Katherine Friess Wikipedia, Attorney, Missing

Katherine Friess Wikipedia, Attorney, Missing

Katherine Friess Wikipedia, Attorney, Missing -: In December 2020, during the tumultuous aftermath of the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election, a mysterious figure named Katherine Friess emerged from the shadows. While not a household name, she played a significant role in the efforts to challenge the election results, working alongside Rudy Giuliani and other key players in the drama that unfolded. Let’s dive into the life and actions of Katherine Friess, the attorney who seemingly vanished into obscurity.

Katherine Friess Wikipedia, Attorney, Missing
Katherine Friess Wikipedia, Attorney, Missing

Who is Katherine Friess?

Katherine Friess is not a name that rings a bell for most people. She prefers to keep a low profile, and her background is a bit of a puzzle. Before her involvement in the post-election activities, she had a background in law, lobbying, and national security consulting. She worked for a seasoned lobbyist and GOP strategist named Charlie Black, who held her in high regard, praising her intelligence and capabilities.

Katherine Friess

Before joining Charlie Black, Friess worked as an aide on Capitol Hill for Senator Larry Pressler, who spoke highly of her contributions. However, her public presence was minimal, and much of her work was conducted through encrypted email accounts.

Katherine Friess and the 2020 Election

Katherine Friess made her debut in the public eye concerning the 2020 election when she signed a declaration on November 9, 2020. In this document, she expressed concerns about restricted access to mail-in ballot counting processes in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. She identified herself as an approved Republican Party observer and an attorney running a national security consulting company called Seven Good Stones.

Her connection with Rudy Giuliani’s team began to take shape shortly afterward. She actively worked to convince state legislators in contested states that the election had been stolen. In emails, Friess proposed bringing in individuals like retired Army colonel Phil Waldron to testify before legislatures. Waldron later joined Giuliani’s efforts, participating in hearings, drafting plans to reverse Trump’s defeat, and even meeting with senior White House officials.

Friess’ role in the post-election period was multi-faceted. She sometimes stood in for Giuliani at meetings when he was too busy to attend. Giuliani acknowledged her involvement, although the extent of her interactions with President Trump remains unclear. At times, her contributions were logistical in nature, such as securing a new base of operations for Giuliani’s team when their previous location couldn’t accommodate COVID-19 protocols.

One of the most noteworthy aspects of Friess’ work during this period was her involvement in drafting a “strategic communications plan.” This plan called for placing paid advertisements on radio and television, alleging widespread voter fraud. However, Giuliani later claimed he never endorsed this plan, even though Friess had communicated about it with others on his team.

Despite the ambiguity surrounding her exact role, emails revealed Friess to be a diligent worker. In one email, Bernie Kerik, a close adviser to Giuliani, praised her work ethic and mentioned her working long hours.

Katherine Friess

Raising Funds for Giuliani’s Team

Beyond her operational duties, Friess was also involved in fundraising efforts for Giuliani’s team. On Thanksgiving Day 2020, she and Giuliani spoke with Yoav Katz, the owner of an Israeli soccer team, and his wife, Elizabeth Shin Katz. Their conversation seemed promising, with Friess expressing gratitude for their offer of support. She introduced the Katzes to Roy Bailey, a co-chair of the Trump campaign finance committee, who was described as a close colleague of Giuliani’s.

The email exchange between Friess and the Katzes indicated a sense of determination and confidence in their efforts to overturn the election results. Despite the initial optimism, the outcome of these fundraising efforts remains unclear, as Roy Bailey had no email records of any communication with the Katzes, and they didn’t remember offering any substantial support.

Katherine Friess

The Enigma of Katherine Friess

Katherine Friess remains an enigmatic figure in the aftermath of the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election. Her involvement in Giuliani’s team, as well as her role in fundraising and strategizing, paints a picture of a person deeply committed to the cause of overturning the election results. However, her exact influence and her interactions with key players like President Trump are still shrouded in mystery.

It’s essential to note that as of the information available up to September 2021, Katherine Friess has not been accused of any wrongdoing by prosecutors or Congress. She has not been named in any of the criminal cases related to Trump’s alleged attempts to subvert the election. Even though she was sought after by various investigative committees and individuals involved in lawsuits, she has managed to stay out of the spotlight, leading some to describe her as having “vanished.”

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The story of Katherine Friess provides a glimpse into the complex world of post-election efforts to challenge the results of the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election. While her specific role and influence remain unclear, her involvement in strategizing, fundraising, and logistical support sheds light on the inner workings of the Trump campaign’s attempts to reverse the outcome. As more information becomes available, the enigma of Katherine Friess may become clearer, but for now, she remains a mysterious figure in a controversial chapter of American politics.


What did Katherine Friess do during the post-election period?

Friess was involved in various aspects of the post-election activities, including strategizing to convince state legislators that the election had been stolen, drafting a “strategic communications plan,” and assisting with logistical matters.

Did Katherine Friess have any connections to prominent political figures before her involvement in the post-election events?

Yes, before her involvement in the post-election activities, Friess worked with veteran lobbyist and GOP strategist Charlie Black and served as an aide on Capitol Hill for Senator Larry Pressler.

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