Bishop Noel Jones Wife Attacked

Bishop Noel Jones Wife Attacked

Bishop Noel Jones Wife Attacked – Popular Jamaican clergyman and Pentecostal bishop Bishop Noel Jones. He is the senior pastor of the Greater Bethany Community Church, now known as the City of Refuge Church in Gardena, California, which has about 17,000 members. Since 2022, The Bishop and Loretta Jones have been wed. According to the most recent evidence, Loretta Jones, the wife of Bishop Noel Jones, was attacked by another lady. We have information regarding the entire incident in this post.

Woman Attacked punching Loretta Jones

Loretta Jones, the wife of well-known Pentecostal Bishop Noel Jones, was attacked by a lady during a church service on Monday, August 14th, at the City of Refuge Church’s Sanctuary in Gardena, Los Angeles.

Security stepped in right away and escorted the attacker outside while Loretta was later transported to a nearby hospital for a medical checkup. Her state as of right now is unknown. Regina Adams, the attacker, addressed the event in a video that she shared on Facebook.

Before they are married in 2022, Loretta and Noel had been together for about 20 years. Their relationship began in 1998 and developed over the years, finally leading to their marriage. The previous marriage of Noel Jones to Ruth Jones, with whom he shares three children, ended in 1992.

Being a chef, businesswoman, fashion designer, and reality TV personality, Loretta Jones juggles several roles. She is the chief executive officer of JJ Bistro, an eatery situated at the intersection of Locust Street and Hillcrest Boulevard. She also has management responsibilities for LJ Kouture and L Kouture Boutique, two fashion ventures she pursued with her companion Omarosa.

In 2013, Loretta Jones co-starred with Noel Jones in the reality television program “Preachers of L.A.” She appeared frequently in the 2013–2014 season of the show. At the City of Refuge Church’s morning session, witnesses related an unexpected event in which a lady approached Loretta and punched her, knocking her out. The woman yelled as she was being taken from the building by the security team:

Regina acknowledged the potential repercussions for her upcoming words in her video before sharing her story anyhow. She investigated Loretta Jones’ charges and acknowledged attacking her physically. Regina claimed that since 2013, Loretta had been paying her son to follow her and her daughter. She mentioned talking to the church about these incidents and filing police reports. The recent attacks against Regina and her children were planned and paid by Loretta, Regina recently learned.

Regina claimed that 54-year-old Loretta Jones had hired people to smoke marijuana close to her and her daughter, exposing her daughter to passive smoke and allegedly harming her daughter’s health. Regina said that her daughter’s irregular menstrual cycles required a trip to an OB-GYN to be screened for uterine cancer. Regina allegedly used this situation to justify attacking Bishop Noel Jones’ wife.

Due to the contradictions in her remarks and the justification for her attack on Loretta Jones, some online observers hypothesized that Regina Adams might be dealing with mental health concerns. They wished her well and conveyed their prayers.

Who is Bishop Noel Jones’ Wife?

On June 15, 1969, Loreta Jones was born. She is an American citizen of African American descent. Loretta Jones excels as a chef, restaurateur, businesswoman, and fashion designer, among other professions.

She is the CEO and owner of JJ Bistro, a restaurant located in Inglewood at the intersection of Locust Street and Hillcrest Boulevard. The restaurant’s menu includes a wide range of mouthwatering alternatives, such as salads, sandwiches, shrimp, grits, and a number of traditional southern specialities. The business offers outdoor catering as another option.

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