Best Time to watch Meteor shower tonight

Best Time to watch Meteor shower tonight

Best Time to watch Meteor shower tonight – This weekend, the Northern Hemisphere’s most brilliant meteor shower will be easier to see in the night sky. According to NASA, one of the best meteor showers of the year is the Perseid meteor shower, which peaks in the middle of August.

Best Time to watch Meteor shower tonight
Best Time to watch Meteor shower tonight

According to NASA, the Perseid meteors are the leftovers of the Swift-Tuttle comet, which only circles the sun once every 133 years. The meteors frequently leave behind them extended durations of light and color as they sweep through the Earth’s atmosphere.

Fireballs, which are greater blasts of light and color that linger in the sky longer than the typical meteor streak, are another characteristic of Perseid meteors.

What is a meteor?

According to NASA, a meteor is simply a space rock consisting of leftover comet dust and fragments of fractured asteroids.

As they make a cycle around the sun, comets typically leave a trail of dust in their wake. As it orbits the sun, Earth comes into touch with the remaining cometary debris. According to NASA, the debris explodes into blazing and vibrant streaks in the sky as soon as it comes into contact with the Earth’s atmosphere.

What time of day is best for seeing the meteor shower?

The Perseid meteor shower may be seen anywhere from July 14 to September 1, although its peak is anticipated to occur on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. On each of those nights, the optimal viewing is from daybreak until midnight.

Even as early as 10 p.m., you could still be able to view meteors. According to NASA, the typical range for the quantity of meteors seen is between 50 and 100 each hour.

According to EarthSky, if there is no moon and the sky is very dark, observers typically see 90 meteors each hour.

This year, the moon won’t obscure the meteor shower because it is predicted to get fainter and fainter every day until the peak.

Where can I see the shower?

According to NASA, viewing the shower will be most enjoyable from the Northern Hemisphere. This weekend, residents of all 50 states have the opportunity to observe meteors because the Northern Hemisphere is thought to be the greatest location to view the showers. Leaving areas with light pollution will also make it easier to observe the meteors.

The Perseid meteor shower in 2023: Facts

The Perseids are perfect for skywatchers since they occur at a time of year when it’s warm outside and during the night. Here are some suggestions from EarthSky on how to enjoy the meteor shower to the fullest:

  • Recognize peak hours.
  • You should seek out a dim observing area.
  • If the moon is out, look in places of the sky that are not near it.
  • determine the anticipated meteor per hour rate.
  • The meteors will emerge all across the sky, so you won’t need to spend the entire night looking in one spot.
  • Being patient is essential because meteors frequently appear in bursts and are separated by short pauses. Pay attention to the meteors’ velocity and hues.
  • Recognize meteor trains
  • Bring a lawn chair, a hot beverage, a friend, and a blanket.
  • Embrace nature

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