Joan Hannington Wikipedia, Wiki, Now, Daughter, Story, Age, Son, Film, Thief

Joan Hannington Wikipedia, Wiki, Now, Daughter, Story, Age, Son, Film, Thief

Joan Hannington Wikipedia, Wiki, Now, Daughter, Story, Age, Son, Film, Thief -: If you’ve been keeping an eye on the world of television, you might have heard about “Joan,” a new TV show starring Sophie Turner. But did you know that this thrilling drama is based on the true story of a woman named Joan Hannington? Let’s dive into Joan’s intriguing journey, from her life of crime to her remarkable transformation.

Joan Hannington Wikipedia, Wiki, Now, Daughter, Story, Age, Son, Film, Thief
Joan Hannington Wikipedia, Wiki, Now, Daughter, Story, Age, Son, Film, Thief

Who is Joan Hannington?

Who is Joan Hannington?

Joan Hannington, the inspiration behind the TV show, is no ordinary woman. Born into a big family, she faced a tough start in life, leaving school at just 13 without any qualifications. At 17, she married her first husband, Ray Pavey, who happened to be a convicted armed robber ten years her senior. The challenges only grew when Pavey ended up behind bars, leaving Joan with their daughter, Debbie.

Desperate and heartbroken, Joan sought help from social services, leading to Debbie being placed in foster care. It was a heartbreaking decision that would shape the course of Joan’s life.

Joan Hannington Entry into the World of Crime

Joan’s life took a dramatic turn when she began working in sales, landing a job at an upscale jewelry store in London’s West End. One fateful day, she was sent to the store’s safe, away from the watchful eyes of CCTV cameras, to collect loose diamonds. Instead of following orders, she pocketed diamonds worth a staggering £800,000 by swallowing them whole, later selling them through underground channels.

Shortly after leaving the jewelry store, she crossed paths with Boisie Hannington, an antique dealer with a knack for high-class theft. Overnight, Joan’s modest council flat was filled with priceless antiques, turning her life into a whirlwind of luxury. Boise became her partner in crime, introducing her to the world of auctions and teaching her the art of distinguishing genuine antiques from clever fakes.

While Joan honed her skills in cheque fraud, she always had a special fondness for diamonds. Her daring moves included swallowing stolen diamond rings right in front of jewelry store owners. Together, Boisie and Joan amassed staggering sums of money from their stolen gems, securely storing their ill-gotten wealth in private bank deed boxes.

Despite their newfound riches, none of Joan’s friends suspected her double life, and she and Boisie continued to live in a modest council house, surrounded by priceless treasures.

The Downfall

Joan’s life of crime eventually caught up with her. Although she lived lavishly, she couldn’t regain custody of her daughter, Debbie. At the age of 24, she was arrested for using a stolen checkbook, leading to a 30-month sentence in Holloway Women’s Prison.

After her release, Joan secured a job at a prestigious jewelry store without any background checks. She continued her audacious thefts, swallowing diamond rings while working and replacing valuable diamond bracelets with convincing fakes.

Tragedy struck when her husband, Boise, went missing after a dangerous job. Four days later, she discovered that he had died while attempting to set fire to a house for insurance money. Joan was left a 33-year-old widow determined to turn her life around. She sold Boisie’s antique shops and embarked on a fresh start, moving to Islington in North London.

Today, Joan Hannington is still alive, and her remarkable life story has inspired the creation of the TV show “Joan,” starring Sophie Turner. This gripping series brings to life Joan’s thrilling journey through the criminal underworld of 1980s London, her daring heists, and her unbreakable determination to reunite with her daughter.

Joan Hannington

The TV Show “Joan”

“Joan,” the TV show, is a testament to the extraordinary life of Joan Hannington. Sophie Turner, known for her role in “Game of Thrones,” takes on the lead role of Joan Hannington. The series, consisting of six episodes, delves deep into Joan’s transformation from a housewife and mother to one of London’s most notorious diamond thieves.

As Joan’s violent husband, Gary, goes on the run, she seizes the opportunity to create a new life for herself and her daughter, Debbie. The show features a star-studded cast, with Frank Dillane portraying Boisie, Joan’s husband and partner in crime, and Gershwyn Eustache Jnr, known for his roles in “I May Destroy You” and “Top Boy,” adding to the intrigue.

Sophie Turner, who plays Joan, expressed her excitement about bringing this fascinating true story to the screen. Joan’s life in the criminal underworld earned her the nickname “The Godmother,” and viewers can expect a thrilling portrayal of a mother torn between a daring career as a jewel thief and her desperate attempts to reunite with her daughter.


In summary, Joan Hannington’s life is a remarkable tale of crime, redemption, and the unbreakable bond between a mother and her daughter. The TV show “Joan” promises to captivate audiences with its gripping storyline and Sophie Turner’s compelling performance. As you tune in to watch this incredible story unfold, remember that truth can be stranger, and more compelling, than fiction. Joan Hannington’s life is proof of that.


Where is Joan being filmed?

The TV show “Joan” was filmed in various locations, but it primarily takes place in and around London, capturing the atmosphere of 1980s London’s criminal underworld.

Who was Joan engaged to?

Joan Hannington’s life partner in crime was Boisie Hannington, an antique dealer who also excelled in high-class theft. They worked together on numerous heists and amassed significant wealth through their criminal activities.

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