Is Ella Toone in a Relationship, Partner, Married

Is Ella Toone in a Relationship, Partner, Married

Is Ella Toone in a Relationship, Partner, Married -: Ella Toone, the talented English professional footballer, has been captivating fans with her skills on the field. But what many people want to know is, what’s happening in her personal life? Is she in a relationship, who is her partner, and is she married? Let’s dive into the world of Ella Toone’s romantic journey.

Is Ella Toone in a Relationship, Partner, Married
Is Ella Toone in a Relationship, Partner, Married

Ella Toone: A Football Star on the Rise

Before we get into her personal life, let’s get to know Ella Toone a bit better. She’s not just any footballer; she’s an attacking midfielder who has made a name for herself playing for Manchester United in the Women’s Super League and representing the England national team. Her journey began at Blackburn Rovers, where her talents first shone, and she later played for Manchester City before finding her true home at Manchester United in 2018. She’s scored an impressive 34 goals in 99 appearances, making her a rising star in the world of football. But it was her standout performance in the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 that truly made her shine, scoring a crucial goal that secured England’s victory over Germany in the final.

Ella Toone: A Football Star on the Rise

The Curious Case of Ella Toone’s Love Life

Now, let’s get to the juicy part—Ella Toone’s love life. Many fans have been curious about her dating status. So, who is Ella Toone dating? Well, it turns out that she’s in a relationship with Joe Bunney, another footballer. Joe is known for his defensive skills with Stalybridge Celtic, a team in the Northern Premier League Division One West.

Their love story didn’t begin on the football pitch but rather through mutual acquaintances. It’s a tale of two people from different footballing worlds coming together. Despite their team rivalries, Ella and Joe have shown an incredible ability to support each other’s careers and share their love for the beautiful game.

Meet Joe Bunney: Ella Toone Boyfriend

Ella Toone’s boyfriend, Joe Bunney, is not just any footballer. He hails from Manchester, England, born on September 26, 1993. Interestingly, Joe started his football journey as an attacker before making a smooth transition to a vital defensive position. But what makes him even more endearing is his unwavering support for Ella. He’s often referred to as her “biggest cheerleader,” highlighting the depth of his support for her endeavors.

Their relationship is firmly grounded in their shared passion for football, and it’s a love story that has managed to thrive despite the fierce rivalry between Manchester United and Manchester City. Joe Bunney’s role as her biggest supporter has been instrumental in their relationship’s strength, and it’s clear that they both celebrate each other’s successes.

Meet Joe Bunney: Ella Toone Boyfriend

Ella Toone Partner: Joe Bunney

Joe Bunney, despite being a non-league footballer, has earned his own spotlight not just for his association with Ella Toone but also for his notable achievements. His role in Stalybridge Celtic has been pivotal, and his unwavering endorsement of Ella’s endeavors has been a cornerstone of their strong and nurturing alliance.

Their shared experiences and insights within the football world have contributed to the solid foundation of their relationship. Their common perspective on the sport has not only strengthened their bond but also helped them navigate various challenges and celebrate shared accomplishments.

A Love That Defies Team Rivalries

The relationship between Ella Toone and Joe Bunney is truly captivating because it defies the boundaries of team rivalries. In a world where allegiances to Manchester United and Manchester City could create divides, they’ve shown that love can bridge those gaps. Their romantic journey began with introductions made by mutual friends, and it has unfolded against the backdrop of shared goals and aspirations.

Through every phase of their relationship, their bond has grown stronger, buoyed by Joe Bunney’s unwavering support for Ella Toone’s endeavors, both on and off the field. This enduring alliance is a testament to the resilience of their love, founded on a shared passion and a united purpose that has allowed them to flourish amidst challenges and savor triumphs together.


In conclusion, while Ella Toone is making waves in the world of football, she’s also found love in the arms of Joe Bunney. Their relationship is a heartwarming example of how love can conquer even the fiercest team rivalries, and they continue to support and inspire each other on their respective journeys. So, whether they are in a relationship, partners, or married, one thing is clear—Ella Toone and Joe Bunney have a love that’s worth celebrating.


Are Alessia Russo and Ella Toone in a relationship?

Alessia Russo and Ella Toone have been friends since school and call themselves the Lionesses’ party animals… and now the ‘best mates’ can make history in the World Cup final.

Where does Ella Toone live now?

Tyldesley-born Toone is enjoying life in Queensland.

How old was Ella Toone?

Ella Toone Age 24 years old (2 September 1999).

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