King Yella dated Cardi B

King Yella dated Cardi B

King Yella dated Cardi B – Cardi B, the popular rapper known for hits like “Bodak Yellow” and “Bartier Cardi,” recently found herself at the center of a controversy sparked by a diss track from Chicago rapper King Yella. The song, titled “Cardi B Truth,” claimed a past sexual relationship between Cardi B and Yella, raising eyebrows and triggering a public dispute.

King Yella dated Cardi B

The Diss Track Drama

In Yella’s diss track, he boldly asserts that Cardi B desires to have his baby and suggests he had a romantic encounter with her. The lyrics also take aim at Offset, Cardi B’s fiancé and Migos member, warning him to be cautious. Yella didn’t stop there; he posted videos and photos on social media, intensifying the drama and seemingly provoking Offset.

Social Media Showdown

Yella took to Instagram to share a video purportedly showing a heated FaceTime conversation between him and Offset discussing the diss track. Photos of Yella cuddling with Cardi further fueled the flames. The public was left wondering about the authenticity of Yella’s claims and the impact on Cardi B’s relationship with Offset.

Cardi B Response

Cardi B, not one to shy away from addressing controversies, promptly responded to Yella’s claims. In a direct phone call captured on social media, she vehemently denied ever having a sexual relationship with him. She confronted Yella, saying, “You tried to make it seem like I did, and I never did.”

Clearing the Air

During the call, Cardi B emphasized that she had never been involved with Yella romantically, urging him to keep her name out of his conversations. She clarified, “I’ve never seen your d*ck. I’ve never kissed you. I’ve never nothing.” This direct response aimed to set the record straight and put an end to the rumors circulating on social media.

Social Media Fallout

Following the phone call, Cardi B took to Twitter to shift the focus away from the controversy. She shared her excitement about upcoming music, writing, “This sht sooooo fcking fireeeeeeeeee. I outdid myself.” This move demonstrated her determination to move past the drama and refocus on her career.

Cardi B and Offset Relationship History

The controversy added another layer to Cardi B and Offset’s already tumultuous relationship. Throughout 2018, the hip-hop power couple faced various challenges, including cheating scandals, pregnancy rumors, and sex tape controversies. Despite these obstacles, Cardi B and Offset continued to make headlines, both for their music and their personal lives.

King Yella dated Cardi B

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In the world of celebrity drama, controversies like the one involving Cardi B and King Yella are not uncommon. The intense social media scrutiny and public spats can often overshadow an artist’s work. Cardi B’s swift response and emphasis on her upcoming music suggest a determination to rise above the gossip and focus on her career. Only time will tell how this controversy will impact Cardi B’s public image and her relationship with Offset.

What sparked the controversy between Cardi B and King Yella?

The controversy began when King Yella, a Chicago rapper, dropped a diss track titled “Cardi B Truth,” claiming a past sexual relationship with Cardi B and throwing shade at her fiancé, Offset.

How did King Yella escalate the situation on social media?

Yella heightened the drama by sharing a video on Instagram allegedly showing a FaceTime argument with Offset about the diss track. He further fueled speculation by posting photos of himself cuddling with Cardi B.

How did Cardi B respond to the allegations?

Cardi B promptly addressed the rumors in a direct phone call captured on social media. She vehemently denied ever having a sexual relationship with Yella and confronted him, urging him to keep her name out of his conversations.

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