Is Jack Griffo in a relationship, Partner

Is Jack Griffo in a relationship, Partner

Is Jack Griffo in a relationship, Partner – In late 2016, Jack Griffo, the Nickelodeon alum and Alexa & Katie star, found himself in a new chapter of life. He began dating his long-time friend, Paris Berelc. The journey from friendship to romance took its time. Jack recalls, “Paris and I were friends years before we started dating.” Despite their chemistry, the timing wasn’t always right as they were both involved with other people. However, as fate would have it, in late 2016, both found themselves single, leading Jack to make a move. He asked Paris out to lunch, and by the end of the year, they were in an exclusive relationship.

Is Jack Griffo in a relationship, Partner

Jack Griffo Head Over Heels

Throughout their time together, Jack couldn’t help but express his admiration for Paris in various interviews. In June 2017, he gushed, “Paris is so cool, we love hanging out together. I’ve never been this excited about a relationship; it’s a lot of fun.” Their compatibility extended beyond personal life into their professional careers. Jack made an appearance on Paris’ show, Alexa & Katie, where he played Dylan, her on-screen love interest. The couple found joy in the shared experience of working in the same industry.

Jack Griffo Changes in the Relationship

Despite the apparent happiness, the exact timeline of their breakup remains unclear. Eagle-eyed fans, however, noticed a significant development on Paris’s Instagram in October 2020 – a picture sharing a kiss with her new boyfriend, Rhys Athayde. While Paris didn’t directly address the breakup at the time, she later responded to fans’ inquiries in January 2021, stating, “We broke up … I moved on … end of the story … that’s all y’all need to know.”

Jack Griffo Journey Post-Breakup

Jack Griffo, too, moved forward in his love life. He introduced his new girlfriend, Sylvia van Hoeven, to the world in August 2021, through Instagram posts featuring their trip to Rome. Since then, the couple has been expressive about their relationship on social media, sharing sweet tributes and moments of affection. Despite the public nature of their relationship initially, as of now, it’s uncertain where Jack and Sylvia stand, as their pictures together have been removed from Instagram.

Is Jack Griffo in a relationship, Partner

Jack Griffo Dating History

Paris Berelc: Late 2016 to 2020

Jack’s relationship with Paris Berelc spanned from late 2016 until 2020. Their journey from friends to lovers was documented through social media and interviews, showcasing a joyful and supportive connection. However, as indicated by Paris’s Instagram post in October 2020, the relationship came to an end.

Mia Beyer: A Blink-and-Miss Phase

Following his breakup with Paris, Jack shared social media posts with Mia Beyer. Although the details of their relationship were not openly discussed, all the pictures with Mia have been deleted from Jack’s Instagram, leaving fans curious about what transpired between them.

Sylvia Van Hoeven: A New Chapter Begins

Jack’s current relationship with Sylvia van Hoeven became public in August 2021. Their shared trip to Rome and subsequent social media posts painted a picture of happiness. However, the recent removal of their pictures from Instagram has left fans wondering about the status of their relationship.

Is Jack Griffo in a relationship, Partner

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Jack Griffo’s journey in love has seen its share of highs and lows. From the initial excitement of dating a longtime friend to navigating through public breakups, Jack has experienced the complexities of relationships in the public eye. As of now, the details of his current relationship status remain a bit of a mystery, inviting fans to wonder about the next chapter in Jack Griffo’s love life. Regardless, one thing is certain – the actor is moving forward, embracing new experiences and relationships along the way.

Are Jack Griffo and Paris still together?

No, Jack Griffo and Paris are no longer together. Even though it’s not clear exactly when they broke up, Paris confirmed the split on her Instagram Stories in January 2021. They had dated on and off for about three years before quietly going their separate ways around the end of summer in 2020.

Did Jack Griffo and Ryan date?

No, Jack Griffo and Ryan Newman did not date. In fact, they went their separate ways. The actress, Ryan Newman, confirmed their split in August. They had been together for three years, both in real life and as an on-screen couple on the show “The Thundermans.”

Is Jack Griffo married to Paris?

No, Jack Griffo is not married to Paris. Although they dated on and off for about three years, they quietly ended their relationship around the end of summer in 2020. Since then, both Jack and Paris have moved on. Paris made her new relationship with Rhys Athayde Instagram official in October.

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