Eli Weaver Wiki, Wife, Wikipedia, Release Date, Obituary, Age

Eli Weaver Wiki, Wife, Wikipedia, Release Date, Obituary, Age

Eli Weaver Wiki, Wife, Wikipedia, Release Date, Obituary, Age -: In a peaceful and tight-knit Amish community in Apple Creek, Ohio, a shocking and tragic incident unfolded in June 2009 that sent shockwaves through the community. It revolved around a man named Eli Weaver and the life-changing events that followed his involvement in a heartbreaking case.

Eli Weaver Wiki, Wife, Wikipedia, Release Date, Obituary, Age
Eli Weaver Wiki, Wife, Wikipedia, Release Date, Obituary, Age

Eli Weaver Life

Eli Weaver, a prominent figure in the Apple Creek Amish community, lived a seemingly ordinary life. Born into the Amish way of life, he was deeply rooted in his traditions and values. Eli was married to Barbara D. Weaver in May 1999, and together they had five children. Barbara was known for her kindness and dedication to her family, making their life appear idyllic.

The Horrific Discovery

Tragedy struck on a fateful morning in June 2009. One of Barbara and Eli Weaver’s children made a shocking discovery – Barbara was found lifeless in her own bed, a victim of a single gunshot wound to the chest from a .410-gauge shotgun. The entire community was stunned by her death.

Suspicion Falls on Eli Weaver

As authorities began their investigation, they ruled out robbery as a motive because there were no signs of forced entry, and money left out in the open was untouched. Suspicion soon turned toward Barbara’s husband, Eli Weaver, who was not present when the authorities arrived at their home.

Eli Troubled Marriage

As the investigation deepened, troubling details about Eli and Barbara’s marriage came to light. Barbara’s sister revealed that Eli had a history of infidelity, leaving the marriage on several occasions to be with non-Amish women. Each time, he returned to the community after being allowed back by the elders.

Eli Online Affairs

The investigation took an unexpected turn when authorities uncovered Eli’s online activities. He had been engaging in conversations with several women, revealing a disturbing pattern of infidelity. During these conversations, Eli expressed his unhappiness in his marriage and even discussed the possibility of having his wife killed.

The Other Barbara

One name that emerged in the investigation was Barbara Raber. Barbara Raber had known Eli for a decade and had been in a relationship with him for about six years. She was previously a part of the Amish community but had left it behind and was now a married mother of three. Locally, she was known as the “taxi lady” due to her taxi service.

A Chilling Plot Unveiled

The messages exchanged between Eli and Raber were chilling. They discussed plans to eliminate Barbara Weaver, considering methods like poisoning, medication, and even blowing up the house with the children inside. Eli rationalized his plan, believing that the innocent children would go to heaven. Messages also included instructions on where to park the car and that the garage door would be unlocked.

Shifting Stories and Additional Complications

Barbara Raber’s account of events continued to shift. At one point, she claimed to have no memory of ever being inside the Weavers’ residence. A voicemail left for Eli on June 3 added another layer of mystery. The voicemail warned Eli that he couldn’t hide, hinting at a mistake made the previous night. However, Raber’s friend later testified that he left the voicemail at her request.

Further complicating matters, a gun store owner testified that Raber had purchased a .410-gauge shotgun in November 2008, raising more questions about her involvement.

Justice Served

Eli Weaver eventually pleaded guilty to complicity to commit murder in August 2009. As part of his plea deal, he agreed to testify against Barbara Raber. In September 2009, he was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison. Records show that he remains incarcerated at the Grafton Correctional Institution in Lorain County, Ohio, with parole eligibility in 2024.

At Barbara Raber’s trial, the defense argued that Eli was the true perpetrator and had manipulated her. Despite these claims, Raber was found guilty of aggravated murder. In October 2009, she was sentenced to 23 years to life behind bars. Prison records indicate that she is serving her sentence at the Ohio Reformatory for Women in Marysville, Ohio, with potential parole eligibility in 2032.


The tragic case of Barbara Weaver’s murder serves as a grim reminder that even in close-knit communities, dark secrets can hide behind the veneer of normalcy. The investigation and subsequent convictions shed light on the devastating consequences of betrayal and jealousy within the Amish community of Apple Creek, Ohio. This heart-wrenching story highlights the importance of seeking justice, even when the truth is shrouded in secrecy and deception.

In the end, Eli Weaver’s life took a tragic turn, and the events that followed would forever change the lives of those involved and the community they called home.


What happens if an Amish woman’s husband dies?

If an Amish woman’s husband passes away, she can enter a courtship and remarry. Many Amish people do remarry after losing a spouse. Since the Amish typically have large families, remarriage often leads to having even more extended family members.

Did they ever find the Amish girl?

Yes, they found the Amish girl. Her remains were discovered on April 21, exactly 10 months after she went missing from Bird-in-Hand, a community just east of Lancaster that has many Amish and Mennonite residents. The person responsible for her disappearance had buried her in a wooded area near some railroad tracks behind where he worked.

Can Amish girls leave?

Yes, some Amish young people decide to leave their Amish community. They might choose to live among non-Amish Americans, known as the “English,” and experience modern technology and a different way of life. Leaving the Amish community during this time doesn’t always mean they can’t return later for adult baptism into the Amish church if they decide to do so.

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