April Nocifora Wiki, Wikipedia, Cause of Death, Type of Cancer, Died, Net Worth

April Nocifora Wiki, Wikipedia, Cause of Death, Type of Cancer, Died, Net Worth

April Nocifora Wiki, Wikipedia, Cause of Death, Type of Cancer, Died, Net Worth -: April Nocifora was an accomplished American producer and production manager known for her significant contributions to the entertainment industry. In this article, we’ll explore her life, career, and the circumstances surrounding her passing, as well as her net worth.

April Nocifora Wiki, Wikipedia, Cause of Death, Type of Cancer, Died, net Worth
April Nocifora Wiki, Wikipedia, Cause of Death, Type of Cancer, Died, net Worth

April Nocifora Early Life and Family

April Dawn Nocifora was born in April of 1968 in Newbury, Ohio, USA. She grew up in Newbury, Massachusetts, with her loving family. While she didn’t often speak about her family in public, it’s safe to say that they were a supportive and influential part of her life, encouraging her pursuit of a career in the entertainment industry.

April Nocifora Early Life and Family

April was a private person when it came to sharing details about her early life and childhood. However, we do know that she received her education in Newbury’s public schools, from elementary to high school. She was an engaged student, involved in various extracurricular activities. Her dedication to learning eventually led her to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in TV/Film at California State University-Fullerton.

April Nocifora Career Highlights

April Nocifora’s career in the entertainment industry was marked by her contributions to popular films and television shows. She began as a production assistant on “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” where she worked closely with Ronald D. Moore from October 1994 to October 1995. Later, she served as Peter Lauritson’s aide during the production of “Star Trek: First Contact.”

Her talents and skills led to her taking on post-production coordinator roles in “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” and “Star Trek: Voyager.” In 2017, she earned a well-deserved promotion to a full-fledged producer on “Star Trek: Discovery.” During this time, she also continued to work on “Star Trek: Picard,” “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds,” and “Star Trek: Short Treks.”

Apart from her work in the Star Trek universe, April contributed to various other renowned shows such as “Sleepy Hollow,” “The Event,” “Rome,” “Flight of the Conchords,” and “The Dead Zone.”

April Nocifora Personal Life: Marriage to Dave Rossi

April Nocifora’s personal life remained relatively private, but one aspect that garnered attention was her marriage to Dave Rossi. Dave, also an American film producer, worked on notable films such as “Star Trek: First Contact,” “Insurrection,” and “Nemesis” in 2002.

Although the couple kept their personal life away from the public eye, they shared a strong bond. Their shared profession likely played a role in bringing them together, and they tied the knot in a private ceremony surrounded by close friends and family. While the exact details of their wedding date and location remain undisclosed, their union was evidently a happy one.

April Nocifora Obituary & Cause of Death

April Nocifora Obituary & Cause of Death

Tragically, April Nocifora’s life was cut short. She passed away on December 20, 2021, after a prolonged battle with cancer. Her passing was a profound loss to her family, friends, and the entertainment industry.

April’s fight against cancer began in April 2018 when she started receiving treatment. Despite her unwavering determination, her cancer had advanced significantly by 2021, making her chances of recovery exceedingly slim. She underwent chemotherapy, which took a toll on her physical appearance, causing her to lose weight and her hair.

April Nocifora Death Tributes

April Nocifora Death Tributes

Following her passing, an outpouring of condolences and tributes flooded social media. Many people expressed their sympathies for her family and shared memories of her remarkable career. It’s possible that more detailed information about her life and work will be included in her obituary, along with details of her burial and funeral arrangements.

April Nocifora was born in 1968 and passed away in Burbank, California. Her contributions to the entertainment world were acknowledged in the opening episode of “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.”

Notably, April was surrounded by loved ones in her final moments, with her beloved brother, Oum Somkhit Nocifora, and Perry Nocifora by her side. Their close-knit relationship brought comfort during this difficult time.

April Nocifora Body Measurements and Net Worth

April Nocifora was known not only for her professional achievements but also for her physical presence. Standing at 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighing 65 kg, she possessed a lovely physique and a warm personality. Her blue eyes and brown hair complemented her ideal physical shape.

Regarding her net worth, April’s career in the entertainment industry spanned approximately 30 years, with 16 credits listed on IMDb. At the time of her passing, her estimated net worth ranged between $5 million and $10 million, a testament to her successful career.


April Nocifora’s life was filled with significant accomplishments in the entertainment world. Her dedication to her craft and her enduring love for her family and friends will be remembered fondly. While her passing was a tragic loss, her legacy lives on through her work and the memories she created during her lifetime.


What happened to April Nocifora?

April Nocifora, the American producer, sadly passed away on December 20, 2021, following a prolonged battle with cancer.

Who is April at the end of Discovery?

The question appears to be incomplete or unclear. If you could provide more context or specify which “April” you are referring to in the context of “Discovery,” I’d be happy to provide an answer.

Who is April in the Star Trek Discovery tribute?

April Nocifora (7 April 1968 – December 2021; age 53) was a producer who worked in several different capacities in the Star Trek franchise, spanning over 30 years. She started her professional career by working as a production associate on Star Trek: The Next Generation. She worked as an assistant to Ronald D.

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