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Christina boyer wikipedia: Christina Boyer gained fame in the 1980s for an extraordinary ability: telekinesis, just like the character Matilda from the movies. However, her life took a dark turn in 1992 when she was convicted and sent to prison for the tragic death of her daughter, Amber.

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NameClaim to FameEvent
Christina BoyerTelekinesis in the 1980sConvicted of Murder (1992)

Christina boyer’s wiki

Christina Boyer (born 1971) is an American woman who was convicted of the murder of her 3-year-old daughter Amber in 1992. Boyer was sentenced to life in prison, but she has always maintained her innocence.

NameChristina Boyer
NicknamePoltergeist Girl
Case DescriptionConvicted of murder
IncarcerationPulaski State Prison, Georgia
Prison SentenceLife in prison
Eligible for ParoleYes
Imprisoned SinceOver 30 years
Documentary“Demons & Saviors” (to be released in 2023)

Boyer was born in Georgia in 1971. She was raised in a troubled home, and she was reportedly abused by her father. As a teenager, Boyer began to exhibit unusual behavior. She claimed to be able to move objects with her mind, and she was sometimes seen levitating.

Christina boyer’s story

In her early teens, Christina Boyer, previously known as Tina Resch, gained attention for claiming to possess the power of moving objects with her mind and manipulating electrical currents. This led to media coverage, and some people exploited her abilities for their gain. A parapsychologist named William Roll and a celebrity magician named James Randi were involved in investigating her claims.

As she grew older, Christina faced a troubled life, alleging abuse from her adopted family in Ohio. She had a daughter named Amber and later moved to a small town in Georgia, where she faced social isolation. Tragically, Amber suffered fatal injuries from physical abuse while in the care of Christina’s boyfriend, David Herrin. Both Christina and David were charged with Amber’s murder.

During the legal proceedings, Christina’s lawyer convinced her to accept an Alford plea, maintaining her innocence while pleading guilty. She received a life sentence plus 20 years with the possibility of parole. Despite this, Christina maintained her innocence throughout.

The documentary “Demons & Saviors” delves into the case, exploring the possibility of a rush to judgment in the small-town legal system. It highlights the efforts of Team Christina, a group of individuals who believe in her innocence and work to uncover the truth. They are portrayed as doing investigative work that should have been done during the original trial.

The series combines grainy home video footage with interviews and analysis, shifting from a supernatural story to a legal drama. It raises questions about the fairness of the legal proceedings and leaves viewers pondering whether Christina truly abused her daughter or if she was wrongfully convicted. The case has various holes and uncertainties, making it a complex and thought-provoking story.

Christina boyer’s released

Christina Boyer has been in prison at the Pulaski State Prison in Georgia for more than 30 years. Currently, she is eligible for parole, and her supporters are optimistic that she might be released soon. They firmly believe that she has already served enough time for a crime she insists she didn’t commit. However, there are no guarantees about whether she will be granted parole or not.

In 2023, a documentary named “Demons & Saviors” will be released on Hulu, shedding light on Boyer’s case. The documentary will delve into the evidence and explore the possibility that she may have been wrongfully convicted.

The upcoming documentary could spark renewed interest in Boyer’s case, and it might lead to her release from prison. But, on the other hand, there is also a chance that the documentary might not have any impact on her situation.

The future remains uncertain for Christina Boyer, and her case serves as a stark reminder that even innocent individuals can find themselves convicted of crimes they didn’t commit. Only time will reveal what fate has in store for her.

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