Is Brandi Passante in a relationship? Boyfriend, Husband, Measurement, Married, Kids

Is Brandi Passante in a relationship? Boyfriend, Husband, Measurement, Married, Kids

Is Brandi Passante in a relationship? Boyfriend, Husband, Measurement, Married, Kids – Brandi Passante has been an integral component of “Storage Wars” from the beginning. What you need to know about Brandi’s current love life is as follows.

While some fans think the popular show Storage Wars is all manufactured and contrived, others are of the opinion that it is completely real. Whatever your opinion of this reality TV program may be, one thing is for certain: the cast of the show is incredibly entertaining to follow. One of the key stars of Storage Wars who has been around since 2010 is Brandi Passante.

She doesn’t waste any time when it comes to placing bids on storage facilities and making money from potentially valuable collectable things. Watching Brandy and the rest of the actors act like they are treasure seekers in an effort to make more money for themselves and their family is entertaining.

Is Brandi Passante in a relationship or not?

Brandi appears to be dating someone new, at least based on her Instagram. Brandi’s new partner, Clifford Beaver, wished her a happy birthday in a post from May 2023 that included a loop of photographs and the message, “I love you so much & happy we found each other.” As anticipated, Brandi’s supporters welcomed her transition. One supporter said, “Glad you scored on a good locker,” and another added, “Awww mom and dad.”

What happened between Jarrod and Brandi?

Brandi and Jarrod appear to have split up in 2018 in secret without telling anyone. They have two children together, Payton and Cameron, and although their relationship ended, they continued to act as if it were still going on for a while.

Although Brandi and Jarrod were never wed, they were each other’s go-to media figures and long-term business associates. Even after their breakup, they remained in the same social group thanks to the brand they created together on Storage Wars.

Jarrod’s connection with Rochel Beckham was made public on Facebook in January 2020. That action of his seemed to prove that their relationship was finished for good. Brandi has opened out on the challenges of raising her teenagers while through such a horrible period in her life.

TMZ claims that at one time, things between Brandi and Jarrod actually turned physical. After meeting her at a nearby tavern, he allegedly assaulted her. There was a contentious discussion. He was charged with assaulting her twice and arguing verbally with her and her companions that evening. Before the police came, Jarrod left the area and later denied ever touching her. He was still facing a single misdemeanour domestic violence battery count from the Orange County District Attorney’s office. We are happy to see Brandi doing well.

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