Is Bobby Brazier in a Relationship

Is Bobby Brazier in a Relationship

Is Bobby Brazier in a Relationship -: Bobby Brazier, the 20-year-old rising star, has been making waves in the entertainment world with his diverse talents in acting and modeling. But what’s been catching the public’s attention lately is his romantic life. Is Bobby Brazier currently in a relationship? Let’s dive into the details.

Is Bobby Brazier in a Relationship
Is Bobby Brazier in a Relationship

Bobby Brazier

Before we get to his relationship status, let’s take a look at Bobby’s journey. Born on June 2, 2003, in Westminster, London, Bobby is the son of two notable figures in the British entertainment industry. His father, Jeff Brazier, is a television presenter, and his late mother, Jade Goody, was a well-known television personality famous for her time on Big Brother.

Bobby Brazier

Bobby’s heritage is a mix of English and Jamaican backgrounds. His dad, Jeff, is of English descent, while his mom, Jade, has a heritage that blended Jamaican and English roots. Sadly, Bobby lost his mother when she passed away in 2009 after a battle with cervical cancer. The media frenzy around her passing made it a challenging time for Bobby, who made the tough decision not to attend her funeral. Despite these challenges, he’s been forging his path in the entertainment world, carrying the legacy of his famous parents.

Bobby shares a close bond with his younger brother, Freddie. They were raised together in Harlow, Essex, and had a unique upbringing. Their mother, Jade Goody, starred in a reality series on Sky Living from 2004 until her passing in 2009. This meant that Bobby and Freddie occasionally appeared on their mom’s reality show. However, after her passing, their family made a conscious effort to keep them out of the public eye, providing them with a more private and protected upbringing.

Bobby Brazier Career

Bobby’s journey in the entertainment world began when he was scouted as a model at the age of 16 by Cesar Perin. This chance encounter led to him signing with the modeling agency Unsigned Group, kickstarting his modeling career. Despite his success on the runway, Bobby also maintained a practical approach by working at a milkshake cafĂ© and pursuing an apprenticeship after completing his schooling.

Bobby Brazier Career

In January 2020, Bobby made a significant stride in his modeling career when he debuted on the runway at Milan Fashion Week, walking for the renowned fashion brand Dolce & Gabbana. This achievement opened doors to other prestigious fashion events, including London Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. He became a sought-after face for numerous magazines and worked with globally recognized brands like Tommy Hilfiger.

Transitioning smoothly from the fashion world to acting, Bobby made his screen debut in September 2022 by joining the cast of the popular BBC One soap opera, EastEnders, where he portrayed the character of Freddie Slater. He added another feather to his cap in August 2023 when he was announced as a contestant on the 21st series of Strictly Come Dancing. With his diverse talents in modeling, acting, and now dancing, Bobby Brazier is undoubtedly a rising star in the entertainment industry.

Is Bobby Brazier in a Relationship?

Now, let’s get to the question that’s been on everyone’s minds: Is Bobby Brazier in a relationship? Recent rumors suggest that he’s been spotted with a new girlfriend, Mia Mon, at the Taste Of London event in Regents Park.

Is Bobby Brazier in a Relationship?

Witnesses at the event noted that Bobby appeared completely smitten with Mia, an influencer. The couple seemed deeply in love, laughing, joking, and enjoying each other’s company. Both of them looked adorable together, radiating happiness and comfort. They willingly posed for photos, marking a significant step in their relationship.

Bobby’s previous relationship with model Liberty Love ended in July of the previous year, just a few months after they went public with their relationship in May 2022. They unfollowed each other on social media and removed all traces of their relationship, indicating their separation. Now, with Mia Mon by his side, Bobby seems to be embracing a new chapter in his love life.

In an interview with The Sun in September 2023, Bobby mentioned that he is single and looking for a beautiful relationship. He added that he’s not looking for anything serious at the moment but is open to meeting someone special.

Bobby Brazier Personal Details

Apart from his romantic life, here are some personal details about Bobby Brazier:

Height: Bobby stands impressively tall at 6 feet and 1.5 inches (approximately 187 centimeters), well above the average height for men. His tall frame adds to his charisma and appeal, both in the entertainment world and in his personal life.

Age: As of 2023, Bobby Brazier is 20 years old. Despite his young age, he’s already achieved significant success in modeling and acting, showcasing his talent and determination.

Achievements: Bobby has garnered recognition and acclaim in the entertainment industry. He received the Rising Star title at the 28th National Television Awards and earned nominations in two categories at the 2023 Inside Soap Awards for his role in EastEnders.

Net Worth: Bobby’s income primarily comes from his modeling and acting career. His net worth is estimated to be between $500,000 to $3 million.


In conclusion, Bobby Brazier is not only a talented rising star but also a young man navigating the ups and downs of life and love in the spotlight. While his career continues to soar, his fans eagerly follow his romantic journey, cheering him on as he embraces new beginnings. Whether in the world of fashion, acting, or romance, Bobby’s future looks exceptionally promising, filled with boundless opportunities for success and acclaim.


Does Bobby Brazier have a girlfriend?

Yes, Bobby Brazier has been seen with a new girlfriend, Mia Mon, at a public event in Regents Park.

What age is Bobby Brazier?

As of 2023, Bobby Brazier is 20 years old.

Did Jade Goody have kids?

Yes, Jade Goody had two children, Bobby and Freddie Brazier, with her former partner Jeff Brazier.

Who is older, Bobby or Freddie Brazier?

Bobby Brazier is older than his brother Freddie.

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