Rising Star: huhi’s Journey, Confidence, and the Golden Guardians’ Quest for Worlds 2023

Rising Star: huhi’s Journey, Confidence, and the Golden Guardians’ Quest for Worlds 2023

Rising Star: huhi’s Journey, Confidence, and the Golden Guardians’ Quest for Worlds 2023 – The world of competitive League of Legends is witnessing a remarkable resurgence, and at the heart of this revival is none other than the Golden Guardians. A team that was once considered a middle-of-the-pack contender in the LCS has undergone a transformation, thanks in large part to their support player, Choi ‘huhi’ Jae-hyun. With Worlds 2023 on the horizon, huhi and his team are on a quest to defy the odds, secure their spot on the international stage, and leave their mark in the annals of esports history. This article delves into huhi’s incredible journey, his rise to prominence, the bittersweet departure from 100 Thieves, and his unwavering confidence in taking down Team BDS to clinch a spot at Worlds.

A Year to Remember for Golden Guardians

Before 2023, the Golden Guardians were far from being a household name in the world of competitive League of Legends. They lacked international experience, often languishing in the middle of the pack. However, 2023 marked a turning point for this organization. The Guardians gained valuable experience at MSI, solidifying their status as contenders. It’s a transformation few teams can boast after a history of middling performances and the label of a “development roster.”

huhi’s Remarkable Career Resurgence

Huhi’s journey in competitive League of Legends has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. From achieving NA’s deepest international run at MSI 2016 as CLG’s mid laner to facing relegation with 100 Thieves’ academy team, his career has been marked by highs and lows. However, it was his roleswap to support that breathed new life into his career. Over the past few years, huhi has established himself as one of the region’s best supports. In 2023, his prowess was universally recognized, culminating in a significant victory: winning the support all-pro vote by a substantial margin. This accolade, a first for him, brought unexpected elation and renewed motivation.

Leaving 100 Thieves Behind

Rising Star: huhi's Journey, Confidence, and the Golden Guardians' Quest for Worlds 2023

Leaving 100 Thieves was a significant turning point for huhi. The organization, with its influential brand and history of success, was close to the top of the LCS while he played for them. However, huhi’s departure didn’t bode well for his former team, as they missed Worlds by a wide margin. The situation left huhi with mixed feelings. He expressed a bittersweet sentiment, acknowledging his role in helping 100 Thieves reach Worlds while feeling saddened by their absence. Despite being away from the organization throughout 2023, huhi maintains connections with some of his old teammates and friends, who continue to support him as he embarks on his journey with the Golden Guardians.

The Confident Approach to Team BDS

In a surprising turn of events, huhi, known for his soft-spoken nature and respect for opponents, expressed unwavering confidence in his team’s ability to take down Team BDS. While acknowledging the unique challenges posed by BDS, particularly in the early game, huhi believes that Golden Guardians, led by their top laner Licorice and jungler River, will secure an easy victory. This confidence is not only rooted in the team’s performance but also echoed by the European community, with even EU teams predicting a Golden Guardians win. Huhi’s faith in his team’s capabilities shines through as they prepare for this crucial matchup.

G2: The European Powerhouse

Despite his confidence in Golden Guardians, huhi doesn’t underestimate the power of Europe’s best team, G2 Esports. He recognizes G2 as a formidable force with the potential to compete against Asian teams at Worlds. While he respects G2’s strength, he emphasizes that overall, North American teams are stronger than their European counterparts, with G2 standing as an exception. Huhi’s insights point toward a growing rivalry between regions and an exciting showdown if Golden Guardians can secure their spot at Worlds.

The Road Ahead for Golden Guardians

As Golden Guardians prepare to face Team BDS in a high-stakes showdown, the world watches with anticipation. Their journey to Worlds 2023 has been a story of resilience and transformation. With huhi at the helm, they aim to secure their spot on the international stage and continue their remarkable ascent. The stage is set, and the Guardians are ready to rise.

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Who is huhi, and why is he significant for Golden Guardians?

huhi, whose real name is Choi ‘huhi’ Jae-hyun, is the support player for Golden Guardians in the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS). He is significant for the team due to his remarkable career resurgence and his pivotal role in Golden Guardians’ transformation from a middle-tier team to a contender in 2023.

What is the significance of the support all-pro vote win for huhi?

The support all-pro vote win holds significant meaning for huhi as it is the first time he has received this accolade in his career. This recognition signifies his outstanding performance and contributions to Golden Guardians during the 2023 season.

How has Golden Guardians evolved in 2023 compared to previous years?

In 2023, Golden Guardians experienced a remarkable transformation, gaining international experience at MSI and emerging as a strong contender in the LCS. This evolution contrasts with their history of middling performances and their reputation as a “development roster.”

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