Dillon Danis Logan Paul Wife

Dillon Danis Logan Paul Wife

Dillon Danis Logan Paul Wife – In order to raise the stakes for his fight with Paul, which is slated to take place on the Misfits Boxing “Prime Card” in October, Danis made a “best man” wager with his opponent.

Prior to their upcoming altercation, Dillon Danis offers Logan Paul a new “best man” wager.

If Logan Paul defeats him in their forthcoming boxing battle, Dillon Danis has challenged him to make him the best man at his wedding.

Paul will make his boxing comeback on the Misfits Boxing ‘Prime Card’ in Manchester on October 14. He will face Bellator MMA standout Danis, who is well-known for being Conor McGregor’s training partner in the UFC. Paul’s former rival and current business partner KSI will co-headline the event as he takes on Love Island star Tommy Fury.

By sharing multiple images of Nina Agdal with other men on social media, Danis has personalized his battle with Paul. Nina Agdal is the YouTuber’s fiancée. In his most recent challenge to Paul, the 29-year-old raised the stakes for their battle, saying: “Since you want to make bets and you’re so confident you’re going to knock me out, if I win, you have to make me the best man at your wedding.”

The close friend of Danis, Conor McGregor, was challenged by Paul to place a $1 million wager on the fight, saying: “If you’re so confident in your son, I’ve got a bet for you. Although Dillon is a broke a, I would bet on him. I have proof that, on October 14, I defeated your boy worth $1 million. I know you’re caked up, come on, bro. The same night, two dummies. I’m f*ing both of you.

In January, Danis was set to take on KSI, but he abruptly canceled the fight after feeling “underprepared” with only 10 days’ notice. Danis believes Paul will be a tougher opponent than KSI, but he is concerned that KSI will withdraw from the bout given how personally directed their trash talking has been. “KSI is the easier fight; just look at Logan’s stamina.” Logan seems to be taking it very personally, thus I believe his mind is elsewhere. As they say, there’s trouble in paradise,” he said on the Full Send podcast.

“He is aware of the commitment he is making. This is not an NBA game; rather, he and I are going to kill each other. He suggests pounding on my head in front of my family so I can’t bring up his wife, is it right? KSI attacked my mother and said, “F*** them,” among other things. Ultimately, they’re just not true fighters.

They are unable to handle it. You can defeat someone physically, mentally, or psychologically. I’m in his thoughts, and he’s so out of it right now that he reportedly can’t even train. At the end of the day, I’m the only one promoting this event and drawing attention to this program.

Dillon Danis Bio

Dillon Danis, an American mixed martial artist who competes in Bellator MMA’s Welterweight division, was born on August 22, 1993. At Bellator 198, he faced Kyle Walker for the first time in mixed martial arts, and he won by toe hold. Later, at Bellator 222, he fought Max Humphreys and won by armbar in the opening frame. At UFC 229), Khabib Nurmagomedov threw his mouthpiece, scaled the cage, and then looked to jump towards him, resulting in a ruckus. He retaliated by punching Nurmagomedov, and a full-scale altercation followed. Following the event, he received a $7,500 fine and a 7-month suspension.

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