How to use Adamantine Forge BG3

How to use Adamantine Forge BG3

How to use Adamantine Forge BG3 – There are a few Duergar searching for the Adamantine produce, an antiquated tool used to produce potent weapons, in the Grymforge in Baldur’s Gate 3. They don’t know where it is, which is the only issue. Finding it, though, seems to be the least of your problems as turning on the forge results in a difficult battle with the huge construct Grym.

Locations of Adamantine Forge

In the Underdark, close to the Grymforge, is the Adamantine Forge. Go up the steps and continue down the path to the north from the Grymforge teleport waypoint until you come across some Deep Rothé and Duergar standing in front of a cave in.

The Duergar will discuss a mystery Adamantine Forge that is rumored to be hidden someplace behind the displaced rocks with you when you interact with them. You can choose to help the Duergar by ordering the Rothé to remove the rocks, remove the rocks yourself using magic or explosives, or, if you have the ability to communicate with animals, turn the tables on the Duergar.

Be careful of the many traps along the way as you ascend the steps and down the first iron ladder on your left. Jump on the raised platform, then leap onto the raised walkway next to it. Take note of the longsword mold since you never know when you might need it.

When you reach the end of the route, turn left to find another platform and a few levers. To lift the platform, first pull up on the lever to the right. The simplest way to do this is to use a ranged attack to hit the lever, however Mage Hand can also be used to turn it on.

Jump on after the platform has been raised, then pull the lever to the left to move the platform. To find a long staircase leading to the Adamantine Forge, descend to the bottom level and continue straight ahead.

How to activate Adamantine Forge BG3?

You’ll need a mould and mithril ore to start the Adamantine Forge. Place mithril ore in the crucible and insert a mould into the mould chamber. The Forge Lever is the next step, but before you use it, make sure you’re ready for a challenging fight because you’ll have to defeat a level 8 construct with 300 life.

How to find Mithril Ore?

Fortunately, there is a nearby deposit of mithril ore. There is a passage that branches off to the left halfway down the staircase leading to the Adamantine Forge. Along the wall is a sizable mithril ore vein, but you’ll also run into a few Magma Mephits. You can use a pickaxe or force damage to mine the mithril vein.

How to beat GRYM at Adamantine Forge BG3?

Although fighting Grym is difficult, there is a simple strategy to help you beat them. Ungroup your party first, then place a character in each corner of the forge. You’ll need a character at the lava valve, but you don’t necessarily need one by the forge lever because you can always use a ranged assault to turn it on.

Your objective is to drag Grym to the forge’s center, roughly on top of the middle platform. You should hit Grym with a character that is on the other side of the center platform since Grym attacks the last character that hits them. Grym doesn’t need to be immediately underneath the piston because the piston’s smack has an illusionarily vast effect area. When Grym is close to the middle platform, pull the lever on the forge to cause the piston to fall over them, doing a ton of damage.

You’ll need to maintain the lava flowing via the lava valve the entire time. Grym will be immune to all forms of damage if they haven’t stepped into the lava in a few turns. After a few rounds, after the lava has vanished, interact with the lava valve to cover the adamantine forge. In order to quickly beat Grym and obtain your adamantine weapon, repeat this procedure several times.

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