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Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University has released a unique program named Samarth Program. 

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Hnbgu SAMARTH stands for Skill Augmentation and Management of Resources for Training and Holistic Development. The objective of this program is to enhance the employability of students and their work skills and contribute to their local economy.

This program is being run for the students of Garhwal region.  And to increase their employment economy and work efficiency, full contribution is being made through this program.

Objectives of SAMARTH Program

The SAMARTH program’s goals include the following:

Student employability is improved by the program’s emphasis on giving them skill-based training, which enables them to learn the abilities demanded by employers across a range of industries.

Enhancing educational quality: SAMARTH strives to give students hands-on training, bridging the gap between theoretical understanding and real-world application.

Encouragement of entrepreneurship: By giving students the knowledge and resources they need to launch their own firms, the programme hopes to promote entrepreneurship among students.

Filling the skills gap: SAMARTH seeks to fill the skills gap in the Garhwal region by giving students the training they need to support the local economy.

Implementation of SAMARTH Program

In the Garhwal region, a network of Skill Development Centers (SDCs) implements the SAMARTH programme. These SDCs provide students with cutting-edge facilities and equipment that allow them to develop practical skills in a variety of industries. A wide range of businesses are covered by the programme, including tourism, hospitality, agriculture, and healthcare.

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Students can learn about entrepreneurship through the SAMARTH programme, which prepares them to launch their own firms. From ideation to execution, the programme helps students at every level of the entrepreneurial process.

Hnbgu Samarth official website is

Impact of SAMARTH Program

Students in the Garhwal region have benefited greatly from the SAMARTH programme. Students have been able to gain useful skills through the programme, increasing their employability and supporting the local economy.

The program’s entrepreneurial education has also inspired students to launch their own enterprises, which has led to the creation of job possibilities for others.

Due to the SAMARTH program’s emphasis on practical training for students, the quality of education in the area has also increased. This has made it possible for students to apply their theoretical knowledge in real-world situations, improving their learning results.

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HNBGU’s innovative SAMARTH programme trains students in the Garhwal region via skill-based training. The programme seeks to support entrepreneurship, close the skills gap in the area, and improve student employability.

The programme has significantly impacted students, enhancing their employability, generating job possibilities, and raising educational standards. The SAMARTH programme is a step in the direction of making India a skilled and independent nation .


What is the Full Form of Hnbgu SAMARTH

The full form of Hnbgu SAMARTH is Skill Augmentation and Management of Resources for Training and Holistic development.

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