Jelena Ostapenko Baby, Wikipedia, Age, Husband, Height, Coach, Ranking, Diabetes, Weight Gain, Net Worth

Jelena Ostapenko Baby, Wikipedia, Age, Husband, Height, Coach, Ranking, Diabetes, Weight Gain, Net Worth

Jelena Ostapenko Baby, Wikipedia, Age, Husband, Height, Coach, Ranking, Diabetes, Weight Gain, Net Worth -: Jelena Ostapenko has captured the hearts of tennis enthusiasts worldwide with her remarkable journey in the world of professional tennis. In this article, we’ll delve into various aspects of her life, from her career achievements to personal details.

Jelena Ostapenko Baby, Wikipedia, Age, Husband, Height, Coach, Ranking, Diabetes, Weight Gain, Net Worth
Jelena Ostapenko Baby, Wikipedia, Age, Husband, Height, Coach, Ranking, Diabetes, Weight Gain, Net Worth

Jelena Ostapenko Bio

Full NameJelena Ostapenko
Date of BirthJune 8, 1997
Age26 years old
Place of BirthRiga, Latvia
Height177 cm (5 feet 10 inches)
Weight68 kg (150 lbs)
Parents– Jelena Jakovleva (Mother)
– Jevgenijs Ostapenko (Father)
Siblings– Maksim (Half-brother, resides in the USA)
Relationship StatusIn a relationship with Arturs Karasausks
Career Ranking (2022)16th in the world
Net WorthEstimated between $4-$5 million
Health ChallengeBattles diabetes
Notable Achievements2017 French Open Champion – – 2022 Dubai Duty-Free Tennis Champion

Jelena Ostapenko Early Life and Tennis Beginnings

Born on June 8, 1997, in the vibrant city of Riga, Latvia, Jelena Ostapenko displayed her passion for tennis from a young age. Her journey in the sport began when she was just a child, showing an innate talent that would later propel her to international stardom.

Jelena Ostapenko Bio

Jelena Ostapenko Career Highlights

Throughout her career, Jelena has been recognized for her revolutionary style of play. Her most significant achievement was winning the French Open as an unseeded player, a feat not achieved in the Open Era before her. Jelena’s aggressive baseline game, coupled with her fearless approach, continues to challenge her opponents and keep spectators on the edge of their seats.

Jelena Ostapenko Personal Details

At 26 years old, Jelena Ostapenko exudes youthful enthusiasm both on and off the court. Standing at 177 cm (5 feet 10 inches) and weighing 68 kg (150 lbs), her physical attributes complement her powerful playing style. Her balanced physique enables her to dominate the court with a commanding presence while maintaining the endurance required for prolonged matches.

Jelena Ostapenko Family and Support

Jelena Ostapenko’s family plays a crucial role in her journey. She is the daughter of tennis player Jelena Jakovleva and retired football player Jevgenijs Ostapenko. Her mother, Jelena Jakovleva, served as her first tennis instructor, nurturing her early passion for the game. Jelena’s close-knit family has been a source of support throughout her career.

Jelena Ostapenko Family and Support

The Rise to Tennis Stardom

Jelena’s breakthrough moment came in 2017 at the French Open, where she achieved her first Grand Slam title. This victory marked her as the first Latvian player to secure a Grand Slam singles title. Her fearless and aggressive playing style, coupled with powerful forehand strokes, allowed her to conquer formidable opponents on the clay courts of Roland Garros.

Jelena Ostapenko National Pride

Jelena proudly carries the banner of Latvia on the global tennis stage. Her birthplace, Riga, and her Latvian nationality are central to her identity as a professional tennis player. Her success has not only inspired her fellow Latvians but has also elevated Latvia’s profile in the tennis world.

Jelena Ostapenko Relationship Status

Jelena is known to be in a relationship with football player Arturs Karasausks, who shares the same birthday as her, born on January 29, 1992, in Riga, Latvia. There have been rumors regarding her pregnancy due to her recent weight gain, but as of now, she has not confirmed or denied these speculations.

Jelena Ostapenko Relationship Status

Jelena Ostapenko Coaching and Ranking

As of August 2022, Jelena Ostapenko is ranked 16th in the world with 2316 points, closely following Beatriz Haddad Maia, who is in 15th place. Jelena’s career has been marked by her dedication to pushing her limits and defying conventions. Her coaching team plays a vital role in helping her refine her skills and maintain her competitive edge.

Jelena Ostapenko Net Worth

Jelena Ostapenko’s estimated net worth falls between $4 and $5 million. Her career prize earnings, totaling about US $11,549,883, reflect her outstanding performances on the court. She has won numerous titles, including the 2017 French Open and the 2022 Dubai Duty-Free Tennis Championship, which added to her wealth.

Jelena Ostapenko Battle with Diabetes

Apart from her tennis achievements, Jelena Ostapenko has been an inspiration to many for her resilience in battling diabetes. She has demonstrated that dedication, determination, and the right support system can help individuals overcome health challenges and achieve their dreams.

Jelena Ostapenko Relationship Status

Jelena Ostapenko Possible Pregnancy

Recent speculations about Jelena Ostapenko’s pregnancy have piqued the interest of her fans and the media. Some have associated her recent weight gain with the possibility of pregnancy, but as of now, Jelena has not confirmed or denied these rumors. It’s important to respect her privacy in this matter and await any official announcements.

Jelena Ostapenko Social Media Accounts

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Jelena Ostapenko’s journey from a young, promising talent to a Grand Slam champion has been marked by unwavering determination and an audacious playing style. Her impact on the world of tennis and her ability to inspire others, both on and off the court, make her a true sporting icon. As she continues to evolve as a player and a person, her fans eagerly anticipate her future achievements.


Is Ostapenko a mom?

No, Jelena Ostapenko is not a mom. She is currently 26 years old and has not announced any pregnancy or plans to have children. Her mother, Jeļena Jakovļeva, is her coach and former tennis player.

Is Ostapenko in a relationship?

Jelena Ostapenko was in a relationship with Arturs Karasausks, a professional football player from Riga, Latvia. They made their relationship official in 2017. However, in June 2023, Ostapenko posted a photo on Instagram with a mystery man, captioning it “Sweet home.” The man’s identity has not been revealed, but it is rumored to be her new boyfriend.

How old is Jelena Ostapenko?

Jelena Ostapenko was born on June 8, 1997. As of September 4, 2023, she is 26 years old.

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