Is Danny Devito married to Rhea Perlman

Is Danny Devito married to Rhea Perlman

Is Danny Devito married to Rhea Perlman – Rhea Perlman, the 75-year-old actress, recently shared insights into her enduring relationship with ex-husband Danny DeVito, 78. Despite their separation in 2017, the couple remains deeply connected, emphasizing the importance of family. This article explores the journey of their relationship, the challenges they faced, and the unique bond that transcends conventional definitions of marriage.

Is Danny Devito married to Rhea Perlman

Early Days of Love

Perlman and DeVito’s love story began in 1971, blossoming into marriage in January 1982. Over the years, they welcomed three children—Lucy, Grace, and Jacob—cementing their family unit.

The Ebb and Flow of Separation

In October 2012, the couple publicly announced their separation after three decades of marriage and over 40 years together. However, in a surprising turn of events, they reconciled in March 2013, only to separate again in March 2017. These shifts marked a significant chapter in their relationship.

Perlman Perspective

In a candid conversation on Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Wiser Than Me podcast, Perlman acknowledged the difficulty of navigating the “big shift” in her dynamic with DeVito. While she chose not to delve into specific reasons for their separation, she emphasized the time it took to build a “pretty decent understanding and relationship” post-breakup.

Is Danny Devito married to Rhea Perlman

Love for Work

Perlman shed light on the divergent career interests that contributed to the challenges they faced. DeVito’s passion for work, as expressed by Perlman, contrasts with her own approach to balancing career and personal life. Despite these differences, Perlman asserted that she never considered giving up her relationship for the sake of her career.

Remaining Friends and Keeping it Happy

DeVito, speaking to PEOPLE in 2019, affirmed the enduring friendship they share. He described their post-split relationship as close and happy, emphasizing their shared contentment. The actor expressed their mutual happiness and how they continued to support each other.

On-Screen Chemistry

The couple’s professional collaboration is as noteworthy as their personal journey. From the classic TV show Taxi to the 1996 family film Matilda, where they portrayed a married couple, Perlman and DeVito have seamlessly transitioned between on-screen and off-screen dynamics.

A Peek into Their Relationship

Perlman’s interview with Louis-Dreyfus provided a rare glimpse into her feelings about living alone. While acknowledging the benefits, she confessed to feeling a bit lonely. Louis-Dreyfus, in a light-hearted moment, suggested setting Perlman up with someone new, to which Perlman humorously responded with specific criteria: “someone really wonderful, rich and famous, gorgeous, and a lot younger than me.”

Is Danny Devito married to Rhea Perlman

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Rhea Perlman and Danny DeVito’s journey speaks to the complexities of love, separation, and friendship. Their ability to navigate challenges, prioritize family, and maintain a close connection even after divorce is a testament to the depth of their bond. While the specifics of their relationship remain private, the public acknowledgment of their enduring friendship offers a refreshing perspective on relationships that transcend societal norms. Through ups and downs, Perlman and DeVito showcase the resilience of a connection that goes beyond the confines of a traditional marriage, leaving us with a tale of enduring love and friendship.

Are Danny and Rhea still married?

Yes, they are still married. Rhea Perlman confirmed this in an episode of Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ podcast, which aired on May 31, 2023. Despite their separation in 2012, they maintain a strong friendship and prioritize their family.

Who is Rhea Perlman’s husband?

Rhea Perlman’s husband is Danny DeVito.

Why did Danny and Rhea separate?

The separation happened in 2012. According to sources, Danny DeVito’s flirtatious behavior with other women became a point of contention. After years of tolerating it, Rhea decided she had had enough of his “bad-boy behavior” and chose to bring their marriage to an end.

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