Hnbgu Chauras Campus Srinagar Uttarakhand

One of India’s top universities, Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University (HNBGU), is located in the state of Uttarakhand.

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The Chauras Campus, which is situated in Uttarakhand’s Pauri Garhwal district, is one of the university’s many campuses. We’ll talk about the HNBGU Chauras Campus’s features in this article.

HNBGU Chauras Campus’s location

The scenic town of Chauras, which is 1,400 metres above sea level, is where the HNBGU Chauras Campus is situated. The campus offers a calm and tranquil setting that is ideal for learning and research because it is surrounded by verdant green trees.

Offerings at the HNBGU Chauras Campus

There are many undergraduate and graduate courses available at the HNBGU Chauras Campus in a variety of subject areas. The campus offers a number of well-liked courses, some of which are:

  • degree in the arts (BA)
  • degree in science (BSc)
  • Bachelor of Business (BCom)
  • Arts Master’s (MA)
  • Ph.D. in science (MSc)
  • MBA in commerce (MCom)

Together with these classes, the campus also provides research degrees like the MPhil and PhD in a range of subject areas.

HNBGU Chauras Campus facilities

Students, instructors, and staff have access to a variety of facilities at the HNBGU Chauras Campus. Among the noteworthy facilities are:


A well-stocked library on campus houses a sizable collection of books, journals, and research papers.


The campus features state-of-the-art labs for students taking scientific and technology courses.

Sports Facilities

• The campus has equipment for cricket, football, basketball, volleyball, and badminton, among other indoor and outdoor activities.

• Separate hostels for boys and girls are available on campus, each with Wi-Fi, a dining hall, and an entertainment area

Overview of Chauras Campus

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The Chauras Campus of Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University is the main campus of the University.  If any new activity happens in any campus.  So its decision is taken in Chauras Campus only. That means Chauras Campus is the main campus. 

From where any new information is released i.e. whether it is exam or leave, admission or degree, all the work is done in Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna’s Chauras Campus.  Now you must have understood that Chauras Campus is the main campus.  Any official activity notice is issued from here.  In other words, this campus is the head quarter of all the campuses.

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Student’s review about Chauras Campus

Students say that they do not face any kind of problems in Chauras Campus.  From internet, library, sports, hostel, mess, every kind of facility is provided to the students.

Arrangements have been made for the students not only for formal education but also for extra-curricular activities like sports, dance, music, defense (NSS, NCC, gym, boxing) etc.  And the students do not face any kind of problem.  Auditorium, modern technical machine, modern lab, agricultural experiment area etc. are available for the students in the main Chauras Campus.

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Jobs at the HNBGU Chauras Campus

A dedicated placement cell at the HNBGU Chauras Campus helps students locate appropriate employment possibilities. The placement cell invites prestigious organisations to the campus for recruitment and arranges frequent placement drives.

Famous Former Students of HNBGU Chauras Campus

Several eminent alumni who have significantly impacted their fields came from the HNBGU Chauras Campus. Among the notable former students are:

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  • Former Vice-Chancellor of Jiwaji University, Prof. Alok Kumar Gupta
  • Former scientific advisor to India’s defence minister, Dr. Vijay Kumar Saraswat
  • Director General of the Uttarakhand State Council for Science and Technology, Dr. Rajendra Dobhal


The HNBGU Chauras Campus is a great option for students looking for a top-notch education in a calm and relaxing setting. The campus offers students all the resources they need to be successful in their chosen fields of study thanks to its variety of courses, first-rate facilities, and specialised placement cell.

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