Harlan Crow Wiki, Wikipedia, Adirondack Resort, Estate, Jet, Bio, Library, Age, Brother

Harlan Crow Wiki, Wikipedia, Adirondack Resort, Estate, Jet, Bio, Library, Age, Brother

Harlan Crow Wiki, Wikipedia, Adirondack Resort, Estate, Jet, Bio, Library, Age, Brother -: Harlan Crow is a name that has reverberated through the corridors of American politics, philanthropy, and the world of art for decades. Born on June 13, 1950, in Dallas, Texas, Crow hails from a lineage deeply entrenched in real estate development. His father, Trammell Crow, was the visionary founder of the Trammell Crow Company, a significant player in the commercial real estate industry. But Harlan Crow’s legacy extends far beyond the family business. He is renowned for his philanthropic endeavors, fervent support for the Republican Party, and an extensive art collection that includes priceless historical artifacts. In this article, we delve into the life, career, controversies, and contributions of Harlan Crow.

Harlan Crow Wiki, Wikipedia, Adirondack Resort, Estate, Jet, Bio, Library, Age, Brother
Harlan Crow Wiki, Wikipedia, Adirondack Resort, Estate, Jet, Bio, Library, Age, Brother

Harlan Crow Bio

Full NameHarlan Rogers Crow
Nick NameCrow
Birth year1949
Age74 years old
BirthplaceDallas, Texas, U.S.
Political partyRepublicans
Eye ColorBrown
Height175 cm
Weight90 kg
EducationEmory University, University of Texas
Parents Trammell Crow (father)
ChildrenJack Crow, Sarah Crow, Rob Crow
ProfessionReal estate developer
Net Worth$3.1 Billion
One year salary$200 Million

Harlan Crow Early Life and Education

Harlan Rogers Crow was born the third son of Margaret Doggett Crow and Trammell Crow, Sr. Growing up in a family deeply rooted in the real estate industry, he was exposed to the world of business and entrepreneurship from a young age. His father, Trammell Crow, was not only a successful real estate developer but also a prominent figure in the Dallas community.

Education played a pivotal role in shaping Harlan Crow’s future. He pursued his undergraduate education at Yale University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1972. This was just the beginning of his academic journey. Crow’s thirst for knowledge led him to the University of Texas School of Law, where he obtained his Juris Doctor degree in 1976.

Harlan Crow

Harlan Crow Real Estate Career

Following his education, Harlan Crow embarked on a career in the family business. He joined the Trammell Crow Company, the real estate development, and investment firm founded by his father. Working within the company allowed him to gain invaluable experience in the complex world of real estate. Over the years, he honed his skills, contributing to the company’s continued success.

Harlan Crow’s contributions to the Trammell Crow Company were not just in terms of business acumen but also in terms of maintaining the family legacy. He played a crucial role in the company’s operations, further solidifying its position as a major player in the commercial real estate industry.

Harlan Crow Passion for Art and Philanthropy

While real estate may have been the family business, Harlan Crow had another passion that would soon take center stage in his life – art. He developed a deep appreciation for history and culture, which manifested in his avid art collecting.

Over the years, Crow assembled an impressive collection that included historical documents, manuscripts, political memorabilia, and American decorative arts. His collection spans a wide range of historical periods and geographical regions, making it a treasure trove of cultural heritage.

One of his most significant contributions to the world of art and culture was the establishment of the Crow Collection of Asian Art in Dallas, Texas, in 1998. This museum showcases a diverse array of Asian art, featuring Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, and Southeast Asian works. Crow’s commitment to preserving and sharing these historical treasures with the public underscores his dedication to the cultural enrichment of society.

Harlan Crow

Harlan Crow Philanthropy and Political Engagement

Harlan Crow’s philanthropic endeavors extend beyond the realm of art. He is known for his involvement in politics and his unwavering support for conservative causes. Crow has been a vocal supporter of the Republican Party for decades, and his financial contributions to the party and its candidates have exceeded a staggering $300 million.

Crow’s political activism didn’t just begin recently; it dates back to the era of Ronald Reagan. However, his donations increased significantly when George W. Bush entered the political arena. His contributions come in various forms, including cash donations and gifts.

Apart from being a financial donor, Harlan Crow has been actively involved in advocating for conservative principles. His interests align with areas such as education reform and free-market economics. His philanthropic activities in these areas have had a lasting impact, shaping policies and initiatives that resonate with his beliefs.

Harlan Crow Political Activities

Crow’s involvement in politics goes beyond mere financial support. He is a prominent donor to Republican campaigns and conservative groups, having donated nearly $5 million to these causes. His commitment to conservative values has earned him a place on the founding committee of the 501(c)(4) organization Club for Growth. Additionally, Crow serves on the board of the American Enterprise Institute, where he has been a member since 1996.

Harlan Crow

Harlan Crow Relationship with Clarence Thomas

Harlan Crow’s name has often made headlines for reasons other than his philanthropy and political contributions. One of the most controversial aspects of his life is his close friendship with Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. This relationship has raised questions about judicial ethics and has sparked controversy.

Reports suggest that Crow has showered Justice Thomas with lavish gifts, including a $19,000 Bible that once belonged to Frederick Douglass. Furthermore, he reportedly presented Justice Thomas with a portrait of the justice and his wife, painted by Sharif Tarabay. These gifts, however, were not disclosed, a violation of the law that requires justices, judges, members of Congress, and federal officials to disclose most gifts.

Harlan Crow Controversies

In 2023, investigative journalism organization ProPublica published a report alleging that Harlan Crow had bestowed lavish gifts upon Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, Clarence Thomas. The report detailed the $19,000 Bible, a historic artifact that had belonged to Frederick Douglass, as well as the portrait of Justice Thomas and his wife. These gifts, when undisclosed, raised concerns about transparency and compliance with legal requirements.

The controversy surrounding Crow’s relationship with Justice Thomas ignited debates about the ethical boundaries that should exist between individuals in influential positions and those who support them financially. The report shed light on a complex web of interactions and potential conflicts of interest.

Family and Net Worth

Harlan Crow is a family man. He is married to Kathy and has three children: Jack Crow, Sarah Crow, and Rob Crow. His professional success has translated into significant wealth. As of 2023, his estimated net worth is a staggering $3.1 billion, with an annual income of approximately $200 million.

Harlan Crow Social Media Accounts

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Who is Billionaire Crow?

Harlan Rogers Crowe (born 1949) is an American-born Kittiton real estate developer. He is the former Chairman and CEO of Trammell Crow Company, which was founded by his father Trammell Crow. His father was described by Forbes magazine as “the largest landowner in the United States.”

What Company does Harlan Crow own?

Harlan Crowe is the owner of Crowe Holdings, a privately owned real estate investment and development firm based in Dallas, Texas. The company was founded by his father, Trammell Crow, in 1948. Harlan Crowe took over as CEO in 1995 and chairman in 2015.

Is Harlan Crow married?

Yes, Harlan Crow is married to Kathy Crow.


Harlan Crow’s life is a tapestry woven with threads of business acumen, a deep appreciation for art and culture, and a commitment to political principles. His impact on American politics, philanthropy, and the art world is undeniable, and his controversies have spurred discussions about the intersection of wealth, influence, and ethics. As he continues to be a significant figure on the American stage, Harlan Crow’s legacy is sure to be a subject of ongoing scrutiny and admiration for years to come.

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