Jane Seymour and Joe Lando relationship

Jane Seymour and Joe Lando relationship

Jane Seymour and Joe Lando relationship – In her most recent film, the holiday film A Christmas Spark, Jane Seymour’s co-star Joe Lando is quoted as saying, “When I first read it, I just didn’t think of him being in it.”

‘Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman’ Stars Joe Lando And Jane Seymour Reunite For Another Ride In ‘A Christmas Spark’

On the hugely successful series Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, the couple previously starred opposite one another for six seasons. He portrayed the long-haired mountain man Sully and she played the prim and proper, frontier doctor Michaela. Their characters got to know one another, fell in love, got married, and began families throughout the course of the series.

When Seymour’s former co-star finally thought about joining the project, she reportedly wondered, “Oh, I wonder whether he’d be interested in what I’m going to do? Oh, Jane, you’re going to have so much fun on this one, he exclaimed after reading it. I feel like I just read one of the best Lifetime movies ever.

The two found it easy to collaborate once more, according to Seymour. She laughs and says, “We’ve done the homework, you know, over and over and over and over again,” referring to their Dr. Quinn days.

The recently widowed Molly (Seymour), who had given up on ever finding love again, is directing a Christmas pageant when she begins to fall for Hank (Lando), the most eligible bachelor in the town.

Although Lando was on board to have another on-screen relationship with Seymour, the initial script contained several scenes that would have made him feel uncomfortable. A certain quantity of singing and dancing was present. I was quite concerned, but I said “okay” and tried it because Jane would be there.

Lando acknowledges that the writing team did make a few changes to “take care of those little problems,” but he wants viewers to know that “you actually do get to hear me sing.”

Lando admits that he is aware of the fervent fans of Christmas movies, but claims that this didn’t bother him at all because “[this is] different from other Christmas read scripts I read because it has a lot more humor to it, and I knew that [the producers] were going to let [Jane and I] kind of just be ourselves.”

Lando explains that there is another intangible component between the two that sets this movie apart: “Chemistry is something you can’t manufacture. It simply occurs, as it has with Jane and me.

Seymour claims that there was a spark—pun intended—between the two on Dr. Quinn’s very first day that has persisted for decades. We remain essentially inseparable nearly 32 years later.

Additionally, Seymour concurs with Lando that they have chemistry, saying, “There’s just a chemistry. We have that, and we hope to always have it, but we’re also the best of friends, and I believe that gives us a certain freedom because I know I can throw something out there and he’ll catch it.

She says that while working with the Christmas Spark director to make sure she got what she needed, she and Lando would occasionally ask for a “freebie,” with Seymour and Lando being “completely silly and just [throwing the scene] it upside down and backwards and see what happens,” as Seymour puts it.

Despite frequently being questioned about bringing Dr. Quinn back, Seymour responds that she’d prefer to see Molly and Hank back in action, explaining that she prefers to move ahead rather than dwell on the past.

However, she claims that if the new Dr. Quinn was “going to be as good, if not better, than the original,” she would do it. It has to be something really, really amazing, I mean.

Lando concurs and says, “I’d love to do it again. But we won’t compromise the standard or damage Dr. Quinn’s reputation. I don’t want to do anything less than what we did previously, which was the best writing, producing, and acting, because it was a fantastic show.

Lando points out that the fact that the series’ western town’s setting was destroyed in a fire a few years ago adds to the difficulty of recreating Dr. Quinn. The pair’s current goal is to introduce this fresh story to the audience.

Seymour believes that with this in mind, the lesson she wants viewers to take away from Molly and Hank’s journey is “that change is not something to be afraid of; that change can bring something magical to your life when you least expect it, and that it’s never too late to begin again.”

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