Jesus Ortiz Paz Wikipedia, Wiki, Height, Age, Birthday, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Siblings, Daughter, Age, Height

Jesus Ortiz Paz Wikipedia, Wiki, Height, Age, Birthday, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Siblings, Daughter, Age, Height

Jesus Ortiz Paz Wikipedia, Wiki, Height, Age, Birthday, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Siblings, Daughter, Age, Height -: Jesus Ortiz Paz, the talented Mexican-American singer, rapper, and songwriter, has taken the music industry by storm. Born on May 13, 1997, in Sinaloa, Mexico, he is a force to be reckoned with in the world of regional Mexican music. In this article, we’ll dive deep into his life, career, personal details, and everything else you’d want to know about him.

Jesus Ortiz Paz Wikipedia, Wiki, Height, Age, Birthday, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Siblings, Daughter, Age, Height
Jesus Ortiz Paz Wikipedia, Wiki, Height, Age, Birthday, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Siblings, Daughter, Age, Height

Jesus Ortiz Paz Bio

Full NameJesus Ortiz Paz
Date of BirthMay 13, 1997
Place of BirthSinaloa, Mexico
Current ResidenceCalifornia, United States
ProfessionSinger, rapper
GirlfriendJailyne Ojeda Ochoa
DaughterMia Ortiz Ochoa
Height5 Feet 7 inch
Weight73 kg
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark brown
Net Worth$5 million (as of 2023)

Jesus Ortiz Paz Early Life and Education

Jesus Ortiz Paz, often simply known as Jesus Ortiz, was born into a family deeply rooted in music. As the eldest of three children, he developed a passion for singing and rapping at a very young age. His journey from the streets of Sinaloa to the global music stage is truly inspiring.

During his teenage years, Jesus and his family made the move to San Bernardino, California. There, he attended local schools and pursued his education. In 2012, he graduated from Barbizon Modeling and Acting School, showcasing his dedication not only to music but also to personal growth. Later, he continued his educational journey by enrolling at Phoenix College for higher studies.

Jesus Ortiz Paz Bio

Jesus Ortiz Paz The Musical Breakthrough

Jesus Ortiz Paz’s music career began to take shape in January 2017 when he started uploading songs to his YouTube channel. His unique blend of regional Mexican music, hip-hop, and urban sierreño quickly captured the attention of music enthusiasts. But it wasn’t until he teamed up with his friends Jose Garcia, Samuel Jaimez, and Khrystian Ramos that the magic truly began.

Together, they formed the band Fuerza Regida, a name that translates to “Regulated Force” in Spanish. They started performing cover songs at local underground gigs, often referred to as flyer parties. This grassroots approach helped them build a dedicated fan base.

In 2018, Fuerza Regida released their debut album, “En Vivo Puros Corridos,” which proved to be a game-changer. Songs like “Soy Montero,” “En Modesto Sela Pasa,” and “Chingas Atu Madre” resonated with audiences and catapulted the band to fame. Their talent didn’t go unnoticed by music executives, and they soon signed with the renowned label Rancho Humilde.

Since then, Fuerza Regida has continued to release hit albums and EPs, including “Del Barrio Hasta Aquí” (2019), “Adicto” (2020), “Otro Pedo, Otro Mundo” (2020), “Del Barrio Hasta Aquí, Vol. 2” (2021), “Pa Que Hablen” (2022), and “Sigan Hablando” (2022).

Jesus Ortiz Paz Bio

Jesus Ortiz Paz Musical Success and Collaborations

Some of their most popular songs include “Billete Grande,” “No Le Aflojo,” “Los Mire Con Talento,” “Señor Miedo,” “Ya Se Fue Manuel,” “Gente Del Flaco,” “Mi Porvenir,” “Ahora Piden Paros,” “Malos Pasos,” “Navidad Sin Ti,” “Lo Vieron Pasar En El Radio,” “Un Cochinero,” and “La Envidia Se Dio Cuenta.” Their music speaks to a diverse audience, transcending borders and musical genres.

