Is Barry Manilow married Wikipedia, Relationship, Partner

Is Barry Manilow married Wikipedia, Relationship, Partner

Is Barry Manilow married Wikipedia, Relationship, Partner – Barry Manilow, the iconic singer, surprised the world in April 2014 when he married his longtime love, Garry Kief. Their love story, kept largely private, unfolded over decades, with Manilow only publicly coming out as gay in 2017. This article delves into the heartwarming journey of their relationship, the unexpected wedding, and the acceptance they found among fans.

Is Barry Manilow married Wikipedia, Relationship, Partner

Meeting and Falling in Love (1978)

Barry and Garry’s love story began in 1978 when they were introduced to each other. Manilow confessed that he instantly felt a connection with Kief, saying, “I knew that this was it.” Their relationship blossomed naturally without the pressures of fame, as Kief didn’t initially know about Manilow’s musical stardom.

Quietly Tying the Knot (April 2014)

In a surprise move, Manilow and Kief quietly married at their Palm Springs home in April 2014. The news broke a year later, leaving fans astonished. The couple opted for an intimate celebration, inviting a small group who believed they were attending a casual lunch. Reflecting on the emotional ceremony, Manilow later shared, “It was deeper than we thought it was going to be.”

Manager and Life Partner

Garry Kief not only holds the title of Barry Manilow’s husband but also serves as his longtime manager. This professional relationship began shortly after they met in 1978. According to Manilow, Kief is “the smartest person I’ve ever met in my life — and a great guy, too.” Their friend Suzanne Somers emphasized the success of their professional collaboration, highlighting the comfort and trust between them.

Celebrity Clients and Professional Success

Kief’s role as President and CEO of Stiletto Entertainment extends beyond managing Manilow. He has worked with other high-profile clients, including jazz singer Matt Dusk and actress Lorna Luft. Additionally, Kief serves as the trustee of the Judy Garland Heirs Trust, showcasing his diverse professional portfolio.

Fan Acceptance and Support (2017)

Manilow’s decision to come out publicly as gay in 2017 was met with overwhelming support from fans. Initially hesitant due to fears of disappointment, he found that the reaction was “beautiful.” Fans celebrated his relationship with Kief, demonstrating a profound connection that touched Manilow deeply. He expressed gratitude for the positive response, stating, “These people, these strangers — they care for me.”

Is Barry Manilow married Wikipedia, Relationship, Partner

Home in Palm Springs

The couple chose Palm Springs, California, as their home and wedding location. Manilow explained that the city provided a peaceful contrast to the noise associated with his musical career. Their 53-acre property served as the backdrop for their wedding and a sanctuary away from the demands of fame.

Family Life

Garry Kief’s daughter, Kirsten, became part of their lives when she was just a year old. Manilow proudly shared that they’ve been together for nearly 40 years and successfully raised Kirsten. In a recent update in 2023, Manilow revealed the joy of becoming grandparents as Kirsten welcomed her first child through adoption.

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Barry Manilow and Garry Kief’s love story is a testament to enduring love, privacy, and the eventual triumph of acceptance. From a quiet meeting in 1978 to a surprise wedding in 2014, their journey reflects the beauty of love that transcends societal expectations. As Manilow continues to sing and Kief manages behind the scenes, their story inspires others to embrace their true selves and celebrate the love that knows no boundaries.

Does Barry Manilow have children?

Yes, Barry Manilow is a proud father. He has a daughter named Kirsten from his marriage to Garry Kief. Kirsten is an important part of their family, and Barry often expresses joy in being a father and, more recently, a grandfather.

Who is Barry Manilow?

Barry Manilow is an incredible talent in the entertainment industry. He’s an American singer-songwriter, arranger, musician, producer, and actor. With a career spanning over 50 years, he’s a veteran in Hollywood, known for his remarkable contributions to music and the arts.

Does Barry Manilow have a husband?

Yes, Barry Manilow has been happily married to his husband, Garry Kief. They tied the knot in a private ceremony, and the news of their marriage became public a year later. Their enduring relationship has lasted for 45 years, and they continue to share their lives together.

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