Is TJ Watt Married, Relationship, Dating

Is TJ Watt Married, Relationship, Dating

Is TJ Watt Married, Relationship, Dating -: TJ Watt, the renowned American football player, has captured the hearts of sports enthusiasts not only for his exceptional skills on the field but also for his charming presence off it. One topic that has sparked curiosity among fans and followers is TJ Watt’s romantic life. Is he married? Who is he dating? In this article, we’ll delve into TJ Watt’s relationship status and dating history in a friendly and easy-to-understand manner.

Is TJ Watt Married, Relationship, Dating
Is TJ Watt Married, Relationship, Dating

College Sweethearts: TJ Watt and Dani Rhodes

TJ Watt’s romantic journey took a significant turn during his college years at the University of Wisconsin. It was there that he crossed paths with Dani Rhodes, a talented soccer player. Their love story began in 2016 when they met on the campus grounds.

Dani Rhodes, born on April 8, 1998, in Waukesha, Wisconsin, shared not only a college but also a passion for sports with TJ. She was an accomplished soccer player and had a remarkable college soccer career. During her freshman year, Dani was named to the All-Big Ten Freshman Team in 2016. Her excellence in soccer earned her the title of Big Ten Forward of the Year during her senior year.

TJ and Dani’s relationship blossomed over the years as they supported each other’s athletic endeavors and shared precious moments as college sweethearts. Their love story demonstrates the beauty of finding a life partner who shares your interests and values.

Is TJ Watt Married, Relationship, Dating

The Engagement Announcement

After several years of dating and building a strong connection, TJ Watt and Dani Rhodes decided to take their relationship to the next level. On July 9, 2021, they made a heartwarming announcement on Instagram – they were engaged!

In his post, TJ expressed his joy and gratitude, calling himself “the luckiest man in the world.” Dani shared her excitement as well, expressing her happiness and the anticipation of spending her life with her best friend.

The Wedding of TJ Watt and Dani Rhodes

The Wedding of TJ Watt and Dani Rhodes

The couple’s engagement was met with enthusiasm and warm wishes from their fans and followers. But the biggest celebration was yet to come. In July 2022, TJ Watt and Dani Rhodes officially tied the knot. The wedding took place in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, surrounded by their families and close friends. It was a joyous occasion, with teammates from the Pittsburgh Steelers and Dani’s soccer team in attendance to celebrate their love.

Dani Rhodes Family

Dani Rhodes was born to Deann and Dan Rhodes in Waukesha, Wisconsin. She grew up alongside her two siblings, Drew Rhodes and Dylan Rhodes. Her older brother, Drew, holds a special place in her heart as both a best friend and a brother. As for her younger brother, Dylan, Dani is proud of his kindness and warmth.

In an Instagram post, Dani expressed her admiration for Dylan, writing, “You have the biggest heart out of anyone I know, and I’m so proud of who you are.” This close-knit family bond adds a heartwarming dimension to Dani’s life beyond her relationship with TJ Watt.

Dani Rhodes Career

Dani Rhodes is a talented soccer player who has made a name for herself in the world of women’s soccer. After her successful college soccer career at the University of Wisconsin, she made her professional debut playing for the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) team, the Chicago Red Stars. Although her professional career was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, she continued to pursue her passion for soccer.

In July 2021, Dani took her talents overseas, signing with Þróttur Reykjavík, a top-tier soccer club in Iceland. Her dedication to the sport and her journey as a professional athlete has earned her a dedicated following on social media, with over 45,000 followers on Instagram.

The Wedding of TJ Watt and Dani Rhodes


In the world of sports, TJ Watt and Dani Rhodes have carved out remarkable careers. Beyond their athletic achievements, their love story serves as a heartwarming example of finding love where you least expect it. From college sweethearts to an engagement celebrated on social media, and finally, a beautiful wedding in Mexico, TJ Watt and Dani Rhodes continue to capture the hearts of fans with their genuine and affectionate relationship.

As of now, TJ Watt is happily married to Dani Rhodes, and their journey together is a testament to the power of love and shared dreams. So, for those who have been wondering, TJ Watt is indeed married, and his love story with Dani Rhodes is a beautiful tale of love and dedication that continues to inspire their fans worldwide.


Is T.J. Watt in a relationship?

Yes, T.J. Watt is in a relationship. He is married to Dani Rhodes.

What does Dani Rhodes do?

Dani Rhodes is a professional soccer player. She currently plays for Thróttur Reykjavík, a soccer club in Iceland.

How much does Dani Rhodes make?

Dani Rhodes’s salary is estimated to be around $5 million.

What nationality is TJ Watt?

T.J. Watt is American, and his nationality is American.

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