Central University Of Odisha – Central university in Koraput

The Central University of Odisha is a premier educational institution in India.  Or located in Koraput district 1 of the present southern part of India.  This university was established in 2009 as a result of the Central Universities Act 2009 passed by the Parliament of India. 

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This university is famous for its education quality research work and modern type of education system.

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Location and Premises

As we told you that this university is present in the tribal dominated area of ​​Koraput, Central University of Odisha.  The natural beauty here is La Jawa.  And this place is celebrated for its rich cultural heritage. The total campus of the university is spread over 450 acres and this university has modern classrooms, headquarters and hostels.  The University has a modern library and a vast museum of book booklets and digital aids.

Academic program

In the Central University of Orissa, the students get bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees in various subjects like modern science, psychology, social science and management and education in this university.  Here the university follows the credit based system.  Here it is helpful for the students to choose the subject according to their interest, and their career and get the skills for future employment.  Also provides you with skill based courses and vocational courses.

Student Life and Activities

Central University of Orissa provides an amazing campus life to its students.  And Patekar also provides a variety of opportunities to engage in activities.  There is a student council present in this university which organizes various activities like sports cultural programs social service programs etc.  This university has the advantage of Debating Society, Nature Club, Photography and various types of societies and clubs are available to fulfill the legislators of its students.

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As you know that Central University of Odisha is a reputed institute which admits various excellent students from all over the country and provides research opportunities to the students of reasonable quality.  There is a proper educational institution and environment present in this university, where cultural and social subjects are promoted for many days. Lab equipped with modern equipment and modern internet system are available in this university.  Or the university is a good place for all those who aspire to excel in their academic and professional pursuits.

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