How to use Charged Attack in Pokemon Go

How to use Charged Attack in Pokemon Go

How to use Charged Attack in Pokemon Go – Pokemon GO is hosting a special event that runs through August 15 at 8 PM local time in honor of the 2023 Pokemon World Championships. Niantic’s mobile game will feature Passimian for the first time, Pikachu will spawn with a unique World Championships t-shirt, and Shiny Scraggy makes its debut—but that only scratches the surface.

Trainers can complete timed research activities, like most other events in Pokemon GO, to gain access to exclusive rewards. However, one of the weekend’s tasks is causing some gamers to struggle. Trainers must “Use 5 Charged Attacks” in order to complete the third research job. Although this may appear like a straightforward mission, it turns out that Niantic has overlooked a crucial detail that would aid players in carrying out the deed correctly.

How to use Charged Attack in Pokemon Go?

A Charged Attack in Pokemon Go is the one or two secondary Moves a Pokemon has learnt for combat, also known as a Charged Move. For Sylveon, Charm and Dazzling Gleam are the optimal Moveset. When you press the screen while fighting, the Fast Attack is Charm. On the other hand, Dazzling Gleam is the Charged Attack that Sylveon can only use when he has enough Energy.

You must keep tapping the screen while a Trainer Battle is in progress to activate Dazzling Gleam or any other Charged Attack in Pokemon Go. Over time, your basic Fast Attack will accumulate Energy; some Fast Attacks generate more Energy than others. You can hit the Charged Attack button on your Pokemon once the Charged Move icon at the bottom of your screen has lit up.

The second stage includes using your finger to tap or move in specific patterns on the screen. For instance, a Wind Move requires you to flow your finger in a blustery motion whereas a Fighting Move requires you to touch various areas on the screen quickly. Even if your opponent blocks your Move with their Shield, making a Charged Attack will advance your associated chores. Let’s quickly summarize for clarity:

  • To use Fast Attack, tap the screen to gain Energy.
  • When the icon for your Charged Attack starts to glow, tap it.
  • To perform a “Excellent” Charged Attack in Pokemon Go, follow the instructions.

Educating a Pokemon to Use a New Charged Attack

In Pokemon GO, there are two ways to modify a Pokemon’s charged attack:

  • The first method is to use a Charged TM on a Pokemon from the Item menu. The Pokemon will learn a new random charged attack as a result.
  • The second method is to click on a Pokemon profile and then select “New Attack.” A new move can be learned by spending Candy and Stardust.

How to Use a Pokemon Go Super Effective Charged Attack?

Using a “Supereffective” or Super Effective Charged Attack on a foe is another technique you may have heard of. An enemy vulnerable to the elemental type of the Move is used to execute such a Move by executing a Charged Move on them. Let’s say Zekrom receives the Fairy-type Dazzling Gleam from your Sylveon. Zekrom is a pocket monster of the Dragon type, hence the Fairy Charged Attack will be Super Effective and deal more damage.

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