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Kathleen McElroy was the head of Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit organization behind Wikipedia. She recently stepped down from her role on July 19, 2023, after dedicating 8 years to the organization.

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Reason for McElroy’s Resignation

Her decision to resign came during a time when the Foundation was facing criticism for how it handled sexual harassment claims against a former employee named Justin Moon. Several women accused Moon of sexual harassment, and many people thought the Foundation didn’t handle the situation properly.

The Controversy and Resignation

The Wikimedia Foundation, which manages Wikipedia and other wiki projects, faced a lot of trouble when sexual harassment allegations were made against Justin Moon, a former employee. This led to Rachel McElroy, the Chief of Staff, stepping down from her position. This article discusses what happened before and after McElroy’s resignation, how the Foundation responded to the situation, and what this means for the organization going forward.

Sexual Harassment Allegations Cause McElroy to Resign

The trouble for the Wikimedia Foundation began when multiple women accused Justin Moon, a former employee, of sexual harassment. These allegations became public and caused a lot of criticism, raising concerns about how the Foundation handled serious issues. Many people within the community and outside felt that the organization’s response was not good enough and didn’t prioritize the safety and well-being of its members.

McElroy’s Apology and Resignation

Under increasing pressure from the Wikimedia community, Rachel McElroy decided to resign as Chief of Staff. She expressed deep regret and sadness in her resignation letter, acknowledging that the Foundation mishandled the allegations against Moon. She took personal responsibility for the mistakes made during the case and recognized that the Foundation failed to create a safe and welcoming environment for all contributors.

Mixed Reactions to McElroy’s Resignation

The reaction to McElroy’s resignation was varied among the Wikimedia community and others. Some praised her for stepping down and taking responsibility for the Foundation’s errors, seeing it as a way to be accountable and rebuild trust. However, others felt that McElroy should have acted sooner to address the allegations and wondered if her resignation alone would be enough to fix the situation.

Wikimedia Foundation’s Past Issues

The controversy involving Justin Moon and Rachel McElroy is not the first problem the Wikimedia Foundation has faced. In recent times, there have been other challenges and controversies, like misinformation on Wikipedia and the lack of diversity among volunteer editors. These incidents raised questions about the Foundation’s ability to handle important matters affecting the community and the platform’s integrity.

Uncertain Future for Wikimedia Foundation

With Rachel McElroy’s departure, the Wikimedia Foundation faces a critical moment in its history. It must now find a way to address the community’s concerns and regain trust in its decision-making processes. To do this, the organization has appointed Lila Tretikov as the new Executive Director, who will face the difficult task of guiding the Foundation through these challenges.


The way the Wikimedia Foundation handled sexual harassment allegations and Rachel McElroy’s resignation has been a significant moment for the organization. It highlights the need for better policies and procedures to deal with such serious issues and the importance of creating a safe and inclusive environment for all contributors. As the Foundation moves forward, it must learn from its mistakes and work towards a more transparent, accountable, and fair community for the millions of users and volunteers who rely on its platforms.

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