Kelly Fisher Model Age, Wikipedia, Photo, Engaged, Today, Now, Husband, Net Worth

Kelly Fisher Model Age, Wikipedia, Photo, Engaged, Today, Now, Husband, Net Worth

Kelly Fisher Model Age, Wikipedia, Photo, Engaged, Today, Now, Husband, Net Worth -: Kelly Fisher, a renowned American model, media personality, property developer, and entrepreneur, has had a fascinating journey from the glitz of the modeling world to a more secluded life in Aiken, South Carolina. In this article, we delve into the different facets of Kelly’s life, from her early career and engagement with Dodi Fayed to her current life as a property developer and family woman.

Kelly Fisher Model Age, Wikipedia, Photo, Engaged, Today, Now, Husband, Net Worth
Kelly Fisher Model Age, Wikipedia, Photo, Engaged, Today, Now, Husband, Net Worth

Kelly Fisher Bio

Full NameKelly Fisher
BirthplaceKentucky, United States of America
Age (as of 2023)56 Years Old
Current ResidenceAiken, South Carolina, United States
OccupationModel, Media Face, Property Developer, Entrepreneur
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseMikhail Movshina
ChildrenSon: None, Daughter: Alexandra Grace
EducationGraduate, attended a reputed university
Height5′ 9″
Weight128 lbs
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
Shoe Size6 US
Career HighlightsSuccessful model for brands like Calvin Klein and Elle
Net Worth (2023)USD 1 million (approx.)
Current JobProperty Developer
Known AsKelly Movshina
Legal RepresentationGloria Allred
Engagement YearFebruary 1997
Tragic EventsDeath of Dodi Fayed and Princess Diana in 1997
Current LocationAiken, South Carolina
TriviaEngaged at 30, collaborated with Bellazon, legal battle with Dodi Fayed
Noteworthy FactWithdrew lawsuit post Dodi’s death
Kelly Fisher Bio

Kelly Fisher Early Life and Modeling Career

Kelly, born in Kentucky in 1967, developed an early interest in modeling. Growing up, she pursued her passion, eventually attending a reputed university in the US for higher studies. Her modeling career took off, with Kelly gracing the covers of popular magazines and working with renowned brands like Calvin Klein and Elle.

Kelly Fisher Engagement with Dodi Fayed

In 1996, Kelly’s life took a turn when she crossed paths with Dodi Fayed, an Egyptian film producer and son of billionaire Mohamed Al Fayed, in Paris. The two embarked on a romantic journey, leading to their engagement in February 1997. Tragically, their plans to wed on August 9, 1997, were shattered by the untimely deaths of Dodi and Princess Diana in a car accident.

Kelly Fisher Engagement with Dodi Fayed

Kelly Fisher Legal Battle and Heartbreak

Following Dodi’s death, Kelly faced heartbreak and legal challenges. She claimed breach of contract, asserting that Dodi had promised her $500,000 to curtail her modeling career and move to Paris, but she received only a fraction of that amount. However, the lawsuit was withdrawn after the tragic incident, with Kelly expressing deep sorrow over the loss of Dodi.

Kelly Fisher Life After Tragedy

Despite the emotional turmoil, Kelly moved forward with her life. In November 2022, reports indicate that she was alive and well, residing in Aiken, South Carolina, with her husband Mikhail Movshina, and their daughter, Alexandra Grace. Kelly, now known as Kelly Movshina, has shifted her focus to property development, preferring a private life away from the media’s spotlight.

Kelly Fisher Bio

Kelly Fisher Personal Life Today

Kelly’s current life revolves around her family. She is committed to her husband, Mikhail Movshina, a professional pilot. The couple shares a daughter, Alexandra Grace. Kelly is determined to keep her personal life private, avoiding unnecessary attention from the media.

Kelly Fisher Physical Attributes

Kelly, standing at 5 feet 9 inches and weighing 128 lbs, possesses a striking presence. With blonde hair, blue eyes, and a shoe size of 6 US, she exudes a classic beauty. Ears pierced and with a keen sense of fashion, Kelly’s physical attributes complemented her successful modeling career.

From Model to Property Developer

Transitioning from her modeling days, Kelly has found a new calling as a property developer. Embracing a quieter life in Aiken, she channels her energy into building and developing projects, showcasing her versatility beyond the fashion world.

Kelly Fisher Net Worth

Despite stepping away from the modeling spotlight, Kelly’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million (approx.). This figure reflects not only her successful modeling career but also her ventures in property development.

Kelly Fisher Net Worth

Kelly Fisher Trivia and Noteworthy Facts

  • Height of Success: Standing at 5 feet 9 inches, Kelly’s physical stature mirrored her towering success in the modeling industry.
  • Collaborations and Recognition: Kelly collaborated with renowned modeling agencies, including Bellazon, and graced numerous magazine covers, contributing to her widespread recognition.
  • Engagement at 30: Engaging with Dodi Fayed at the age of 30, Kelly’s love story garnered attention, only to be tragically cut short.
  • From Fisher to Movshina: Known as Kelly Movshina today, she has embraced a new surname in her married life with Mikhail Movshina.
  • Legal Representation: Renowned lawyer Gloria Allred represented Kelly in her lawsuit against Dodi, highlighting the legal complexities surrounding their relationship.

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Kelly Fisher’s life has been a tapestry of glamour, heartbreak, and resilience. From the dazzling runways to the quiet landscapes of Aiken, she has navigated through the highs and lows, emerging as a property developer and a dedicated family woman. Kelly’s journey is a testament to the twists and turns life can take, and her story continues to unfold in the peaceful corners of South Carolina.


Where is Kelly Fisher now?

Kelly Fisher is currently living in Aiken, South Carolina, United States.

Who is Kelly Fisher married to?

Kelly Fisher is married to Mikhail Movshina, a professional pilot.

Did Dodi have a fiance?

Yes, Dodi Fayed, the former partner of Kelly Fisher, was engaged to Princess Diana.

Did Dodi buy Diana a ring?

It was reported that Dodi Fayed had purchased a ring for Princess Diana, fueling speculations about their engagement. However, their plans were tragically cut short by a car accident in 1997 before any formal announcement or wedding could take place.

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