adi Higham First Wife, Partner, Wikipedia, Dealer, Antiques

Adi Higham First Wife, Partner, Wikipedia, Dealer, Antiques

Adi Higham First Wife, Partner, Wikipedia, Dealer, Antiques -: Adrian Higham, affectionately known as Adi, has carved out a unique path in the world of antiques and television. His journey from an antique enthusiast to a popular TV personality has fascinated many. In this article, we’ll delve into Adi Higham’s life, including his first wife, current partner, Wikipedia presence, his role as an antique dealer, and his passion for all things antique.

Adi Higham First Wife, Partner, Wikipedia, Dealer, Antiques
Adi Higham First Wife, Partner, Wikipedia, Dealer, Antiques

Adi Higham Bio

Full NameAdrian Higham (Known as Adi)
Date of Birth1969
Age (as of 2023)54 years old
Place of BirthUnited Kingdom
Current PartnerTara Franklin
First WifeDeceased (in 2003)
ProfessionEnglish Antique Dealer
Famous ForBBC One’s “The Bidding Room”
Net WorthEstimated $1 million
Career HighlightsSuccessful antique dealer, TV personality
InterestsHealth and wellness, animals, traveling, food, mental health, motivational talks
Current LocationEast Sussex, United Kingdom
Adi Higham Bio

Adi Higham Rise to Fame

Adrian Higham gained nationwide recognition through his appearance on the BBC One’s daytime show “The Bidding Room.” This show, hosted by Nigel Havers, features sellers who meet five competitive dealers vying to make the highest bid. Adi’s charm and impressive bidding skills endeared him to the audience, making him a household name.

Adi Higham Background

Born in the United Kingdom in 1969, Adi is currently 54 years old. He is of British nationality and belongs to the White ethnicity. While his exact date of birth remains private, his career and television exposure have thrust him into the limelight.

Adi Higham Career

Adrian’s love affair with antiques began at a young age. At just 21, he ventured into the world of buying and selling antiques, a passion that eventually led him to the reality TV stage. His journey started with a remarkable success story: buying a mountain bike at a local auction for £10 and later selling it for £90. This incredible profit, eight times the buying price, motivated him to continue exploring auctions and antiques.

Today, Adi owns an antique store named “Hoof Broncate,” situated on an old RAF base on the East Sussex/Kent border. The store specializes in French decorative antiques, art, interior design, furniture, clothing, and classic brocade. Adi’s fascination with the unusual and quirky has led him to collect a wide range of items, including motorcycles, motorbikes, galvanized pots, early French oil jars, hand-painted signs, and even odd pedal cars.

Adi Higham Bio

Adi Higham Personal Life

Adrian is happily married to his long-time partner, Tara Franklin, who also shares his passion for the antique dealing business. However, Tara is not Adi’s first wife. Tragically, his first wife passed away in 2003. Tara is not only a valuable part of Adi’s antique business but also a skilled hostess.

Adi Higham Net Worth

Adrian’s successful career in the antique-selling business, combined with his venture into the entertainment industry, has contributed to his estimated net worth of $1 million. His expertise in the world of antiques, coupled with his TV appearances, has made him a well-off individual.

Adi Higham Bio

Challenges Faced

Adi Higham’s journey has not been without its share of challenges. He faced a consuming disorder that led to significant weight gain, reaching a staggering 36 stone (about 504 pounds). This health issue became a serious concern, especially given his family history of diabetes. In 2017, Adrian participated in the Prudential Ride London Fixing Challenge, which provided him with custom fitness training, diet advice, and lifestyle guidance to improve his health. He even completed the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100, a 100-mile ride, as part of his commitment to better health.

Adrian’s determination to overcome his health issues and transform his life is a testament to his resilience and spirit. His journey to regain his health showcases his dedication to breaking free from the shackles of a consuming disorder.

Current Whereabouts

Adrian Higham resides in East Sussex, where he continues to operate his antique business. He shares his life with his supportive partner, Tara, who plays a vital role in running their diverse business. Despite his fame, Adi prefers to maintain a low profile and stay away from the media spotlight.

Other Notable Figure – James

In “The Bidding Room,” another standout antique dealer is James. He is known for his vast experience in the field and his impressive clientele and collection. James, initially working in television, made the bold choice to pursue a career selling antiques due to his passion. He now resides in Bedfordshire with his family and runs a vintage shop named “Doe & Hope,” which includes an online store and gallery house.

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In conclusion, Adi Higham’s journey from an antique enthusiast to a renowned TV personality and successful antique dealer is a remarkable one. His experiences, challenges, and determination to overcome them serve as an inspiration. While his first wife’s passing and health struggles tested him, Adi’s commitment to improving himself shines through. With Tara by his side and his antique business thriving, Adi Higham continues to pursue his passion for antiques while keeping a low profile in East Sussex. His story is a testament to the enduring appeal of the antique world and the resilience of the human spirit.


Who is Adi in The Bidding Room?

Adi in “The Bidding Room” is Adrian Higham, a well-known antique dealer who gained fame through his appearances on the show.

Where does Adrian Higham live in France?

Adrian Higham primarily resides in East Sussex, United Kingdom, rather than France.

Who is Jo on The Bidding Room?

This week, I was very fortunate to catch up with artist, turned antique dealer, turned TV star, Jo Roberts! Some of you will recognize her from the BBC antiques show ‘The Bidding Room’.

Where is Tash from The Bidding Room?

Based in London, Natasha feels antiques should be for everyone and is on a mission to make antiques appeal to a young audience.

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