Laphonza Butler: Progressive Union Leader Turned Senator – Shaping California’s Future

Laphonza Butler: Progressive Union Leader Turned Senator – Shaping California’s Future

Laphonza Butler: Progressive Union Leader Turned Senator – Shaping California’s Future – In a whirlwind of political developments, California’s political landscape recently welcomed a new face to the U.S. Senate, 44-year-old Laphonza Butler. Appointed by Governor Gavin Newsom, Butler is a multifaceted individual with a history of progressive activism and corporate consulting, leaving many wondering which side of her will take center stage in Congress.

A Progressive Union Activist

Leading SEIU Local 2015:

For a decade, Laphonza Butler spearheaded the California chapter of SEIU Local 2015, representing a staggering 325,000 workers. Under her leadership, the local grew to over 400,000 members, becoming the largest union in California and playing a pivotal role in the state’s $15 per hour minimum wage victory. President Obama even recognized her as a “champion for change.”

Impact on the Fight for Fifteen:

The passage of a $15 minimum wage in California had a ripple effect, impacting 26 million workers across the nation and injecting $150 billion into the economy, with significant benefits for low-paid individuals, particularly people of color.

Advocacy for Abortion Access and LGBTQ Rights:

Butler’s activism extends to her role as the President of Emily’s List, where she championed abortion access and LGBTQ rights, contributing nearly $5 million to various political candidates during the 2022 election cycle.

Laphonza Butler: Progressive Union Leader Turned Senator – Shaping California's Future

The Consultant Role

Political Consulting at Bearstar Strategies:

Butler transitioned from her labor movement advocacy to working as a political consultant at Bearstar Strategies, a notable Bay Area firm with high-profile Democratic clients, including Governor Newsom and Vice President Kamala Harris.

AirBnB and Affordable Housing Issues:

While at AirBnB, Butler worked during a period when the company was reshaping the rental market in California, leading to a shortage of affordable housing and increased rents in areas like Venice Beach, exacerbating the homelessness crisis. Union voices like Unite HERE! Local 11 protested AirBnB’s practices.

Consulting for Uber and Proposition 22:

Subsequently, Butler consulted for Uber during its campaign against a California law that aimed to classify gig drivers as employees. Uber, along with other gig economy giants, spent a staggering $200 million to influence public opinion and ultimately succeeded in passing Proposition 22, maintaining driver status as non-benefited freelancers.

Newsom’s Calculated Appointment

Governor Newsom’s appointment of Butler did not come without controversy, as some labor activists expressed reservations about her corporate consulting roles. However, Newsom’s decision was partly influenced by his promise to appoint an African-American woman should Senator Dianne Feinstein’s seat become vacant.

The Uncertain Future

While Newsom initially intended to appoint a “caretaker” senator, someone who wouldn’t enter the crowded primary race, Butler’s appointment may disrupt the status quo. She may decide to run for a full Senate term in 2024, raising questions about whether she will position herself as the progressive advocate for the $15 minimum wage or the centrist consultant who assisted Uber’s anti-worker stance.

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Who is Laphonza Butler, and why is she in the spotlight?

Laphonza Butler is the newly appointed U.S. Senator from California, chosen by Governor Gavin Newsom to fill the vacant seat of Dianne Feinstein. She’s gained attention due to her diverse background, which includes a history of progressive union activism and corporate consulting.

What are some key highlights of Laphonza Butler’s union activism?

Butler spent a decade leading SEIU Local 2015, California’s largest union, representing over 325,000 workers. Under her leadership, the union played a pivotal role in securing a $15 per hour minimum wage in California, a landmark achievement with far-reaching effects on low-wage workers.

How has Laphonza Butler supported LGBTQ rights and abortion access?

As the President of Emily’s List, Butler championed causes related to LGBTQ rights and abortion access. During the 2022 election cycle, the organization contributed nearly $5 million to various political candidates who aligned with these principles.

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