Are Austin and Dee from Survivor still together, are dee and Austin dating

Are Austin and Dee from Survivor still together, are dee and Austin dating

Are Austin and Dee from Survivor still together, are dee and Austin dating – Survivor Season 45 has left fans buzzing, especially with the intriguing relationship between contestants Dee Valladares and Austin Li Coon. As the season finale approaches, the burning question on everyone’s mind is whether this Survivor showmance has transcended the challenges of the game.

Are Austin and Dee from Survivor still together, are dee and Austin dating

Survivor Showmance

Dee and Austin formed a close connection post-merge, collaborating on numerous crucial votes leading up to the finale. Their alliance and shared feelings became a hot topic among viewers, raising questions about whether their connection would endure beyond the Survivor island.

Reddit Speculations

Fans on Reddit have been actively discussing the possibility of Dee and Austin still dating post-Survivor. Some pointed out that host Jeff Probst hinted at a post-filming relationship emerging from the show, likely referring to Dee and Austin. Social media activity also fueled speculations, with fans noticing the pair following each other’s families online.

“I honestly feel like it’s been the worst-kept secret this season,” one fan on Reddit wrote. “Jeff said during pre-season press that a relationship emerged after filming, and there really aren’t any other possibilities.”

Social Media Clues

Fans found evidence on social media suggesting a continued connection between Dee and Austin. They observed the pair following each other’s families and engaging in activities that implied a romantic relationship. Comments on Austin’s Instagram post added to the intrigue, with one fan mentioning a “great caption,” prompting Austin to playfully hint at external assistance in crafting it.

“He has a post up on his Instagram, someone commented, ‘great caption,’ and Austin replied, ‘I had a lil help with this one,’” a fan shared on Reddit.

Are Austin and Dee from Survivor still together, are dee and Austin dating

Austin Mother’s Comment

Adding to the speculation, Austin’s mother made a comment on Twitter that hinted at the nature of Dee and Austin’s relationship. In response to a tweet from Dee featuring a season promo, Austin’s mother expressed a sense of humor and openness, suggesting that nothing would surprise her after watching the events of the season unfold.

“I had trouble catching what Kendra was saying until @austinlicoon told me,” Austin’s mother commented. “But, after last week’s fish eye eating, nothing would shock me! It is a fun and unforgettable journey riding alongside you all!”

Jeff Probst Comparison

In an interesting twist, Jeff Probst, the iconic host of Survivor, drew parallels between Dee and Austin’s relationship and that of Survivor legends Rob and Amber Mariano. Rob and Amber not only met on the show but also went on to get married. Probst noted that he sees similarities between the two couples, not just in terms of romance but also in their strategic gameplay.

“It did feel very similar to their situation,” Probst remarked in a clip. “I see why Austin said it, not just because of the romance but also, they’re fighting for control of the game.”

Are Austin and Dee from Survivor still together, are dee and Austin dating

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As the Survivor Season 45 finale draws near, fans eagerly anticipate the resolution of the Dee and Austin storyline. While speculations on Reddit and social media suggest that the two may still be together, only time will tell if the Survivor showmance between Dee Valladares and Austin Li Coon will extend beyond the confines of the game. The finale, airing on December 20, 2023, promises to unveil the fate of this intriguing Survivor relationship. Until then, fans can only speculate and enjoy the rollercoaster of emotions that Survivor Season 45 has brought to their screens.

Are any couples from Survivor still together?

Yes, some Survivor couples have stayed together. For example, Jenna Bowman and Sebastian Lowe from “Survivor: Ghost Island” are currently living together. Another enduring couple is “Boston” Rob Mariano and Amber Brkich from “Survivor: All Stars,” who are happily married with four kids.

Where is Dee from on Survivor 45?

Dee Valladares emerged as the winner of Survivor 45 in the finale episode. She played a crucial role in the Reba alliance, alongside Drew Basile, Julie Alley, and Austin Lee Coon. Dee hails from Florida and is an entrepreneur.

Who is the richest Survivor?

David Samson holds the title of the richest Survivor. He ventured into launching a news distribution company and worked for Morgan Stanley before becoming an executive VP for the Montreal Expos. His diverse career path has contributed to his financial success.

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