Jungler Demon Wikipedia, Real, Meaning

Jungler Demon Wikipedia, Real, Meaning

Jungler Demon Wikipedia, Real, Meaning – In the crime-horror film “Deliver Us From Evil,” Jungler, also known as The Jungler Demon, takes the stage as the primary antagonist. He’s portrayed by Sean Harris, who has previously played roles like Solomon Lane in the Mission: Impossible film series and Stretch in Harry Brown. Jungler is a menacing and ancient demonic entity with a dark history.

Jungler Demon Wikipedia, Real, Meaning

The Origin of Jungler

Jungler’s story begins in a cave located in the Diyala Province of Iraq. It’s here that he first possessed a war veteran named Santino, using mysterious markings on the cave’s wall. After Santino returned from the war, Jungler turned him into a ruthless serial killer, targeting not only Santino’s former war comrades but also their families.

The Horrific Deeds

Jungler’s influence leads Santino to commit unimaginable atrocities. One particularly chilling event involved forcing one of Santino’s war partner’s wives, Jena Crenna, to throw her baby into the lions at the Bronx Zoo. This horrifying act resulted in Jena’s hospitalization in a mental institution.

The Investigation and Discovery

As the terror unfolds, Officer Ralph Searchie and Priest Mendoza embark on an investigation to uncover the truth behind these disturbing events. They soon discover that Jena was not acting of her own accord but was possessed by lesser demons sent to Earth by a more malevolent force—The Jungler Demon.

The Search for Santino

Worried for the safety of their families, Ralph, Butler (Ralph’s partner), and Mendoza set out to locate Santino. Their search eventually leads them to an apartment building, where they face a brutal confrontation with Jungler, who now fully possesses a man named Jimmy Tratner. Tragically, this encounter results in Butler’s death at the hands of Jungler.

Abduction of Loved Ones

As the situation escalates, Jungler kidnaps Searchie’s wife and daughter. It becomes evident that exorcism is the only solution to locate them and free them from Jungler’s clutches. An intense exorcism is performed, ultimately banishing Jungler and allowing the real Santino to reveal the whereabouts of their loved ones.

Demons in Mythology and Occultism

The concept of demons has existed in various forms throughout history. They have been a subject of interest in classical mythology, demonology, occultism, and Renaissance magic. These classifications serve various purposes, including traditional medicine, exorcisms, ceremonial magic, witch-hunts, moral lessons, folklore, religious rituals, and more.

Classification of Demons

Throughout history, there have been attempts to classify demons into different categories. These classifications have been based on factors such as astrological connections, elemental forms, noble titles, parallels to angelic hierarchies, associations with sins, diseases, and other calamities, as well as opposition by specific angels or saints. While many authors have explored these classifications, it’s important to note that not all of them were Christian.

Jungler Demon Wikipedia, Real, Meaning

The Testament of Solomon

One of the oldest surviving works that deal with individual demons is the “Testament of Solomon.” This pseudepigraphical text, attributed to King Solomon, describes how he enslaved demons to help build the temple. It also details the questions Solomon posed to these demons about their deeds and how they could be thwarted. The “Testament of Solomon” can be considered a self-help manual against demonic activity and served as the basis for other goetic grimoires, including the Ars Goetia.

Psellus Demon Classification

In the 11th century, Michael Psellus authored “De operatione dæmonum” (On the Operation of Demons), which had a significant impact on demon classification. Psellus divided demons into six types: Leliurium (Igneous), Aërial, Marine (Aqueous), Terrestrial (Earthly), Subterranean, and Lucifugous (Heliophobic). His work influenced many other later classifications by occult authors and even found its way into witch-hunting manuals like Francesco Maria Guazzo’s.

Trivia: Jungler’s Origin

Jungler’s origins are a subject of intrigue, as he is theorized to be a demon with connections to both Christian and Pagan theology.

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Jungler Demon Wikipedia, Real, Meaning


The character of Jungler, as portrayed in “Deliver Us From Evil,” brings to life the chilling world of demonic possession and the horrors it can unleash. This film characterizes the struggle to confront evil in its most sinister form. Simultaneously, the history of demon classifications provides a fascinating glimpse into the human fascination with the supernatural and our attempts to make sense of the unknown.

In the end, “Deliver Us From Evil” serves as a gripping reminder that evil can take on many forms, often hidden beneath the surface, waiting to be unveiled. It’s a testament to the timeless battle between light and darkness and the lengths to which individuals will go to protect their loved ones from the forces of darkness, as depicted in the film’s relentless pursuit of Jungler and the ultimate exorcism that brings relief from his terror.

What is the name of the demon in the movie “Deliver Us From Evil”?

In the movie “Deliver Us From Evil,” the main demon antagonist goes by the name Jungler, also known as The Jungler Demon. The character was portrayed by Sean Harris, who has also appeared in other well-known movies like Mission: Impossible and Harry Brown.

Who is considered the king of demons?

In folklore and mythology, Asmodeus is often regarded as the king of demons. He’s a prominent figure in various tales and is typically associated with themes of lust and temptation.

Who is the most powerful demon in demon lore?

Muzan, known as the King of Demons, holds the title of being the most potent demon in many demon-related stories. He is depicted as exceptionally intelligent, cold, and ruthless. Muzan is not one to engage in combat personally; instead, he prefers to send his subordinates. However, when he does choose to fight, his power surpasses that of other high-ranking demons.

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