Did Izzy and Stacey Get Married

Did Izzy and Stacey Get Married

Did Izzy and Stacey Get Married -: Love is Blind is a show that’s captured the hearts of many, and season 5 was no exception. Among the stars of this season were Izzy and Stacey, whose journey was filled with ups and downs, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. But the big question remains: Did Izzy and Stacey get married?

Did Izzy and Stacey Get Married
Did Izzy and Stacey Get Married

Who is Izzy?

Izzy, whose real name is Ismael Zapata, is a well-known figure who gained recognition through his appearance in “Love is Blind” Season 5. He hails from Houston, Texas, in the United States, and has American-Mexican heritage. Izzy grew up in the Jehovah’s Witnesses community and is known for his good looks, standing tall at 6 feet and 2 inches with a bald head and sparkling eyes.

Who is Izzy?

In Love is Blind, Izzy’s journey is marked by twists and turns in his romantic life. He initially formed a connection with Johnie, but later found himself drawn to another contestant, Stacy, which led to the end of his relationship with Johnie. Ultimately, Izzy and Stacy got engaged on the show.

Izzy is known for his adventurous spirit and love for travel. His personal life has also included relationships beyond the show, as he keeps some aspects of his life private. However, his time on Love is Blind made him a recognizable and talked-about personality.

Love is Blind Star Izzy Engaged

Izzy, a contestant on “Love is Blind” season 5, found himself in a whirlwind of emotions. He initially connected with another contestant, Johnie, but soon realized that there was someone else who had captured his heart—Stacey. It wasn’t all smooth sailing, though, as there was a bit of drama when Izzy had to break up with Johnie before deciding to pursue a relationship with Stacey.

Izzy was drawn to Stacey’s fun-loving personality, and their connection grew stronger with each passing day. They eventually met face-to-face and left the iconic pods as an engaged couple. However, their relationship faced a potential complication when they encountered Johnie and her boyfriend at a group cocktail party back in the States.

Did Izzy and Stacey Get Married

The Big Question: Did They Get Married?

The burning question on everyone’s minds is whether Izzy and Stacey made it down the aisle. Well, the answer is no. Despite their engagement on the show and the excitement that came with it, they did not get married. Public records from the Harris County Clerk’s Office in Texas, where the show was filmed, indicate that they were issued a marriage license on May 20, 2023, but the license was not returned, suggesting that they likely broke up before officially tying the knot.

While their journey was documented on the show, it seems that their relationship faced some challenges, and they ultimately decided not to proceed with the marriage ceremony. This is a familiar outcome in reality dating shows like “Love is Blind,” where couples must make real-life decisions about their future after the unique dating experiment ends.

Did Izzy and Stacey Get Married?

Did Izzy and Stacey Get Married?

No, Izzy and Stacey did not get married. Despite their engagement on the show “Love is Blind” Season 5, they did not proceed with a legal marriage, as indicated by public records from the Harris County Clerk’s Office in Texas.


Is Stacey and Izzy still together?

No, Stacey and Izzy are not still together. They did not get married despite their engagement on the show “Love is Blind” Season 5.

Who got married in season 5 of Love is Blind?

In “Love is Blind” Season 5, it appears that none of the couples who got engaged on the show proceeded to a legal marriage. Public records suggest that none of the engaged couples from this season returned their marriage licenses.

What does Izzy from Love is Blind do?

Izzy, whose real name is Ismael Zapata, has a career as a sales manager, currently working for AT&T and Globe Liberty National Agency Division in Houston, Texas. He has also had previous roles related to bicycles, including management positions.

How old is Stacey on Love Is Blind?

In Us Weekly’s exclusive sneak peek of the Friday, October 6, episodes of Love Is Blind, Stacy, 35, and Johnie, 32, aired their grievances with one another — stemming from their love triangle with Izzy Zapata.

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