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Wave and Optics Question Paper of Physics which is the question paper of third sem and fourth sem.  They will also be available to you here.  All Question Papers of Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University keep giving you this website from time to time and you can stay on my website, you will continue to get more information.

semester 4

Wave and optics question paper bsc physics

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semester 3

Wave and optics Question paper bsc physics

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Syllabus : UNIT I : WAVE OPTICS :

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Huygen’s wave theory of light ; Huygen’s principle , construction Huygen’s wave front , Laws of reflection and refraction using spherical wave front at a plane surface ( derivation of image distance = object distance using Huygen’s construction , derivation of Snell’s law and n = V₂

BSc previous year question paper pdf (Dawnload)

Coherent sources and their production

Conditions for observing interference ( mention ) ; Conditions for constructive and destructive interference ( mention )

Coherent sources by division of wavefront : Biprism

– theory and working , experiment to determine wavelength ; Effect of thin film in the path of one of the beams ; Calculation of thickness of the film.

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Geometrical optics

deals with the properties of light like Reflection , Refraction , Dispersion etc .. on the basis of Rectilinear propagation of light ( Ray of light – light travelling along a Straight line ) . Also optical instruments are based on this property .

Physical optics

deals with the nature of light . Light is a form energy which is transferred from a source to eye , either by the motion of material particles or by means of wave disturbance travelling through the medium . Thus following theories of light were proposed :

  • ( i ) Newton’s Corpuscular theory of light ( 1665 )
  • ( ii ) Huygens ‘ wave theory of light ( 1678 )
  • ( iii ) Maxwell’s electromagnetic theory of light ( or radiation ) ( 1873 )
  • ( iv ) Planck’s quantum theory of radiation ( 1900 )
Theories of light

( 1 ) Newton’s corpuscular theory :

says light propagates as a stream of tiny invisible particles called corpuscles . They start from the source and travel in all directions along a straight line with very high speed . When they strike the eye they produce the sensation of vision . Newton attributed different colours of light to different sized particles .

Success : With this theory Newton was able to explain rectilinear propagation of light and laws of reflection .Drawback 🙁 1 ) According to this theory light travels faster in denser medium compared to that in rarer medium . This contradicts the experimental results .( 2 ) It fails to explain interference , diffraction and polarization . Hence the theory was discard

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