In addition to his work with Fuerza Regida, Jesus Ortiz Paz has ventured into a successful solo career. Tracks like “Disculpe Usted” and “El Manuelito” showcase his distinctive voice and versatile style. He’s not confined to one genre, and his willingness to experiment with different musical influences sets him apart.

Jesus Ortiz Paz Personal Life

Beyond the spotlight, Jesus Ortiz Paz is a loving father to his daughter, Mia Ortiz Ochoa, from a previous relationship. His Instagram account often features heartwarming moments with his beloved daughter, highlighting his commitment to family and fatherhood.

Jesus Ortiz Paz Rumors and Controversy

It’s not uncommon for public figures like Jesus Ortiz Paz to be the subject of rumors and controversies. In 2020, false reports circulated regarding his death in a car accident. Thankfully, Jesus took to his social media accounts to dispel these rumors, sharing a picture from a concert to reassure his fans.

In 2019, he faced a significant incident when he was arrested by the police after a house party. This unfortunate event left him with bruises and injuries on his face. Jesus accused the police of using excessive force against him, but he managed to recover and continue his musical journey.

Jesus Ortiz Paz Love and Relationships

Jesus Ortiz Paz Love and Relationships

Currently, Jesus Ortiz Paz is in a loving relationship with Jailyne Ojeda Ochoa, an American social media personality and model with a massive Instagram following of over 14 million fans. Their relationship, which began in 2022, is a testament to the power of love and shared interests.

The couple often shares glimpses of their life together on social media, giving fans a peek into their adventures and cherished moments. Jesus Ortiz Paz’s dedication to his girlfriend and daughter is evident in the life they share in their luxurious California home.

Jesus Ortiz Paz Family and Net Worth

Jesus Ortiz Paz Family and Net Worth

Jesus Ortiz Paz is the son of Felipe Ortiz Paz and Lucia Ortiz Paz, both originally from Sinaloa, Mexico. While he hasn’t revealed much about his parents, he occasionally posts pictures of them on his Instagram account. As for his siblings, there’s limited information available, suggesting he may be the only child.

In terms of financial success, Jesus Ortiz Paz has amassed an estimated net worth of $5 million as of 2023. This impressive fortune reflects his hard work and dedication to his music career. He earns from album sales, concert tickets, merchandise, endorsements, sponsorships, YouTube revenue, and other sources.

Jesus Ortiz Paz Social Media Accounts

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Jesus Ortiz Paz’s journey from a young music enthusiast in Sinaloa to a renowned artist in the global music scene is a testament to his talent, dedication, and resilience. His music transcends borders, appealing to a diverse audience, and his collaborations with other artists continue to make waves in the industry.

Beyond the stage and the studio, Jesus Ortiz Paz’s commitment to family and fatherhood shines brightly. His loving relationship with his daughter, Mia Ortiz Ochoa, and his blossoming romance with Jailyne Ojeda Ochoa offer a glimpse into the man behind the music.

With a net worth of $5 million and a career on the rise, Jesus Ortiz Paz is undoubtedly a rising star to watch. His ability to connect with fans through his music and his genuine personality make him a beloved figure in the world of music. As he continues to evolve as an artist, we can only anticipate more great things from this talented musician.


Where was Jesus Ortiz Paz raised?

Jesus Ortiz Paz was raised in San Bernardino, California, after moving there from Sinaloa, Mexico during his teenage years.

What genre is Fuerza Regida?

Fuerza Regida’s music genre is a fusion of regional Mexican music, hip-hop, and urban sierreño.

What group is Jesus Ortiz Paz in?

Jesus Ortiz Paz is a member of the music group Fuerza Regida.

What part of Mexico is Jop from Fuerza Regida from?

Jop from Fuerza Regida is from Sinaloa, Mexico.

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