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in this blog you will know how you can apply for your degree from Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University from your home and get your degree at your home itself.

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Without extra kind of payment. Yes, you do not need to pay any kind of payment. This degree will be sent to your home free of cost, then that complete process will be given in full detail in the next blog.

So everyone has to follow you, but before that you confirm this very well. At your level if you are a student of this category.

In this blog, we will discuss about these things, if you want to know about these topics, then definitely read this block till the end.

  • From where to fill the degree form of Hnbgu.
  • Important instructions for hnbgu degree form. How to fill hnbgu form.
  • Important Categories to fill Hnbgu Form.

Where to fill the degree form of hnbgu

You can easily fill your form by visiting hnbgu official website, we have given you how to fill hnbgu form in this blog.

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And we have told you all the details about how to fill it.Still if you have any problem related to filling the form.

So you can tell us in the comment, we will help you completely from filling the form. We are also giving you the official website and you can go here and know how to fill the form easily. without delay how are you

Important instruction for filling Hnbgu degree form

If you are applying for any degree course. If 4 years have not been completed while doing that course.

Look carefully, whatever course degree you are applying for, if you haven’t completed 4 years yet, then this blog is useful for you. Advise you not to read this blog.

Secondly, you have never applied for a degree till date. And you are applying for the first time degree, then this blog will be beneficial for you.

Only then go and follow all the things of this blog. So these are the two things that I told you clearly. You are applying for the degree of this course and doing that course. 4 years have not completed yet.

After that, if you go and apply, then your degree will go to this method and the second thing is that you people are applying for the first time degree, then the whole process in the blog is well known step by step.

First of all you have to save the form. In what way have you created after saving the form? Step by step you are being told that.

How to Fill hnbgu online degree from

First of all you have to write here Application for Original Degree. Here you will write the original degree. Original? degree . You filled it all.

After that number one is coming marks per final year marksheet in which letters your name is written in the final year marksheet. How do you copy and paste it here? It is written here.

Name in English Capital Letters will write your name in English Capital Letter as if you believe that whatever your name is, whatever your name is, it will be written here in English Capital Letter, but which of your final year

How to fill your name in Hnbgu form

If you are a student of B.Com third year, which will be your marksheet of third year, then your name is written in it, whatever your name is written, if your name is a Swayze, then you have given it here as it is. Capitol

Do not write on small letter. Write your name in capital letter. Whatever spelling of your name is printed by the university in your final year mark sheet, you can copy it here exactly.

And who does not know what is capital small in capital letter? Let me tell you a little, you must know. Well to many.

hnbgu online degree from for All categories student

On the other hand, if it is B.Com, then it is the third year marksheet, if it is BA, it is the third year marksheet. B.Sc, which is the name printed in the third year mark sheet. Masters.

So in Masters, your marksheet is in the second year. Like the name which will be written in MSc second year or MS second year. I understand in the same way that your trade mark sheet has come out from the university.

For the degree of the course, you have to mention here your name as it is printed in the last mark sheet of that course allotted to you by the university. ok here comes the second one in hindi

You will translate it here in Hindi. Ok, whatever is your name in Hindi here you will write your name. Your name in Hindi and as per your mark sheet is fine.

hnbgu degree form filling process

According to the marksheet, as it is written in the marksheet, after this, if we move forward, then it comes that father’s name will be written in capital letter, father’s name will also be written in capital letter. whatever your father’s name is, whatever your father’s name is

You will write it in capital letter only. Okay so I have rewritten here in capital letter, okay, father name you in such letters as it is written here.

Don’t write small in capital letter whatever your father’s name is, that’s fine. Second thing, you will write mother’s name which is your mother’s name here also in capital letter only, which is your mother’s name.

Now give the same meaning here, father’s name in front of father’s name and mother’s name in front of mother’s name. I have written here for example, I am not mentioning any particular name here. you all understand

Where will the date of birth be written? Look, keep one thing in mind, father’s name, mother’s name and date of birth, according to which of these three will you emerge? Will write to pick up your tenth marksheet, which is your tenth

Your name should be spelled in capital letters and date of birth should be the same as it is written in that sorry tenth marksheet as your father’s name and as your mother’s name.

How to fill your degree and subject’s

If you are applying for BA then brother write BA, if you are applying for B.Com then you will write B.Com, if you are applying for B.Sc then you will write B.Sc or whatever the course is, we have MSC or whatever your course is.

I cannot write here the names of all the courses, you must have understood, whatever your courses you are seeking degree for this course, okay, you will mention it here. written next to it, regular

Means you have attended classes regularly from some institute, then what will you do? By ticking regular, cross off this private and write next to it, regular is fine here.

Because I think is no longer private. This used to happen in earlier times, but now mostly everyone will be regular, so you will tick regular and write regular in future.

How to fill percentage etc in the form

Now the standards of each division are different. If I talk about B.Ed, then the standards of B.Ed are different.

That is your B.Com. Means in degree course and professional course, first division, second division, third division are allotted on different percentages, which comes in our marks in the final year.

The percentage of marks obtained out of the total grand total will be calculated. So you will know that now you have removed the percentage, but how will you know that what is your division according to your percentage?

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So for this you have to do one simple thing which is your final year marksheet or from wherever your marksheet is, you will see that marksheet on the overleaf.

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