Josh Harris and Casey Mcmanus relationship

Josh Harris and Casey Mcmanus relationship

Josh Harris and Casey Mcmanus relationship – The popular reality TV series, Deadliest Catch, returned to screens in 2023, but fans were quick to notice the absence of familiar faces, Josh Harris and Casey McManus. Having been part of the show for several seasons, their sudden disappearance left many wondering about their whereabouts. In this article, we delve into the reasons behind their exit and explore what’s next for the two former Deadliest Catch stars.

Josh Harris and Casey Mcmanus relationship

The Missing Duo in Deadliest Catch 2023

As the latest season of Deadliest Catch hit screens in 2023, fans eagerly tuned in to catch up with their favorite crab fishermen. However, among the familiar faces, Josh Harris and Casey McManus were notably absent. This sparked a wave of curiosity and speculation among viewers who wondered about the fate of the duo.

The Previous Seasons with Josh and Casey

Before their sudden departure, Josh Harris and Casey McManus had become fixtures on Deadliest Catch. The duo worked on the F/V Cornelia Marie, contributing to the show’s excitement with their adventures in the treacherous Bering Sea. Viewers had grown accustomed to their presence, making their absence all the more noticeable.

The Controversial Exit of Josh Harris

In a surprising turn of events, Josh Harris, a former Discovery star and Deadliest Catch cast member, was fired from the show in 2022. The reason behind his exit was a disturbing incident from his past – a sexual assault involving a four-year-old girl in 1998. The allegations came to light, leading to a legal sentence and subsequent dismissal from the popular reality series.

The Legal Troubles

The sexual assault incident in question occurred in July 1998 when Josh Harris was around 15 or 16 years old. The severity of the charges led to a nine-month prison sentence for Harris. The Discovery network, upon learning about the allegations, took swift action, releasing a statement that read, “We’ve been made aware of this issue. Josh will not appear in future episodes of this series.” The decision was a clear stance against such serious allegations.

Casey McManus’ Post-Deadliest Catch Life

Following the conclusion of season 18, Casey McManus also opted not to return to Deadliest Catch. However, his departure was not marred by controversy. According to his LinkedIn profile, McManus has found a new job and is currently based in Alaska. Previously serving as the captain of the Cornelia Marie from 2013 to 2023, Casey’s career has taken a different trajectory.

Casey New Adventure

In his post-Deadliest Catch life, Casey McManus has embraced a new adventure. As per his LinkedIn profile, he has moved on to a different job and is now located in Alaska. The profile reflects his tenure as the captain of the Cornelia Marie for a decade, from 2013 to 2023. While no specific details about his current occupation are provided, the shift indicates a new chapter in Casey’s professional journey.

Social Media Presence

In the age of social media, fans often turn to platforms like Instagram and Twitter for updates on their favorite personalities. Casey McManus, with almost 90,000 followers on Instagram (@capt_casey) and an additional 30,000 on Twitter, remains connected with his fan base. These platforms offer a glimpse into his post-Deadliest Catch life and showcase the continued support he receives from fans.

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The absence of Josh Harris and Casey McManus from Deadliest Catch’s latest season has been a topic of discussion among fans. While Harris faced a controversial exit due to legal troubles, McManus chose a different path, embracing a new adventure in Alaska. As fans continue to follow their journeys beyond the show, the legacy of Deadliest Catch persists with new and returning faces navigating the perilous waters of the Bering Sea.

Are Casey and Josh partners?

Yes, Casey McManus and Josh Harris were partners. They worked together on the boat Cornelia Marie. During the boat’s remodeling, Josh Harris discovered Hawaiian fishing charts that his late father, Capt. Phil Harris, had left behind. In an effort to connect with Phil’s past, Josh and his business partner, Casey McManus, embarked on a journey to the Hawaiian Kona Coast. Their goal was to find ahi tuna and learn more about Phil’s experiences in that area during the 1980s.

What happened to Jake Harris of the Cornelia Marie?

Jake Harris, the captain of the F/V Cornelia Marie, was a familiar face on the Discovery Channel series in its early seasons. Unfortunately, he passed away suddenly in 2010 at the age of 53.

What happened to Casey and Josh?

In the new episodes of Deadliest Catch, former cast member Josh Harris is not featured. Likewise, his one-time partner, Captain Casey McManus of the F/V Cornelia Marie, is also absent. Instead, Casey McManus has taken on a new job that keeps him closer to shore. The Cornelia Marie, a longstanding vessel on Deadliest Catch since the show’s early seasons, continues without their familiar presence.

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