Jolee Callan Wiki, Wikipedia, Story, Case, Instagram, Dog, Obituary, Case, Story

Jolee Callan Wiki, Wikipedia, Story, Case, Instagram, Dog, Obituary, Case, Story

Jolee Callan Wiki, Wikipedia, Story, Case, Instagram, Dog, Obituary, Case, Story -: Loren Bunner shot and shoved his ex-girlfriend Jolee Callan, who was 18 years old, off a cliff after she agreed to go climbing with him “as friends.” He then nearly got away with it after claiming to be on the autism spectrum.

Jolee Callan Wiki, Wikipedia, Story, Case, Instagram, Dog, Obituary, Case, Story
Jolee Callan Wiki, Wikipedia, Story, Case, Instagram, Dog, Obituary, Case, Story

Loren Bunner posted images of Jolee Callan’s final moments on Instagram.

Born on December 29, 1996, Jolee Callan lived a typical, all-American childhood. She was a popular girl in high school and was just 4’10” tall. She was also praised for her skill at dyeing her hair pink and purple in a punk manner.

Loren Bunner posted images of Jolee Callan's final moments on Instagram.

Jolee Callan was taken with her puppy just a few hours before Loren Bunner shot her in the head.

Then she met 20-year-old Loren Daniel Bunner. According to many who knew the young couple, Bunner was possessive and wanted Callan to “spend time with him and his friends only.” Bunner was more and more envious.

Callan had previously tried to quit their connection with him, but each time she tried to leave, he would threaten to commit suicide. Callan was finally able to break things off with Bunner, but this decision would be disastrous.

A few months later, Jolee Callan was seeing someone else when Bunner got in touch with her to go hiking “as friends.” She agreed the evening before their meeting and wrote a joking email to a friend with the subject line, “If something happens to me, you’ll know who I was with.”

Loren Bunner posted images of Jolee Callan's final moments on Instagram.

According to Loren Bunner, Jolee Callan allegedly wanted to be killed but was unsure of the time. This claim was never shown to be true.

On August 30, 2015, the two took Callan’s dog Kiba to the Pinhoti Trail in the remote Alabama Cheaha State Park. Bunner chillingly posted daily activities to his Instagram feed. On their last excursion together, he showed Callan three photos, the last of which was taken just moments before he shot her twice with a.22 Bear Claw and showed her on a cliffside with her back to the camera.

Bunner fired the opening shot, which hit her in the back of the head. When Callan fell, Bunner flipped her over and shot her once more in the eyes. Then he pushed her over the 40-foot cliff’s edge.

Bunner Nearly Escapes With It

Bunner Nearly Escapes With It

This was Jolee Callan’s last image that was captured on film.

Bunner returned to his car and called the police to report his crime. I want to turn myself in for the murder of my ex-girlfriend Jolee Callan, which happened just a short while ago on Cheaha Mountain, he said calmly.

On the side of the road, he then awaited the police’s arrival.

The body of Jolee Callan was promptly found by the police. Bunner, who was drenched in her blood, was quickly found and charged with her murder; he pleaded not guilty.

In his testimony at the trial in November 2015, Bunner claimed that he and Callan had forged a murder-suicide pact, which, conveniently, he was unable to carry out since Callan had already been killed.

However, Jolee Callan’s family and friends made it clear that the victim wasn’t hopeless and seemed to be making plans for the future. It appears more plausible that Callan’s refusal to renew their romantic relationship was the reason Bunner killed her in cold blood.

Then, though, Bunner’s attorney asserted that he should be treated as a young criminal because of his diagnosis of Asperger’s. A defendant under the age of 21 may seek this status under Alabama law, which guarantees that they will only serve a maximum of three years in jail for their offense, regardless of how serious it was.

Loren Bunner was granted the position.

Bunner Nearly Escapes With It

Loren Bunner was taken out of the courthouse wearing a protective vest due to the public’s interest in his case.

Michael Callan, Jolee’s father, got in touch with a nearby ABC network to inquire about this situation. After the accompanying media frenzy, Bunner immediately went back to court, and by December of that same year, his status as a young offender had been terminated.

In spite of the fact that his attorneys had pleaded with the courts for compassion and had supplied evidence that he had a history of mental illness, Bunner entered a plea of guilty to killing Jolee Callan on July 13, 2017. The judge seemed unconvinced, though. Bunner was sentenced to 52 years in jail as an adult.

Even though Bunner won’t be eligible for parole for another 15 years, Michael Callan felt that justice had been served for his daughter that day.

“It’s the right thing to do, I mean come on. You don’t get youthful offender and maybe three years, for cold-blooded killing somebody. You don’t get that,” he said. “Jolee was a sweet girl, she was sweet, sweet, sweet, good girl, and I think she’s smiling today, okay?”

News -:

Photos taken by the murderer just before he threw his ex-girlfriend from a cliff read, “Just enjoying the view.”

In the US, a man took numerous photos of his ex-girlfriend while they were hiking before shooting her and tossing her off a cliff.

The Sun reports that Loren Bunner, who on August 30, 2015, shot 18-year-old Jolee Callan twice, once between the eyes and once in the back of the head, before shoving her off a cliff in Alabama, will spend 52 years in prison.

Bunner had first suggested the walk.

Callan made a joke the night before to a friend, writing, “If something happens to me, you’ll know who I was with.”

Bunner posted four images of his ex-girlfriend to Instagram before killing her on the Pinhoti Trail.

Let’s start with a photo of Callan and her dog with the caption, “On our way to go hiking @joleeisakitten.”

Another shows Callan gazing over the misty rock while holding the dog.

You know, I guess. @joleeisakitten, I’m taking it all in,” the caption reads.


Bunner called 911 to report his own murder after the death of his ex-partner.

Her body was found later that evening, still wearing her rucksack.

He said he shot her in the head as part of a suicide plan before pushing her off the cliff. He tried to commit suicide, but he was unable to do it.

At the scene of Callan’s murder, police found a shotgun on Bunner, a lot of blood, and a steering wheel.

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Authorities believe Bunner brought Callan to the edge of the cliff with the purpose to kill her because she didn’t want to be in a relationship with him and Bunner knew this.

Before being accused of murder, Bunner, now 22 years old, first filed a not guilty plea.

He admitted to the murder in July.

He bragged to his cellmates about the murder and said that if he couldn’t have her, no one else could, according to information provided to the court.

He was sentenced to 52 years in prison and forced to make restitution of over $11,000 to the Alabama Crime Victims Commission.

After that, Callan’s father Michael said, “She was a sweet, sweet girl.” She appears to be smiling right now.

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