Is Alison Victoria in a relationship, Partner, Husband, Dating Rumors

Is Alison Victoria in a relationship, Partner, Husband, Dating Rumors

Is Alison Victoria in a relationship, Partner, Husband, Dating Rumors – Alison Victoria, the charismatic HGTV host, is currently steering her focus towards her career, keeping her romantic life relatively private. A glance at her Instagram reveals a professional-oriented feed, with little indication of a romantic partner. Despite her current discretion, Victoria has experienced both marriage and committed relationships in the past. Let’s take a closer look at her journey, from a romantic Parisian proposal to professional partnerships and challenges.

Is Alison Victoria in a relationship, Partner, Husband, Dating Rumors

Alison Victoria Journey with Luke Harding

Alison Victoria’s romantic journey took a significant turn when she met Luke Harding on in 2011. Their love story reached a memorable peak with a romantic proposal near the Eiffel Tower in Paris, creating an enchanting moment at The Drake Hotel’s French Room. The couple exchanged vows in November 2013, surrounded by close friends and family, including Victoria’s late father. The wedding marked an emotional milestone, given her father’s presence at the age of 82.

While the specifics of their relationship timeline remain elusive, there are indications of a subsequent separation. People reported a connection between Victoria and a new partner, suggesting a shift from her marriage to Harding.

Alison Victoria Professional Partnerships and Challenges

Before her marriage to Harding, Victoria collaborated with Donovan Eckhardt, a developer and general contractor, during her debut on HGTV’s Kitchen Crashers. Their successful partnership extended beyond the screen, as they ventured into flipping luxury homes in Victoria’s hometown of Chicago. This collaboration led to the creation of their joint show, Windy City Rehab.

However, their professional journey faced challenges after the first season, involving financial difficulties, a lawsuit, and documented fallout in the show’s second season. Victoria had to make the tough decision to sever ties with Eckhardt, likening their professional separation to a significant breakup. In an interview, she expressed that ending their partnership felt more intense than some personal divorces experienced by her friends.

Is Alison Victoria in a relationship, Partner, Husband, Dating Rumors

Navigating Professional Turmoil

The separation from Eckhardt didn’t involve romantic implications, but it undeniably felt like a substantial breakup for Victoria. In an interview with People, she emphasized the intensity of their split, comparing it to the challenging personal divorces of her friends. The professional challenges tested her resilience and determination to move forward.

In the aftermath of her split with Eckhardt, reports surfaced about Victoria’s relationship with Michael Marks. In an interview, she credited Marks and her family for playing a crucial role in maintaining her positivity during a tumultuous period. Victoria’s focus shifted toward what she could control rather than dwelling on negativity, highlighting her determination to persevere.

Alison Positive Mindset Amidst Challenges

Victoria, in her interview with People, spoke about her commitment to staying positive despite the difficulties. She acknowledged the support of her boyfriend, Marks, and her family, emphasizing the importance of focusing on progress and refusing to succumb to negativity. Her journey post-separation with Eckhardt became a testament to her resilience and ability to overcome challenges.

Is Alison Victoria in a relationship, Partner, Husband, Dating Rumors

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Alison Victoria’s life has been a rollercoaster of romantic highs and professional challenges. From a romantic proposal in Paris to navigating the complexities of professional partnerships, she has faced it all. Currently, she appears to be channeling her energy into her career, maintaining a level of privacy regarding her romantic life. As she continues to evolve both personally and professionally, Alison Victoria remains a resilient figure in the spotlight, showcasing the strength to overcome adversity and the ability to find joy in the midst of challenges.

Who is Alison Victoria’s Current Partner?

Alison Victoria is not currently in a publicized relationship. Her romantic life seems to be private at the moment, and there is no information available about a current partner.

Does Alison Victoria Have a Family?

As of now, Alison Victoria doesn’t have children. There were some rumors circulating about her having a daughter with an undisclosed name, which confused many. However, Alison clarified on Instagram that the mentioned child is actually her niece. She made it clear, saying, “I’m not a mother.”

What Happened Between Alison Victoria and Her Business Partner?

In 2020, Alison Victoria decided to part ways with her business partner and co-star Donovan Eckhardt. This move came after allegations of Eckhardt mishandling company finances. The separation marked a new chapter for Alison, and she expressed it as a fresh start after going through challenges and tough times. The decision to cut ties with her business partner was a significant step for Alison as she aimed to move forward from the difficulties they faced together.

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