Is Texas Chainsaw Massacre Based On a True Story Reddit

Is Texas Chainsaw Massacre Based On a True Story Reddit

Is Texas Chainsaw Massacre Based On a True Story Reddit -: Although Ed Gein’s murders served as the inspiration for Leatherface and a few other plot points, the story itself is totally imaginary. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre series began with this movie.

Is Texas Chainsaw Massacre Based On a True Story Reddit
Is Texas Chainsaw Massacre Based On a True Story Reddit

Is The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Based On a True Story?

The good news is that fans won’t need to worry about running away from Leatherface anytime soon because the story is fortunately not based on actual occurrences.

However, the inspiration for the first movie and the appearance of Leatherface came from a few real-life incidents, most notably the serial killer Ed Gein, who is thought to be responsible for a string of murders in Wisconsin in the middle of the 1950s.

Gein and Leatherface have a lot in common, including the fact that they both wore human skin masks and maintained gory mementos in their homes. Gein shot his victims using a handgun rather than a chainsaw.

Two other well-known movie villains, Norman Bates from Psycho and Buffalo Bill from The Silence of the Lambs, were also modeled after Gein. He is mentioned in the film American Psycho.

Kim Henkel, who co-wrote the first movie and is a producer on the second, recently admitted that he “definitely studied Gein” despite claiming that Elmer Wayne Henley, another murderer, served as his inspiration.

Elmer Wayne allegedly stated, “I did these crimes, and I’m going to stand up and take it like a man,” in a news article from 2004. It amazed me that he still adhered to conventional morals at the time. He wanted it known that he would act morally moving forward after being exposed. So I made an effort to give the characters this sort of moral crazy.

On the other hand, the inclusion of the chainsaw initially emerged during Hooper’s 1972 Christmas shopping excursion.

He outlined the incident in an interview with Texas Monthly from 2004 by saying: “There were these huge Christmas crowds, I was frustrated, and I found myself near a display rack of chainsaws.” I simply made an effort to focus on it. I focused intently on the saws and immediately understood how quickly I could cut through the crowd.

“The entire freaking story came to me in what felt like 30 seconds after I arrived at my house and sat down. The zeitgeist had just gone when all the networks just turned in. A few of the anecdotes that were cited were the hitchhiker, the older brother at the petrol station, the woman who managed to flee twice, the dinner scenario, and the rural residents without fuel.

Is it worth watching?

The most recent maker of a horror film is David Blue Garcia. He began his work on the Fede Alvarez movie. Don’t Breathe and Evil Dead from 2016 were both directed by Alvarez.

Watching the most recent sequel is advised. In this comparison, we contrast the two types of fears.
Garcia aimed to produce something Tom Hooper would be happy with. After seeing the original movie, he created a number of situations and based them on it.

“Fede taught me to use more blood than you think you need and to be creative with the kills.”David Blue Garcia advised, “If you didn’t get it, reset, even if it takes an hour, then film it again, since that’s what people have come to watch.

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