Is Omid Djalili Married, Wife, Who is

Is Omid Djalili Married, Wife, Who is

Is Omid Djalili Married, Wife, Who is -: Let’s look at Omid Djalili’s marriage to Annabel Knight and his undying support for the Chelsea Football Club.

Is Omid Djalili Married, Wife, Who is
Is Omid Djalili Married, Wife, Who is

Is Omid Djalili Married?

Omid Djalili is indeed married. In 1992, he married the actress Annabel Knight. They have three kids together. In addition to his humorous skills, Omid Djalili is well-known for his dedication to his Bahá’ faith as a practicing member of that community.

He is an avid admirer of Chelsea Football Club and has made numerous appearances on Chelsea TV, the club’s official channel, in addition to his successful career in entertainment. His marriage to Annabel Knight has played a crucial role in his personal life over the years, displaying his steadfast dedication to both their union and his views.

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Who is Omid Djalili’s spouse?

Actress Annabel Knight and Omid Djalili wed in 1992, and they currently have one child together. Three children total have been a blessing for them. In addition to his marital life, Omid started a diverse profession when he started performing stand-up comedy in the 1990s. Notably, he also excelled at acting and presenting television shows.

With the premiere of his sketch show, The Omid Djalili Show, which appeared on television screens more than ten years later, Omid’s comedic abilities quickly attracted a wider audience. Omid is best known for his comedic roles, but he has also made a name for himself in the world of film. He has been in well-known films including “Mamma Mia Here We Go Again,” “Shaun the Sheep Movie,” and “Over the Hedge,” displaying his range of abilities. Omid Djalili continues to enthrall audiences all around the world with his dynamic presence in both the comedy and cinematic worlds.

Who is Omid Djalili?

On September 30, 1965, in Chelsea, London, an Iranian-British actor, comedian, and writer was born. His family is a Bahá’ from Iran. Djalili persevered despite difficulties in his early education, such as numerous A-level test failures and rejections from acting schools, and eventually studied English and theatrical studies at Ulster University in Coleraine, Northern Ireland.

In 1995, at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Djalili’s comic career really took off. He won widespread acclaim for his act, “Short, Fat Kebab Shop Owner’s Son.” With subsequent collaborations, like “The Arab and the Jew” with Jewish comedian Ivor Dembina, his talent grew. His comedic influence grew over time in a number of nations, including Australia, Ireland, and the US, where he even had his own HBO Special. In addition to stand-up, Djalili demonstrated his adaptability in the fields of acting and television hosting.

Djalili’s career is dotted with noteworthy achievements, such as setting box office records at the Edinburgh Festival, appearing in his own sketch show called “The Omid Djalili Show,” and making appearances as a guest presenter on well-known programs like “Have I Got News for You.” He has acted in a number of different productions, including “Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again!” and “Shaun the Sheep Movie,” as well as in television shows like “His Dark Materials.” His marriage to Annabel Knight, with whom he has been associated since 1992, and their three children, have supported Djalili’s dramatic path.

Is Omid Djalili Married, Wife, Who is
Is Omid Djalili Married, Wife, Who is

When Was Omid Djalili Born?

Omid Djalili, who is currently 57 years old, was born on September 30, 1965, in Chelsea, London, England. He is a citizen of Great Britain. Djalili was born into a Bahá household in Iran, which has shaped his life’s path and values.

He has established a prosperous career in the entertainment business throughout the years by exhibiting his abilities as an actor, comedian, and writer. Omid Djalili has had a lengthy career and is still able to enthrall audiences with his distinct sense of humor and his range of performances.

Omid Djalili Wife

Annabel Knight, a well-known actress, is Omid Djalili’s wife. After three decades of marriage, the couple had three children: Isabella, Louis, and Daniel. Annabel has a successful business career in addition to her acting profession, running a number of enterprises. The well-known comedian and Chelsea football club supporter Omid Djalili may frequently be seen on Chelsea TV, the team’s own channel.

Annabel Knight is a financially successful person with an estimated net worth of more than $5 million, therefore her impact goes beyond her acting endeavors. Their collective successes are a result of both their successful professional endeavors as well as her husband’s comic and acting careers. The union of Annabel Knight and Omid Djalili represents a collaboration between their personal and professional lives that will have a lasting effect on their families and careers.

Omid Djalili Social Media Platform

Instagram (IG)Omid Djalili (@omiddjalili)
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Facebook (FB)Omid Djalili (@omid9)

Omid Djalili Children

Having been married for thirty years, Omid Djalili and his wife, actress Annabel Knight, have three kids together: Isabella, Louis, and Daniel. Louis and Daniel are their sons, and Isabella is their daughter. Notably, Omid Djalili is well known for his love of Chelsea Football Club, also known as the Blues.

Is Omid Djalili Married, Wife, Who is
Is Omid Djalili Married, Wife, Who is

Louis Djalili, one of their kids, has dabbled in the arts as a writer, director, and producer. His work includes narrative projects, music videos, and sponsored content. His portfolio is available on his website, “,” which demonstrates his dedication to telling stories.

Three talented and unique people who are each making their mark in their different industries are part of the family that Omid Djalili and Annabel Knight have created via their long-lasting marriage.

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What is Omid Djalili known for?

Omid Djalili is a popular Iranian-British comedian, actor, writer, and television presenter. He’s widely recognized in the UK for his successful stand-up performances that audiences love.

What is Omid Djalili’s religion?

Omid Jalali was an early follower of the Bábí movement, which preceded the Bahá’í faith. She embraced the teachings of her newfound faith and made a significant declaration of a departure from her past beliefs.

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