Is Red White and Royal Blue a true story

Is Red White and Royal Blue a true story

Is Red White and Royal Blue a true story – Having already played a prince twice (! ), Nicholas Galitzine’s portrayal of Prince Henry in Red, White & Royal Blue on Prime Video is his most recent foray into the regal world. Following Henry, the prince of England, and Alex, the first son of the United States, as they play nice for the press following a public argument at a royal wedding, the movie, which is based on Casey McQuiston’s romantic novel of the same name. Obviously, the enemies-to-lovers cliché from familiar and beloved rom-coms applies to the LGBT love tale as well.

Is Red White and Royal Blue a true story or not?

In an interview with People, the Greek-British actor who created the beloved Prince Henry character discussed whether the fictional prince was modeled after actual British aristocracy.

“I think Prince Harry and Prince William have been so prominent in the media, especially in the last five years. People might draw comparisons between Harry and Prince Henry since they are both “very uptight, duty-bound royals,” Nicholas said, adding that Prince Henry is his “own entity” because he didn’t do “too much research into one royal in particular.”

But I must admit that, in some ways, Henry reminds me more of William. Duty comes first for a significant portion of the narrative,” he said. “He can’t put his love, who he really is, before this responsibility that has been bestowed upon him since childhood.”

The royal family has “always been part of [their] pop culture landscape,” according to Casey McQuiston, who claimed in 2019 that they are more “of a casual fan” of them. However, the author normally bases their characters on other elements.

According to Casey, who spoke to the Los Angeles Public Library, “most of my characters are pulled from a mixture of my brain, people I know, people from history, and tropes I love.”

“I recall seeing pictures of Prince William on my sister’s high school bedroom door, and I most definitely got up early to watch both royal weddings,” they continued. Princess Diana and Duchess Meghan would have to be my two favorite royals.

There you have it, then. Prince Harry and Prince William are not explicitly mentioned in Prince Henry, but it’s possible that the brothers were on Casey McQuiston’s mind while she wrote her successful book.

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