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Asma Khalid is a well-known White House correspondent for NPR and co-host of The NPR Politics Podcast. She has reported on the 2014, 2016, 2018, and 2020 elections, and her reporting often dives into the political, cultural, and racial divides in the country.

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Asma Khalid is a well-known White House correspondent for NPR and co-host of The NPR Politics Podcast.

Asma Khalid Wikipedia/ biography

Khalid was born and raised in Crown Point, Indiana. She graduated from Indiana University in Bloomington with a degree in political science and Middle Eastern studies. After college, she worked as a reporter for The Indianapolis Star and The Wall Street Journal.

Full NameAsma Khalid
ProfessionWhite House Correspondent for NPR
Co-host of The NPR Politics Podcast
EducationDegree in Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies from Indiana University, Bloomington
NPR CareerJoined NPR in 2016
White HouseNamed White House Correspondent in 2018
Notable Reporting2016 presidential election: Role of race and ethnicity in the campaign
#MeToo movement: Sexual harassment and assault awareness
Black Lives Matter protests: Police brutality and racial justice
AwardsMissouri Honor Medal, Sigma Delta Chi Award, The Gracie Award
AdvocacyMember of National Association of Black Journalists
Member of Asian American Journalists Association
Advocate for diversity and inclusion in media
HobbiesReading, traveling, spending time with family
Avid basketball fan

Reporting Career at NPR

Asma Khalid is a co-host of The NPR Politics Podcast, And She joined NPR in 2016 and has been contributing significantly to their coverage, reporting on politics, demographics, and social issues. Asma plays a crucial role in NPR’s journalistic endeavors.

Asma Khalid’s notable reporting

Notable ReportingTopic/EventImpact/Significance
2016 Presidential ElectionRole of race and ethnicity in the campaignShed light on the influence of identity politics in politics
#MeToo MovementSexual harassment and assault awarenessRaised awareness and sparked conversations about the issue
Black Lives Matter ProtestsPolice brutality and racial justiceAmplified voices of protesters and highlighted systemic issues
Trump Administration’s Immigration PoliciesImmigration and border policiesIn-depth analysis of policy implications and impact
Cultural and Racial Divides in the CountryPolitics and social issuesAddressed divisions and promoted dialogue for understanding
Demographics and PoliticsIntersection of demographics and politicsExplored the influence of various groups in the political landscape

Asma khalid’s hasband, family and parents

We don’t have any information about Asma Khalid’s husband, family, or parents that is available to the public. It’s important to respect people’s privacy, even if they are public figures like journalists. If you want to learn more about her personal life, you can look for recent and trustworthy news sources for any updates.

Asma Khalid’s Twitter account –

Asma Khalid’s Twitter account, @asmamk, offers insightful perspectives on politics, social issues, and culture. As a talented NPR White House correspondent and co-host, she keeps her followers informed and engaged, advocating for diversity and inclusion in the media. Follow her for a glimpse into her journalistic prowess and timely updates on significant events.

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