Who is Dominik Mysterio dating, Partner, Age, Sister, Height, Salary, Girlfriend, Married, Wife

Who is Dominik Mysterio dating, Partner, Age, Sister, Height, Salary, Girlfriend, Married, Wife

Who is Dominik Mysterio dating, Partner, Age, Sister, Height, Salary, Girlfriend, Married, Wife – Dominik Mysterio is an up-and-coming American professional wrestler currently making waves in the WWE, specifically on the Monday Night RAW brand. He’s not just any wrestler; he’s the current NXT North American champion and a key member of The Judgment Day faction. Dominik is considered one of the best “heels” in the world of professional wrestling today. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Dominik’s life, career, and achievements.

Who is Dominik Mysterio dating, Partner, Age, Sister, Height, Salary, Girlfriend, Married, Wife

To get to know Dominik better, let’s start with some basic information. Dominik Mysterio, as WWE bills him, stands tall at 6 feet 1 inch and weighs in at 200 pounds. Despite his young age, he’s already making significant strides in WWE. Dominik was born on April 5, 1997, making him 26 years old at the time of writing. He’s the son of the legendary Rey Mysterio, a WWE Hall of Famer.

Dominik Mysterio Early Life

Dominik’s journey in the world of wrestling started early. He was born on April 5, 1997, in San Diego, California. His first WWE appearance was at just six years old when he appeared in the audience during an episode of Smackdown. This early introduction to the world of wrestling set the stage for his future in the industry. Dominik also pursued his education, attending Southwestern College and successfully graduating.

Dominik Mysterio Real Name / Full Name  Dominik Óscar Gutiérrez
Birth Date         April 5, 1997
Dominik Mysterio Age  26
Relationship Status  Engaged
Dominik Mysterio Zodiac Sign  Aries
Dominik Mysterio Birthplace  San Diego, California
Dominik Mysterio Nationality  American
Dominik Mysterio Hometown  San Diego, California
School/College/University  Southwestern College
Educational Qualification  Graduate
Dominik Mysterio Religion  Christianity
Dominik Mysterio Ethnicity  Mexican-American
Current Residence  San Diego, California
Dominik Mysterio Hobbies  Wrestling & Football
Dominik Mysterio Tattoo  Multiple tattoos on both of his hands, recently he got another tattoo of the word ‘VILLANO’ on the left side of his neck

Dominik Mysterio Net Worth & Salary

Despite the buzz surrounding Dominik Mysterio, he isn’t among WWE’s highest earners. Reports from various media sources indicate that he earns approximately $100,000 per year, with a net worth estimated at around $2 million.

Dominik Mysterio Family

Dominik is the son of the legendary professional wrestler Rey Mysterio. His mother, Angie, has been a strong supporter of Rey throughout his career. Rey and Angie also have a daughter named Aalyah. While Dominik is not yet married, he became engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Marie Juliette, on January 2, 2023.

Dominik Mysterio Personal Life & Lifestyle

In his personal life, Dominik is engaged to Marie Juliette, his longtime girlfriend. Their engagement took place on January 2, 2023. Dominik is the elder child of WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio and his wife, Angie. He also has a sister named Aalyah.

Dominik Mysterio’s Relationship Status

It’s important to clarify that Dominik is not married yet; he is engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Marie Juliette. There have been rumors and misconceptions that he is in a relationship with Rhea Ripley, but this is purely an on-screen storyline and not reflective of reality.

Dominik’s WWE Journey:

Dominik Mysterio is now a familiar name to WWE fans, but how did he make his way into the world of professional wrestling?

  • WWE Debut: Dominik’s WWE debut occurred at the tender age of six when he was seated in the audience during his father Rey Mysterio’s match against Matt Hardy on an episode of Smackdown. This was just the beginning of his journey.
  • Professional Wrestling Career: Before his in-ring debut, Dominik had several appearances, one of which was during the “Custody Ladder Match” between Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero. However, his actual in-ring debut happened two years prior, when Rey Mysterio challenged Matt Hardy for the Cruiserweight Championship. Dominik was in the audience to witness his father’s victory in this match.
  • The Custody of Dominik: In 2005, Dominik played a pivotal role in Rey Mysterio’s storyline. Rey was feuding with Eddie Guerrero, who claimed to be Dominik’s biological father. Their feud culminated in a Ladder Match at SummerSlam, with Dominik’s custody at stake. Dominik was deeply involved in this emotional storyline.
  • Non-Wrestling Pre-Career Appearances: Over the years, Dominik continued to make sporadic appearances, often showing support for his father. In 2019, during a feud between Rey Mysterio and Brock Lesnar, Dominik found himself on the receiving end of a brutal attack by Lesnar. Notably, he revealed that he was not yet under contract with WWE at the time.
  • In-Ring Debut: Dominik’s in-ring debut came at SummerSlam 2020 when he faced Seth Rollins in a Street Fight. Although he lost this debut match, he left a strong impression.
  • Teaming Up with Rey Mysterio: Dominik began working alongside his legendary father as a tag team partner. Together, they became known as “The Mysterios,” earning popularity among wrestling fans. While Dominik performed admirably, not everyone was won over.
  • First-Ever Father-Son Tag Team Champions: At WrestleMania Backlash in 2021, The Mysterios made history by defeating Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode to win the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship. This achievement marked the first time in WWE history that a father and son held the Tag Team Championship together. It also represented Dominik’s first championship win in WWE, although they later lost the title to The Usos at Money in the Bank.

Dominik Mysterio in Movies and TV Shows

As of now, Dominik Mysterio hasn’t appeared in any movies or television series. However, given his growing popularity, it’s possible we may see him on the big screen or in television productions in the near future. His future in entertainment appears promising.

Who is Dominik Mysterio dating, Partner, Age, Sister, Height, Salary, Girlfriend, Married, Wife

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Championships and Accomplishments

Dominik’s wrestling career is on an upward trajectory, and he has already achieved notable success. He has secured two championships to date:

  • WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship: Dominik and his father Rey Mysterio made history by becoming the first father-son tag team champions in WWE history.
  • NXT North American Championship: Dominik currently holds this title, solidifying his place as a rising star in the wrestling world.

In conclusion, Dominik Mysterio is making a name for himself in the world of professional wrestling. Despite his young age, he has shown promise and potential, following in the footsteps of his legendary father. With championships under his belt and a bright future ahead, it’s clear that Dominik Mysterio is a rising star to watch in the WWE.

Who is the biological father of Dominik Mysterio?

Rey Mysterio is the confirmed biological father of Dominik Mysterio. This has been consistently stated by Rey Mysterio himself.

Why do people think Eddie Guerrero might be Dominik’s father?

Some confusion arises from a WWE storyline in 2005 where Eddie Guerrero claimed Dominik as his son. This storyline, combined with certain physical resemblances, led to the speculation.

Is Dominik Mysterio in love?

Dominik Mysterio, known for his wrestling skills in WWE, recently shared a special moment by announcing his engagement to his girlfriend, Marie Juliette. Their love story has been going on for more than a decade, making this engagement a significant event.

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