How to use Ventra Card on phone

How to use Ventra Card on phone

How to use Ventra Card on phone – The Ventra Card on iPhone and Apple Watch ticket payment option was launched today by the CTA and Pace, providing a handy contactless way to use the Ventra card system.

How to use Ventra Card on phone?

By tapping their iPhone or Apple Watch at the Ventra reader, users of the iPhone and Apple Watch may now add a Ventra card to their devices and ride CTA trains, buses, and Pace buses. This new functionality was created in partnership with Apple. They are no longer concerned about removing or misplacing their Ventra plastic card. Additionally, they don’t need to touch a Ventra machine or a card reader, which is advantageous in the COVID-19 period.

At the Lake Red Line stop yesterday, that would have been really helpful. I was holding several other goods as I pulled my Ventra card out of my wallet to pay for my ride; fortunately, only the money was spilt into the ground. When I finished gathering everything, the turnstile had once more locked, so I had to ask the customer service representative to open it for me.

“More and more people in Chicago and the Chicagoland area will be able to take advantage of and use our renowned public transit system with ease,” said Mayor Lori Lightfoot in a statement. “Ventra’s expansion to iPhone and Apple Watch users.” “This project, in partnership with Apple, demonstrates the limitless potential of public-private sector collaboration and is also consistent with our ongoing efforts to contain the COVID-19 outbreak through the use of contactless payment options.”

The new Ventra app (with a blue icon), which was published in September, allows access to the Ventra Card on iPhone and Apple Watch. Customers can add transit money or passes to their cards, set up autoload, use pre-tax employer transit benefits, manage their Ventra accounts, and do other things just like they can with a conventional Ventra card.

Customers don’t need to call customer support, go to a machine, or order a card online because they can convert their plastic, full-fare Ventra Card for usage on Apple devices or generate a new card through the Ventra app (without incurring a $5 card cost). However, you convert your plastic card for usage on the gadget since you can no longer use the actual card. That’s a slight downside because you’ll need to pay in another way if your phone battery dies.

The “Express Transit” feature in Apple Wallet, which is compatible with the Ventra Card on iPhone and Apple Watch, enables users to pay for trips without having to wake up their device, unlock it, or launch an app. (If “Express Transit” is not configured, Apple Pay must still be enabled, the phone must be unlocked, and a credit or debit card must be selected.) Customers can enter the turnstile or bus by simply holding their iPhone or Apple Watch close to the Ventra reader.

The Ventra Card for iPhone and Apple Watch may currently only be used on CTA and Pace bus services; Metra and Pace Paratransit are not supported. It is currently not possible to add RTA, student reduced fare cards like U-Pass cards, and free ride Ventra Cards to Apple Wallet. Customers must have the Ventra app downloaded on an iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone SE, or later running the most recent version of iOS, or an Apple Watch Series 1 or later running the most recent version of watchOS, in order to add a Ventra transit card to Apple Wallet.

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