Carmen Balfagón Wikipedia, eDad, Biografia

Carmen Balfagón Wikipedia, eDad, Biografia

Carmen Balfagón Wikipedia, eDad, Biografia -: A fresh expert report has been requested by the defense of the King of Cachopo, César Román, from the law company B&CH, under the direction of famous criminologist Carmen Balfagón. The Honduran Heidi Paz, César Román’s then-significant other, was killed in the summer of 2018; her body was discovered inside a suitcase aboard a ship Román owned in Madrid’s Usera neighborhood. César Román is asking for 26 years in prison.

Carmen Balfagón Wikipedia, Wiki, eDad, Criminologia, Iloreda
Carmen Balfagón Wikipedia, Wiki, eDad, Criminologia, Iloreda

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The King of Cachopo’s attorney, Ana Isabel Pea, has requested a new study from the criminological and legal business B&CH, which is run by famous criminologist Carmen Balfagón. Beginning on May 10, César Román will stand trial for the alleged murder of his partner, 25-year-old Heidi Paz, whose body was discovered in a suitcase at a warehouse in the Usera neighborhood on August 5, 2018. This study supplements one already produced by the Duque-Wittmaack office that examines the matter from a perspective more focused on technical and scientific concerns.

For the crimes of murder and desecration of a corpse with aggravating circumstances of kinship criminal culpability and acts designated as gender violence, the prosecutor asks that Román get a sentence of 15 years in prison. Ramón Fernández de Mera, speaking on behalf of the victim’s family, asks for a sentence of 26 years in jail. The Community of Madrid has accused him and is seeking a sentence of 15 years in prison; the defendant’s defense has asked for a free trial.

Ramón Chippirás, a criminologist and vice-secretary of the Professional College of Criminology of the Community of Madrid (CPCM), and Carmen Balfagón, a graduate in Criminology and Law, are responsible for running the B&CH office, which will be in charge of the criminological report. “Criminological reports are very common in the rest of Europe and the aim is to analyze modus operandi, psychology of the alleged criminal, etc.,” Balfagón said to They are novel in Spain but not in other nations.

Carmen Balfagón is a Sucesos Spaces television collaborator and currently works outside of politics, but she has also held a variety of other positions, including managing director of the Community of Madrid’s Agency for the Reeducation and Reintegration of Minor Offenders (ARRMI), general secretary of Castilla-La Mancha’s Social Affairs, and director of the Institute for the Elderly and Social Services (Imserso) in the Popular Party of Mariano Rajoy’s Executive.

Daniel Sancho’s case, according to Carmen Balfagón, “can take a significant turn, 180 degrees.”

Rodolfo Sancho and his family have made the decision to avoid the media in the midst of a media frenzy surrounding the investigation into Edwin Arrieta’s murder and to rely on Carmen Mazagón to publicly express their wishes and reveal fresh facts about the case.

Sandra Barneda questioned the attorney from the set regarding the possibility of Daniel Sancho receiving a visit from his family and whether it is accurate that the Thai police intend to hold a press conference. She acknowledged that she was unaware of the news conference but recalled that the inquiry was still ongoing and could take up to twelve weeks to complete.

He affirmed that Silvia and Rodolfo Sancho do not watch television because they would rather not see the distressing photos of their kid. She recalled how crucial it is to continue applying pressure to the media until the Thai police provide all the data he has gathered over the previous seven days.

He disclosed that he has uncredited information that might lead the inquiry to take a 180-degree turn while being closely observed by the Last Night set. She was able to speak on the phone with the Thai attorney, who affirmed that there is still time for the investigation. Carmen did this to reassure her that there was still plenty to learn and that she was essential to Daniel Sancho’s future.

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