Andrea Canning Bikini, Wikipedia, Wiki, Height, Pregnant, Age, Husband, Net Worth, Salary, Instagram, Young

Andrea Canning Bikini, Wikipedia, Wiki, Height, Pregnant, Age, Husband, Net Worth, Salary, Instagram, Young

Andrea Canning Bikini, Wikipedia, Wiki, Height, Pregnant, Age, Husband, Net Worth, Salary, Instagram, Young -: In this article, we’ll delve into the life and career of Andrea Canning, a well-known personality in the world of journalism. While the title mentions various aspects of her life, we’ll focus on her career, early life, family, and achievements. Let’s get to know more about Andrea Canning in a friendly, simple language.

Andrea Canning Bikini, Wikipedia, Wiki, Height, Pregnant, Age, Husband, Net Worth, Salary, Instagram, Young
Andrea Canning Bikini, Wikipedia, Wiki, Height, Pregnant, Age, Husband, Net Worth, Salary, Instagram, Young

Andrea Canning Bio

Full NameAndrea Mead Canning
Date of BirthDecember 10, 1972
Place of BirthBlue Mountain, Ontario, Canada
EducationB.A. in Psychology from the University of Western Ontario (1994), B.A. in Radio and Television Arts from Ryerson Polytechnic University
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseLt. Col Tony Bancroft, USMCR, F/A-18 Instructor Pilot
ChildrenSix (Christina Margaret, Charlotte Brewster, Georgia Rapalje, Elle Corbin & Anna Katherine Bancroft)
Height5 feet 6 inches (168 cm)
Weight136 pounds (62 kg)
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
Net WorthEstimated at around $3 million
Andrea Canning Bio

Andrea Canning Early Life and Education

Andrea Canning was born on December 10, 1972, in Blue Mountain, Ontario, Canada, and she grew up in Collingwood, Ontario. She began her journey in the field of journalism after receiving a degree in psychology from the University of Western Ontario in 1994. Later, she pursued her passion for journalism by obtaining another degree in radio and television arts from Ryerson Polytechnic University.

Andrea Canning Career Beginnings

Andrea’s journey in journalism began with her time at WCPO-TV in Cincinnati. She worked as a reporter and co-anchor, and it was there that she got her first taste of the media industry. Her dedication and hard work eventually led her to become a part of the evening newscast team.

In the late ’90s, she made her mark at CKVR-TV in Barrie, Ontario, working as both a reporter and anchor. Her career continued to blossom, and she took on the role of the morning anchor at WXVT-CBS.

During her career’s early stages, she even interned with the popular show Baywatch in Los Angeles and shared a house with the future media personality and host, Ryan Seacrest.

Andrea Canning Star at ABC News

Andrea Canning made a significant leap in her career when she joined ABC News in 2004, where she worked until April 2012. During her time at ABC News, she covered high-profile events like the White House, Congress, the Supreme Court, and even the Iraq War. Her assignments took her to places of national and international importance.

She became known for her extensive coverage of news stories, including the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the highly publicized case of Casey Anthony, and more. Her interview with Charlie Sheen for “20/20” on February 28, 2011, became particularly famous, garnering millions of views on YouTube in just a few days.

Andrea’s contributions at ABC News included hosting shows like “Good Morning America,” “Nightline,” “World News With Diane Sawyer,” and “20/20.” She even worked as an alternate newsreader on “Good Morning America.”

Andrea Canning Joining NBC and Dateline

After her time at ABC News, Andrea Canning found a new home at NBC. She made the move to NBC in October 2012 and began working for Dateline NBC, a popular investigative news program. Here, she continued to showcase her skills as a news anchor and correspondent.

In addition to her role at Dateline, Andrea contributed to various other NBC platforms, including “Today,” “NBC Nightly News,” and MSNBC. Her hard work and dedication have earned her a prominent position in the NBC family.

Andrea Canning Family and Personal Life

Andrea Canning Family and Personal Life

Andrea Canning’s personal life is as impressive as her professional one. She is married to her long-time boyfriend, Tony Bancroft, who is a Lt. Col in the United States Marine Corps and serves as an F/A-18 instructor pilot. Their love story began with a three-year relationship that eventually led to marriage.

Together, Andrea and Tony are raising six children, which includes five daughters and one son. The balance she maintains between her career and family is truly admirable.

Andrea Canning Physical Appearance

Andrea Canning stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm) and weighs around 136 pounds (62 kg). She has striking blonde hair and captivating blue eyes.

Andrea Canning Net Worth

Throughout her extensive career in journalism, which began in the late ’90s, Andrea Canning has worked with various news networks, such as WCPO-TV, WPTV-TV, CKVR-TV, WXVT-CBS, ABC News, and NBC. Her dedication and commitment to her work have undoubtedly been rewarded financially.

While her exact net worth is not publicly disclosed, it’s safe to assume that Andrea Canning has earned a substantial income throughout her career. Her net worth is estimated to be around $3 million.

Andrea Canning Social Media Accounts

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Andrea Canning is a seasoned journalist who has carved her place in the world of media through dedication and hard work. From her early years in Canada to her time at ABC News and her current role at NBC’s Dateline, she has consistently delivered news and stories that captivate the audience.

Her personal life, which includes a loving family of six, adds to her inspiring journey. Andrea Canning is not just a professional success but also a personal one, as she beautifully balances her career and family.

In this friendly and straightforward article, we’ve taken a closer look at the life and career of Andrea Canning, celebrating her accomplishments and the path that has led her to where she is today.


How old is Andrea Canning?

Andrea Canning was born on December 10, 1972, so her age varies depending on the current date.

When did Andrea Canning get married?

Andrea Canning got married to Lt. Col Tony Bancroft, USMCR, who is an F/A-18 instructor pilot.

How old are Andrea Canning’s kids?

It was the first boy for the couple, who have five daughters: Anna, 10, Charlotte, 9, Christina, 6, Georgia, 5, and Elle, 4. The couple, who got two embryos after a round of IVF treatment, decided to go with the healthier one, regardless of the sex.

What Hallmark movies did Andrea Canning write?

Andrea Canning has written for Hallmark movies, including “A Ruby Herring Mystery” (2019) and “House of Deadly Secrets” (2018).

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