Are Melissa Roxburgh and Jr Ramirez still dating

Are Melissa Roxburgh and Jr Ramirez still dating

Are Melissa Roxburgh and Jr Ramirez still dating – J.R. Ramirez and Melissa Roxburgh, familiar faces from the popular TV series “Manifest,” recently treated fans to a glimpse of their romantic getaway in the stunning Fijian Islands. After concluding filming for Season 4 of the Netflix drama, the co-stars decided to make the most of their break by exploring the tropical paradise of Tokoriki Island in Fiji.

Are Melissa Roxburgh and Jr Ramirez still dating

Season Wrap-up and Time Off in Paradise

The pair, who have not explicitly confirmed their relationship, shared a series of photos and videos showcasing their time at Tokoriki Island Resort Fiji. This adults-only five-star resort holds the honor of being recognized among the world’s top 25 most romantic hotels, adding an extra layer of allure to their already enchanting journey.

Gratitude for Fijian Hospitality

J.R. Ramirez, 42, took to Instagram to express his gratitude for the Fijian culture. He described the locals as having an incredibly happy and charismatic demeanor, going on to say that their warmth left an indelible mark. In his words, “Truly they’ll take the shirt off their backs for ya. What an unforgettable experience. We’ll be back.”

Melissa Roxburgh, who celebrated her 30th birthday during the getaway, also took a moment to share her thoughts. She thanked the Tokoriki Island Resort for being incredibly special, signing off with the Fijian term “Vinaka.”

Cozy Moments and Speculations

Ramirez’s Instagram carousel revealed intimate moments, including Roxburgh snuggled up to him with a reflection shot in a window. In another snapshot, Roxburgh, sporting a white Brazilian-cut string bikini, posed beneath palm trees. Fans were also treated to glimpses of a private beach picnic featuring tropical fruits, roasted veggies, and a bottle of tequila. A later video captured a romantic candle-lit moment against the backdrop of a breathtaking tropical sunset.

Are Melissa Roxburgh and Jr Ramirez still dating

Manifest co-star Josh Dallas showered emojis of appreciation in Roxburgh’s comments section, while Leah Gibson, another co-star, expressed love and admiration for the couple.

Unraveling Relationship Status

Despite the public’s curiosity about their relationship, Ramirez and Roxburgh have maintained a discreet stance on their personal lives. First romantically linked in January 2020, they have chosen to keep the details of their connection away from the spotlight.

Manifest’s Resurrection and Fan Fervor

The trip comes on the heels of Manifest’s remarkable journey. Initially facing cancellation by NBC in June 2021, the sci-fi series found a second life when Netflix picked it up for a “super-sized season” in August 2021. Fans played a pivotal role in this revival, with a petition amassing over 95,000 signatures. The first part of the new season premiered on Nov. 4, with the second part set to release at a later date.

A Private Love Story

While fans are eager to uncover the details of Ramirez and Roxburgh’s off-screen relationship, the couple remains steadfast in their commitment to privacy. The decision to keep their personal lives away from the public eye underscores their focus on maintaining a sense of normalcy amid the demands of stardom.

Are Melissa Roxburgh and Jr Ramirez still dating

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Are J.R. Ramirez and Melissa Roxburgh officially dating?

As of now, the Manifest co-stars have not made any public statements about the nature of their relationship. While their recent romantic getaway to the Fijian Islands sparked speculation, they haven’t officially confirmed if they are dating.

Where did J.R. Ramirez and Melissa Roxburgh go for their vacation?

The duo chose the picturesque Tokoriki Island in Fiji for their vacation. They stayed at the Tokoriki Island Resort Fiji, renowned as one of the world’s top 25 most romantic hotels.

How did J.R. Ramirez describe their Fijian experience?

J.R. Ramirez, sharing his thoughts on Instagram, expressed immense gratitude for the warm and charismatic culture of the Fijian people. He described it as an unforgettable experience and mentioned that they would love to visit again.

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