Is Elizabeth Banks married

Is Elizabeth Banks married

Is Elizabeth Banks married – Elizabeth Banks and Max Handelman share a remarkable love story that has spanned over two decades. The actress-filmmaker and her college sweetheart, Max, met in 1993 while attending the University of Pennsylvania. This article explores the key aspects of their relationship, from their college days to their successful collaboration in both personal and professional realms.

Is Elizabeth Banks married

The College Sweethearts Meet

Max Handelman, a native of Portland, Oregon, and Elizabeth Banks first crossed paths in 1993 during their time at the University of Pennsylvania. Banks fondly recalls their initial encounter, where Max, sporting a vest with no shirt, caught her attention with his charismatic charm. Despite Banks dating someone else at the time, she couldn’t resist the connection that blossomed between her and Max.

The First Date and “The Greatest Date”

Their first date, set in a jazz club, left a lasting impression on Banks, who describes it as “the greatest date” of her life. Max’s thoughtful and romantic gestures set the foundation for what would become a lifelong partnership. This initial spark laid the groundwork for a relationship that would withstand the test of time.

Building a Life Together

After completing his degree in political communications at UPenn, Max worked as an investment banker on Wall Street. In the late ’90s, he moved back to New York with Banks, who was pursuing her acting career. The couple’s decision to build their lives together reflected a commitment to combining their personal and professional goals.

Family and Parenthood

The couple expanded their family by welcoming their first son, Felix, through surrogacy in 2011. A year later, their second son, Magnus Mitchell, joined the family. Juggling parenting and a busy Hollywood career, Banks and Handelman found a way to balance their roles as both partners and parents.

Is Elizabeth Banks married

Brownstone Productions: A Joint Venture

In 2002, Banks and Handelman founded the production company Brownstone Productions. This venture allowed them to collaborate professionally, working on projects such as the successful Pitch Perfect film franchise, the Hulu series Shrill, and movies like Cocaine Bear and Bottoms. Their ability to merge their professional and personal lives has been a testament to their strong partnership.

Max Handelman Writer

Beyond his contributions to the entertainment industry, Max Handelman is also a writer. In 2006, he co-wrote a book titled “Why Fantasy Football Matters: (And Our Lives Do Not)” with Erik Barmack. This venture into writing eventually led to his involvement in producing the first installment of the Pitch Perfect movie series.

Shared Passion for Sports

Max’s love for sports, particularly fantasy football, played a significant role in both his personal and professional life. He helped develop the fantasy football sector at Fox Sports and engaged in an annual fantasy league with Elizabeth Banks. Their shared enthusiasm for sports, especially Max’s diehard support for the Portland Trail Blazers, added another layer to their dynamic relationship.

Complementary Personalities

The success of Banks and Handelman’s partnership can be attributed to their complementary personalities. While Banks describes herself as “fiery” and “emotional,” she recognizes Max as “diplomatic and business-minded.” Their yin-and-yang dynamic extends from their personal lives into their collaborative efforts, allowing them to navigate challenges and celebrate successes together.

Is Elizabeth Banks married

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Elizabeth Banks and Max Handelman’s journey from college sweethearts to accomplished collaborators in Hollywood is a heartwarming tale of love, commitment, and shared aspirations. Their ability to grow together, both personally and professionally, serves as an inspiration for couples navigating the complexities of modern relationships. As they continue to build their legacy in the entertainment industry, their story remains a testament to the enduring power of love and partnership.

Is Elizabeth Banks still married?

Yes, Elizabeth Banks is still happily married. She and her husband, Max Handelman, have been together since 1993 when they met as students at the University of Pennsylvania. They tied the knot in July 2003, and their love story continues to thrive.

Can Elizabeth Banks have children?

Absolutely! Elizabeth Banks is not just a talented actress and filmmaker; she’s also a dedicated mom. In an interview, she shared that she and her husband, Max Handelman, are proud parents of two boys, Felix (11 years old) and Magnus (10 years old). The couple’s family grew through surrogacy, and Banks joyfully embraces her role as a hard-working mom while managing her successful career.

Is Press Your Luck host married?

Yes, Elizabeth Banks, the host of Press Your Luck, is happily married to Max Handelman. Max is not only her life partner but also a sportswriter and producer hailing from Portland, Oregon. They first met on September 7, 1992, during Banks’ first day of college. After getting married in 2003, they became parents to two sons, both born via surrogacy. Banks even embraced parts of her husband’s faith, Judaism, and studied with rabbis as part of their shared journey.

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