Did Julianne Hough Get Married

Did Julianne Hough Get Married

Did Julianne Hough Get Married -: Julianne Hough, a name that resonates with the world of entertainment. A professional dancer, actress, and singer, she’s a force to be reckoned with. But beyond her remarkable career, her love life has often taken the spotlight. So, did Julianne Hough get married? Let’s dive into her romantic journey, with a friendly and straightforward look at the highs and lows of her love life.

Did Julianne Hough Get Married
Did Julianne Hough Get Married

Julianne Hough Love Story with Brooks Laich

Julianne’s journey down the aisle began in 2014 when she crossed paths with NHL player Brooks Laich. Their love story blossomed, leading to a beautiful engagement on August 18, 2015. The world watched as they said “I do” in a heartwarming ceremony on July 8, 2017. It was a fairy tale wedding that left many wondering if they were a match made in heaven.

However, as life often takes unexpected turns, trouble appears on the horizon. By May 2020, Julianne and Brooks decided to go their separate ways. It was a tough decision, and it marked the beginning of a challenging journey towards divorce. The legal proceedings began in November 2020, ultimately finalizing their separation in February 2022.

Did Julianne Hough Get Married

A Love That Was

But Brooks Laich was not the only chapter in Julianne’s love life. Before him, she dated the charismatic Ryan Seacrest from April 2010 to March 2013. Their relationship, while it lasted, was a prominent one in the entertainment world.

Derek Hough’s Take on Julianne’s Love Life

Julianne’s brother, Derek Hough, is not just a talented dancer and choreographer; he’s a supportive brother who genuinely cares about her happiness. When Julianne tied the knot with Brooks, Derek openly expressed his support. In an interview with People magazine, he referred to them as a “great couple” and wished them a bright future.

Derek, too, found love in the dance world. His romantic journey led him to Hayley Erbert, whom he met during a dance tour in 2014. Their love story culminated in a beautiful wedding in July 2022 in Monterey County, California. It was a joyous celebration of love, mirroring the happiness Derek wished for his sister.

Did Julianne Hough Get Married

Julianne Hough Love Life Post-Divorce

After her divorce from Brooks Laich, Julianne’s focus shifted towards her career and personal growth. She embraced the idea of rediscovering love and looked forward to what the future might hold. In recent times, eagle-eyed observers spotted her sharing moments with actor Ben Barnes in 2021. The year 2022 also saw her dining with musician Charlie Wilson, sparking curiosity and speculation about her romantic life.

Derek and Hayley: A Love Born on the Dance Floor

Derek Hough and Hayley Erbert’s love story is a testament to finding love in shared passions. Their journey began in 2014 and led to an engagement in 2021. Finally, in 2022, they sealed their love with a beautiful wedding ceremony in Monterey County. Their love story, like a graceful dance, reminds us that sometimes, love finds its way when you least expect it.

Did Julianne Hough Get Married

Julianne Hough Close Friendship with Nina Dobrev

Julianne Hough shares a deep bond with actress Nina Dobrev, one that has stood the test of time. Nina had the honor of being a bridesmaid at Julianne’s wedding to Brooks, a testament to their unbreakable friendship. Nina’s affection for Julianne shines through in her heartfelt Instagram post, where she expresses her love and admiration for her dear friend.

Julianne Hough Current Relationship Status

Julianne Hough Current Relationship Status

As of now, Julianne Hough is single. After her divorce, rumors swirled about her romantic life, linking her with various personalities, including actor Ben Barnes in 2021 and musician Charlie Wilson in 2022. While her relationship status may have changed over the years, one thing remains constant: Julianne’s optimism about love and the unwavering support of her family and close friends.


In conclusion, Julianne Hough’s love journey has been filled with ups and downs, from a fairy tale wedding to a challenging divorce. But throughout it all, she has remained hopeful and open to whatever the future may bring. With a loving family, devoted friends, and a world of possibilities ahead, Julianne’s journey continues to captivate many, reminding us that love is a beautiful adventure with twists and turns that shape our lives.


When did Julianne Hough get married?

Julianne Hough got married on July 8, 2017.

Who is Julianne Hough ex husband?

Julianne Hough’s ex-husband is Brooks Laich.

Was Julianne Hough at Derek’s wedding?

Yes, Julianne Hough was present at Derek Hough’s wedding.

Where did Julianne Hough get married?

Julianne Hough got married in a heartwarming ceremony, and the wedding took place on July 8, 2017.

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