Ken Goldin Wikipedia, Net Worth, Daughter, Wife, Age, Auctions, Family

Ken Goldin Wikipedia, Net Worth, Daughter, Wife, Age, Auctions, Family

Ken Goldin Wikipedia, Net Worth, Daughter, Wife, Age, Auctions, Family – Ken Goldin is a well-known figure in the world of sports memorabilia and collectibles. He’s an American entrepreneur, TV personality, and sports card collector. Ken is the owner of Goldin Auctions, a company that has made headlines for selling billions of dollars’ worth of sports memorabilia. Let’s delve into his life, career, and other aspects in simpler terms.

Ken Goldin Wikipedia, Net Worth, Daughter, Wife, Age, Auctions, Family

Ken Goldin Early Life and Family

Ken Goldin was born on August 18, 1965, in Voorhees, New Jersey, in the United States. He grew up in a well-settled family and spent his entire childhood in his hometown. He’s still residing in New Jersey, and he’s proud to be an American citizen. Ken has a white ethnic background and considers himself of American descent. His family consists of his parents, Paul Goldin and Carole Goldin, and a sister named Sharon Goldin.

NameKen Goldin
Net Worth$40 Million
Date of Birth18 August 1965
Age58 Years Old
Birth PlaceVoorhees, New Jersey, United States
Currently Live InNew Jersey
ProfessionBusinessman, Entrepreneur, Instagram Star, Sports Card Collector and Social Media Personality
DebutTV Series: King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch (2023)
HometownVoorhees, New Jersey
Zodiac SignLeo
School/High SchoolThe George Washington University School of Business in Washington, D.C., United States
College/UniversityDrexel University in Philadelphia
Education QualificationBusiness Administration and Management

Ken Goldin Education and Early Passion

During his formative years, Ken was a sports enthusiast. He spent a lot of time playing various sports and was particularly passionate about them. He attended a private school for his primary education and later went to a prestigious junior school in New Jersey for his secondary education.

After completing high school, Ken pursued his higher education at The George Washington University School of Business. He earned his bachelor’s degree and then continued his education by completing a post-graduation program in Business Administration and Management at Drexel University in 1987. It was evident from his early years that Ken had a knack for business, and he was always interested in sports collectibles.

Ken Goldin Career Beginnings

Ken’s entrepreneurial journey started in his 20s. As a young boy, he saved his pocket money to buy sports packs, and he had a fascination with collecting sports-related items. This early passion laid the foundation for his future career in the world of sports memorabilia and collectibles.

In 1986, after completing his post-graduation, Ken, along with his father, Paul, founded The Score Board LLC. The company focused on sports-related personalities and sold their autographed cards to consumers. This venture was a significant stepping stone in Ken’s career, as it allowed him to explore the world of collectibles and memorabilia.

Ken Goldin Auctions

Ken Goldin’s big move came in 1998 when he founded Goldin Auctions. This marked the beginning of his journey as the CEO and Founder of Goldin Auctions, a company that would eventually make him a prominent figure in the collectibles industry. Goldin Auctions became a marketplace for sports memorabilia, and it was the platform where Ken would conduct some of the most significant sports collectibles auctions.

Over the years, Ken’s dedication and expertise in the industry made Goldin Auctions one of the leading online marketplaces for trading cards, collectibles, and memorabilia. The company’s reach extended far beyond sports, as it dealt with items from pop culture and history as well. Ken’s business acumen and passion for collectibles played a pivotal role in the success of Goldin Auctions.

Ken Goldin Success and Achievements

Ken Goldin’s journey in the world of sports memorabilia and collectibles has been nothing short of remarkable. He has auctioned more than $1 billion worth of collectibles, and his auctions have included items associated with some of the most significant names in sports, history, and pop culture. His company, Goldin Auctions, has made headlines by selling items like Mike Trout’s rookie card for $3.93 million and a limited edition LeBron James card for $2.4 million.

Ken’s contributions to the industry haven’t gone unnoticed. He has regularly appeared on national television, sharing his insights about the collectibles industry. You could catch him on networks like Fox Business, CNBC, Bloomberg TV, ESPN, and Fox Business channels.

Ken Goldin Family Life

Ken Goldin’s personal life is just as noteworthy as his professional accomplishments. He is happily married to Jennifer Goldin, his second wife. Jennifer is a clinical psychologist and has run a clinic named Palm Beach Women Counseling for nearly a decade. Before that, she worked as an independent practitioner as a psychologist.

The couple has been blessed with three children, two daughters, and a son. Their names are Laura, Paul, and Carleigh Goldin. Ken’s family life reflects his success in balancing his career and personal life.

Ken Goldin Net Worth

While Ken’s career and business have thrived, his exact net worth is not publicly known. However, it is clear that he has achieved significant financial success through his ventures. In 2022, reports estimated the worth of Goldin Auctions to be around $300 million, marking a substantial increase from the $101 million in sales in 2020.

Ken Goldin Wikipedia, Net Worth, Daughter, Wife, Age, Auctions, Family

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Passion Turned Business

Ken’s journey is a testament to how following your passion can lead to a successful career. His love for sports and collecting memorabilia from a young age ultimately became the foundation of his entrepreneurial success. His story is a great example of how dedication, business acumen, and a passion for what you do can lead to remarkable achievements.


Ken Goldin’s life is a story of passion, dedication, and hard work. His journey from a young sports enthusiast to a prominent figure in the world of collectibles and memorabilia is truly inspiring. With his business, Goldin Auctions, he has achieved tremendous success, and his impact on the industry is undeniable. His dedication to sports and collectibles has not only brought financial success but also an opportunity to share his passion and expertise with others on national television.

Ken’s personal life is equally fulfilling, with a loving family and a second wife who is a successful clinical psychologist. Ken Goldin’s story is a reminder that when you follow your passions and work hard, you can achieve great things and make a mark in your chosen field.

What is Ken Goldin’s net worth?

Ken Goldin, the man behind Goldin Auctions, has a net worth exceeding $50 million. His journey from a sports enthusiast to a successful entrepreneur has been lucrative.

How much did Goldin Auctions sell for?

Goldin Auctions achieved remarkable success, surpassing $300 million in sales in 2022. This was a significant increase from the $101 million in sales in 2020. Some of the notable sales include Mike Trout’s rookie card, which sold for $3.93 million, and a limited edition LeBron James card that fetched $2.4 million.

How did Ken Goldin become wealthy?

Ken’s path to wealth began with a childhood passion for collecting. His first big move was trading his electric racetrack cars for a friend’s collection of 5,000 baseball cards. In 2012, he founded Goldin Auctions, which has since become a leading online marketplace for trading cards, collectibles, and memorabilia. His dedication and business acumen played a crucial role in his journey to financial success.

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